The Book of Revelation p. 1c

Let’s go to Revelation 1. We are going to read verses 7-20. We are going to close out the chapter here. I hope y’all are paying attention. I know you are because your just so smart. I know you are because you are children of Yah. The children of Yah are smart. Smart according to the Word. We don’t know worldly information. Right? We don’t know what material the sun is made of or if the moon is really made of cheese or not. Right? We don’t know that but we do know this Word of Yah. So that separates us from them. According to the world, we are dumb. But according to the knowledge of Yah we are smart, HalleluYah.

Revelation 1:7-20, v. 7 When it says ‘yes’ or ‘yeah’ (‘even so’), He is saying ‘kayn’. Amein ‘so be it’. v. 8 I am the Aleph and Taw, the beginning and end. v. 9 So Yahcanan is getting this Revelation and he understands where it’s coming from. Patmos is a Greek Island and I think it’s located close to Turkey.


It’s still an Island today and Christians make pilgrimages there. But I’ve read about it and people say that once you go there you don’t want to leave. It’s such a beautiful place. And I can understand that is why Yah brought him out there. To give him this revelation. You need that quiet time with Yah so you can get those antennae up so you can get that message. You know when you are in your environment and it so noisy and you can’t focus and you can’t concentrate it’s  hard to receive the message of Yah. But if you have that quiet place and your just all alone, man your antennae go up and all types of revelations come to you in those moments. So he was on this Island out there, so guess what? The Book of Revelation came to him out there. That’s powerful.

v. 10-12 So we are going to get the explanation of what these 7 golden lampstands are. v. 13 So is Yahoshua right here standing in the midst of the 7 lampstands. What we are going to see is that the 7 lampstands represents those 7 assemblies. So this is giving you a clearer understanding of why these 7 assemblies in this location were chosen. You are going to get another understanding of hwy they were chosen in that location. But they are golden lampstands. Lampstands give off light. So their light, these assemblies, these camps, their light was shining bright. ‘Golden’ gold is a precious metal. Gold is precious to man. And so these are golden lampstands. These are precious to the Most High. And so this is why they are standing out, the 7 assemblies right here. And so this is why Yahoshua had to come to them and show them where they are in error at and what they were in error about. And that they need to repent of these things before they are taken out.

(Reads v. 13 again) I remember, I was 19 years old, I worked at this restaurant. I didn’t know much about the Bible but I was coming into understanding by listening to rap music. I use to listen to X-Clan and all these guys and they use to talk about certain people and I would go to the library and I would read about this. Because when I came out of high school, I didn’t know nothing about Huey Newton, Bobby Seal and Malcolm X. I didn’t know nothing about these guys. So I was coming into my phase of consciousness through that. I mean hey, X-Clan was here and there yet that was a stepping stone for me. And I remember when I was 19 years old, this guy came into the restaurant where I was working and he was a Christian. He was talking about Jesus this and that. And I asked to see his Bible because I had heard about this Scripture right here. This the ONLY Scripture I had memorized. It was Revelation chapter 1 verses 13 and 14. And when I got his Bible, I was like let me see, let me read it. And the guy passed it through the gates and I was like (wow), I read it. I was like wow. It’s  saying that he’s black.

You know, I was 19 years old then. I didn’t come into the truth until a few years later, until I was 23. But that was a stepping stone. See you must understand how we progress with the truth. Every little thing that we can think back on in our life, just thinking certain thoughts and hearing certain things in a song. Or even certain things that a certain minister said that sparked something in our mind. It’s like trying to start that car up and you may get a (makes ignition turn-over noise of a car). And then it cuts off. But at least you got two (makes car noise again). Then you try the key again and then you may hear it a third time. So that’s progress and eventually the car is going to start-up. Right? Yah willing. So when we look at the truth. And we must have this same mindset when we go out into the world and to have the patience with others that were in the same predicament that we were. It’s always progress. Maybe they just don’t get it right now and if they don’t get it, they should not try to accept it just to accept it because satan is going to come along and just knock it out of their hands because they are not holding on to it tight.

