The Book of Revelation p. 1b

Now when we read through this Book of Revelation and you see all these horrific things that’s going to take place leading up to the day of Yah which will be the most horrific event in the history of mankind! Because no man will be able to stand against that. We have a future lesson coming up on that too. But we are going to talk about that in this Revelation series. So yo are looking for this thing to happen with speed. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, Yah isn’t going to let up. Like when He dropped the 10 plagues on Egypt. He did not let up. They didn’t have time to recover from one plague to the next. Yah was dropping them BAM, BAM, BAM and that’s what we are going to see in Revelation because if He did it one time, He’s going to do it again. What did He say in Deuteronomy 28:68? I’m sending you back into where? Egypt again with ships. And we understand that prophesy that He is talking about. That He’s going to send us back into an Egypt like captivity in ships this time. So we see that happening and just like He brought the plagues down on Egypt, He’s going to bring them down on this world. And He brought the plagues down on Egypt for what? To free His people, the children of Ysrayl.

So right here, going back up to verse 1, it said that these things are to take place with speed. And they will happen so fast you will not be able to…one plague will hit. Another plague will hit and you will not be able to recover from it. An earthquake could have just killed 10 million people in one place, this day. Then the next day, a volcano erupts and kills 20 million people. It’s going to be BAM, BAM, BAM. What will you do against that? So this is what He’s saying, that these things are to happen with SPEED.

Let’s go to v. 3 and read that again. (reads v. 3) This is coming. We are closer to these things now then when Yahcanon was as I just mentioned. So when Yahoshua speaks, these things are for us even in our day. He’s talking to us right now. Just like when Yah told Daniyah to close up the book in Daniyah chapter 12 until the time of the end. For many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase. So it wasn’t for Daniyah. He was telling those prophesies for us. We are getting the complete understanding because now we are on the tail end of all those events that have taken place. Now we are in a technological age where we can see a lot of these things starting to shape up right before our face. We can see the tragedy in Connecticut and I’m in Chicago. We can see China and Japan in a skirmish over an Island and we are in the United States. We are in the United Kingdom, we are in Jamaica. We can see all these things starting to happen. So now we have a keener eye on the world.

So it says once again in verse 3…(reads v. 3 again) Blessed is He who reads and those who hear the words of this prophesy and keeps what is written. You must guard this, family. You can’t be going out there trying to mix Yah’s truth with all this other falsehood. That ain’t going to cut it. You are going to get yourself in big, big trouble. And we will see when we read about Yahoshua talking about the 7 assemblies. And we are going to read that in just a moment about the 7 assemblies and all the troubles and falsehood that they were allowing in th midst. That was tainting the Word of Yah by FALSE doctrine. The Word of Yah does not contain elements of Christianity. It does not contain elements of Egyptology. It does not contain elements of Islam. If you find those, they came from here…not from there to here but from here to there. Meaning that satan got concepts out of the Bible, took it and twisted it and fed it to them who don’t know. You can’t put a fried dead rat on my plate and then tell me it’s chicken and tell me to eat it. I know better than that. Right? We know better than that. But those who don’t know, you can feed them anything. Pork chop is sho’ (sure) good ain’t it? Pork ham is sho’ good, ain’t it? You can give them anything and they will believe it because they don’t know what truth is.

So it says (in v. 3) that you are blessed for hearing this and you are blessed for guarding this.

v. 4 ‘Yahcanan to the seven assemblies in Asia’. Now this was called Asia Minor back in the day when this was written. And this Asia Minor is in what’s called Turkey today. This is Turkey. So this is very profound. The 7 assemblies that we are about to read about right here, they were located in what’s called Turkey, modern-day Turkey, the country called Turkey. And you are going to see something very profound about this.

(finishes reading v. 4) Now we get a lot in this. It said to the 7 assemblies that are in Asia. Now these letters that we are reading about here in Revelation one and two, as pertaining to these 7 assemblies in the lesson…now 7 is the number of perfection. It is the number of completion. So it brings a perfect completion. So these 7 assemblies are 7 assemblies that stood out. They were doing some great work that Yah noticed their works. And Yah spoke to them directly. (Directly) to these 7 assemblies right here. So you know some of them were growing and spreading the Word of Yah but things were happening within these assemblies that was troubling to Yah. So Yah had to come and give them this message to correct them.

See there are malakim that stand over every nation. There are malakim that stand over every people. But do you know there are malakim that stand over every camp (Israelite group)? Oh yeah! There’s a malakim over Israelite Heritage. There’s a malakim over those NY Israelites. There’s one over each and every camp here as we are spread across the world. They are keeping watch on everything that we do. Some of them are delivering this truth to us, when we talk about the Ruach. Right? And they are reporting to Yah what we are doing! That’s why it’s so profound in this day and time that Ysrayl is still divided. Because in our midst we have men who refuse to humble their hearts to Yah and receive what thus saith Yah. They think that if they separate what a certain understanding that 20 other camps may have, they separate themselves from that understanding then maybe people will come and gather themselves to them because they have a different teaching. You have so many teachers out there that don’t even know what they are teaching. They don’t even understand it. And so you have all this confusion going on. You can not mix in with all these different teachings.

Listen, I’m not worried about this camp uniting with that camp. That’s in Yah’s hands. I can’t do nothing about that because Ysrayl hasn’t been united since we stepped out of Egypt. Moses said ‘who is for Yah stand over here and those who are not you stay over there’. Yah said He’s going to make Ysrayl one (stick) in His hand in the Book of Yahzeqyl or Yahzeqyl chapter 37. That’s in His hand. We just have to worry about getting this information and living it. Making a proper repentance. Everything else is in the hand of Yah.

‘Peace to you from Him who is and who was and who is coming’. (from v. 4) So Yahoshua is sending His shalom. ‘And the 7 spirits that are before His throne.’ The 7 spirits, let’s look at that. They are before His throne.

There’s 7 malakim that stand before the throne of Yah. These malakim are powerful rulers. And then the other malakim fall in some type of position underneath these seven. Seven is that perfect number of completion. The Book of Enoch describes (those 7 angels) them as Michayah, Gabriyah, Raphayah, Uriyah, Raguyah, Zerachiyah and Remiyah. This is what the Book of Enoch talks about. Now we know that from Scripture it mentions…now right here in Revelation 1:4 it says the 7 spirits. But let’s turn over to Revelation chapter 8 real quick. We are getting way ahead of ourselves going over to chapter 8 but hey we are going to read this again. So let’s go to Revelation chapter 8 to show you that the malakim are spirits. Right? Yes they are.

Revelation 8:2 And I saw the seven