You as a servant of Yah must be patient as Yah was patient with you. You don’t want to go around and you don’t want to have this mark on your back that your running people away from Yah. Because you are not patient with them. You don’t want to have that. As long as it takes and as long as these people are not blaspheming Yah. And as long as they are not running away from it, you have to stay there. They may come back because they are not understanding. How are you teaching them? You can’t just say go read the Book and then tell them to come back to you. No you have to teach them. They are babes. Every baby, that new-born has to grow up. You have the first month of life, second month of life, third month of life, eighth month of life, tenth month. All this is progress. And the child is going to progress each and every month that it gains. Then when it gets 24 months it’s walking and trying to talk and all those things. These are babes. So you must be patient.

Don’t try to over-talk people as if you know everything. Be quiet sometimes and just listen. You must understand where they are coming from because they are coming from where you were. But now you think that you are high and mighty, you don’t even remember those times anymore. They ar so far in your memory now. ‘Why are you asking me that question’? Don’t get so defensive and think everything is a challenge to you. They are asking you because they probably legitimately want to know. This is a different doctrine. This is a different understanding from where we came from. Christianity did NOT begin to touch on the truth of Yah. So you must hold that little baby by the arms and take one step at a time. If not, go back to Jesus. You don’t have to explain nothing to Jesus’ people. Just tell them to give their tithes and believe…that’s it. If that is what you feel [you need to do (?)]. If you can’t be patient as Yah was patient with you.

You go ahead and let Yah have a controversy with you because He said you are running servants away. Because they don’t see Him in you. Because your actions turned them away. You say Yah but all they see is Jesus and Allah. They can understand that behavior because they just came out of that behavior from the church. That’s what they see in you now. So they are running away from it. You better not let that be you brothers and sisters.

v. 14 So He has wooly hair that is white. White hair symbolizes wisdom. First the hair turns gray. And then the older you get it turns white. So the older you get your supposed to gain wisdom. But it’s just the opposite in this day. I have seen some of the whitest haired people be the biggest fools. Some of the grayiest headed people are some of the biggest idiots. You can not get wise unless you have this Word of Yah. This is your wisdom in the sight of the nations. That’s what the Book says (Deut. 4:6). So if you don’t have this, you will be foolish and you are going to be an idiot. I don’t care how white or how gray your head is. So right here, this is what he says…His hair was white as wool, as white as snow. The color is being compared to snow. The texture is being compared to wool.

v. 15 So we are looking at a black-skinned man here. He’s black. He’s dark-skinned. ‘Burned brass’, it’s a dark brown color. This is the Messiyah right here. ‘Oh we don’t know what the Messiyah looked like’. ‘We don’t know what Jesus looked like’. Yet you have 30 pictures of Jesus throughout your house. And you are the first one to talk that idiotic nonsense. But the Book not only tells that He was an Israylite. He was a Hebrew. What did Hebrews and Israylites look like? They looked like the Egyptians. What did the Egyptians look like? Go look up a picture of Akhenaton. Go look up a picture of King Tut. Go look up a picture of Queen Tiye. Paul or Shaul who was an Israelite was mistaken for an Egyptian (Acts 21:38). Yahoshua hid among the black Egyptians (Matthew 2:13-15). So what is that telling you? ‘Ah that ain’t telling me nothing, I still don’t know’. ‘I think He was invisible’. ‘People only heard His voice and never saw His face'(This Scripture is talking about Yah). Here it is in the vision right here that Yahcanan seen and Yahcanan sees Him. And he’s describing Him (Yahoshua).

v. 16 ‘His appearance was like the sun shining in strength’. (see Exodus 34:29-35 Moses’ face was illuminated) He is illuminated. Illuminati you think you are Illuminated. No, Yahoshua and those who follow Him (are). See we have to stop allowing satan to deceive us by taking thing that are of Yah and twisting it and then make us turn our backs on it. If Yahoshua’s face is shining like the sun and He’s talking about these golden lampstands…that’s light. Light represents truth. Light is illuminated. ‘Oh Obadiyah is talking about we the illuminati’. ‘And the illuminati are bad people’. It’s only bad because they worship satan. But the concept of illumination, Yahoshua said He’s the brightest morning star. I’m going to explain that to you. You see, you have to stop letting satan beat you to the punch. Because he is going to masquerade as an angel of light. And his ministers are going to masquerade as ministers of righteousness. But there is no righteousness, no truth in them. You must understand what Yah’s truth is. ‘Well Obadiyah y’all must be serving satan because y’all have Shabbat meetings and Christians go to church too’. You know, it’s crazy, boy. And this is why we get so lost, man. Alright, let’s go.

v. 17 ‘I fell as dead’. Look at that. He just went limp. Just fell from his feet and fell on his face. ‘I am the first and the last’. I am the first of the dead and I am the last of all sin that man commits. After Yahoshua and after the resurrections, there won’t be no more sin among man. He’s the beginning and end of all of this. That tragic situation that took place in the garden, Yahoshua is the beginning and end of all of that. HalleluYah.

v. 18-20 Hades=grave. (finishes reading v. 20) That’s it that’s what it is. So He’s going to address this to the 7 assemblies. And the 7 malakim are over the 7 assemblies. Do you see that? They are of the seven assemblies, so these are the malakim that are there with them. These are the malakim bringing all the truth. These are the malakim going back and giving Yah a report on them. Do you see? We have the same thing in our camps today. (We have) malakim over our camps, Israyltie camps. Whatever you want to call them…Israylite camps, Israylite schools, Israylite congregations, Israylite classes. It’s all the same thing. And we even have arguments on that. You know. ‘Man, y’all can’t be calling yourselves no camps, man’. ‘You know Yah ain’t never said camps’. ‘Ah, y’all can’t be no congregation’. ‘Y’all can’t be no assembly’. ‘Y’all can’t be no class’. I mean, it’s crazy.

All that when all these things are taking place on the earth now and that’s going to directly affect our nation and we got time to sit around and argue about what we are calling ourselves. (For example) ‘You know we are not really Ysrayl, we are Yahshurella’. You know, we are this and that. Man, listen! We are the children of Yah. We are the children of Ysrayl hey leave it at that. If you can’t deal with that then so be it. We are Hebrews. ‘Well y’all shouldn’t be calling yourselves ‘brews. Common, man! Some Hebrews call each other Jakes. I have no problem with that. Jakes is short for Jacob. You know, we are the children of Jacob so they call themselves Jakes. It’s just a little playful name that we give each other. Like we call each other ‘brews over here. It’s short for Hebrews. Man, there is so much stuff that we will have to deal with in these coming days and hours and we don’t have time for foolishness. There are so many Israylites that don’t know what’s about to take place because it’s not being taught in their midst.

So what are they going to do when the man of sin rises up and they can’t recognize Him as the man of sin? What are they going to do when these things in Revelation start to happen and they are not going to recognize it as prophesy being fulfilled in the Book of Revelation? What are they going to do? Man, we are already seeing it. I don’t care where you are coming from, what ever camp, if you are an Israylite you are already seeing trouble in this land, in this world. We need to strive to get this thing right. But until then, you see if we feel that Yah is dealing with us in this way, we have to continue in that way. We can’t allow others to come in the midst and change what we know that Yah is giving us. (Then) Yah would have a controversy with us like He has one with these 7 assemblies. Now let’s read about it. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 2.

Revelation 2:1-6, v. 1 Do you see that? He’s writing to the messenger. And the messenger is going to deliver it to that congregation, to that assembly. That’s how we get the truth. So He said write this to the messenger. v. 2 Look at that. He said I know your works. I know your labor. I know your endurance. I know the many battles that you are having. I know the many struggles that you are having. I know all those Israylites that come in your midst and say I’m down and then the next thing you know they are star children or star people. He said I know all that. And you have found them to be false. That’s what we have to do. That’s part of the work, that’s part of the labor. It’s protecting the sheep. We’ve had so many false emissaries come in our midst! So many brothers and sisters! And we have dealt with them accordingly. As we are supposed to. But then the rumor gets out that we are doing wrong. That it’s our fault. But this is what happened in that day to that assembly. Yahoshua didn’t have a problem with that. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Because we have to protect what He gave us. Didn’t He tell us to guard this?

v. 3 We are not giving in to no different name. ‘Well Obadiyah ain’t it okay that Yah knows our heart and we just use Jesus’? Naw, listen we are laboring for His name’s sake and have not become weary. Yah and Yahoshua are real. I want you to understand because what He’s speaking to those assemblies in that day is STILL going on in our day. It’s still here! So this is even for us in our time. I’m going to read that again. (Reads v. 3 again). v. 4 So He said y’all are doing good in this…your finding out these false emissaries. You labor for My name’s sake but I have this against you. That you left your first love. v. 5 He said listen, you left your first love so I’m going to remove your lampstand. What does that mean? I’m going to take your light away. Do you see? If we don’t fight to keep this truth of Yah, He will come and take it away from us. He said I will remove your lampstand. I will come to you quickly. He said go back to the first work. We are servants to Yah’s people. We are delivering Yah’s truth. Give out flyers and DVDs and all that stuff. This is your first love. We can never get away from that, family. And that’s what He’s saying here. Go back to that first love. This assembly, they got away from it. They started doing other things. They got distracted. And He said I hold that against you.

v. 6 Let’s stop right here. He says you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, I also hate the works of the Nicolaitans. ‘Obadiyah this is very strange, ah who are the Nicholites’? ‘I want to hate them too’. Okay. The Nicholites, there are two thoughts on the Nicholites. Let’s go to Acts chapter 6. I’m going to show you one of the thoughts on the Nicholites. Remember this Nicholite… -ite at the end, means a descent or ‘of Nicholas’. Right? And when we look at the word Nicholas the actual translation is victory over the people or victory of the people. Nickai, I’m sorry Nik-kai comes from the Greek and it means victory. Nike is the god of victory. Nickey. Right? So Nicholas means victory over the people, that’s what it translates into. So we are looking at two things here. We are looking at this group of people…we have to have an understanding because we have to look at how we are going through things because it’s the same thing with these churches. You know how we have a term for ‘brews? We call them wild ‘brews. Right? Or (we say) those NY Israelites. We put that label, New York Israylites, we know the ones that they are talking about the ISUPK and all those cats standing outside cussing folks out and running people away from Yah. Right? They are not delivering Yah, just out there making a show of nothing.

So the Nicholites were those bringing in FALSE DOCTRINE. We are going to look at this in just a second. Acts chapter 6. Now this is the first thought that these Nicholites were people who were following after one of the brothers named Nicholas.

Acts 6:5 So many say that this guy right here Nicholas who was a convert from Antioch that when he went out and started teaching, that people took the teachings that he was bringing and they twisted them and then they became the Nicholites, the people of Nicholas. And they took his teachings. So they were saying hey he’s an emissary, his name is Nicholas so we will be Nicholites (of Nicholas). So they took his teachings and they twisted the teachings of the Messiyah and then they called themselves after him because he was the one who brought the teachings but they twisted it and turned it. That’s one thought.

But what we understand is that the doctrine of the Nicholites were false teachings. Now remember when we read in Scripture Shaul’s letters. Remember the letters that he wrote to the congregation that he had previously taught? And one of the things that Shaul had to constantly keep saying to them is that WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THESE TEACHINGS FROM? Remember the teachings that we first gave to you? Remember what we taught you? But who is coming up here teaching you this falsehood? That’s what Shaul had to constantly contend with. That was the purpose to all of his letters to the Ephesians, Corinthians, to the Romans so forth and so on. Because there were false teachers coming in to teach the people after Shaul and all them had left.

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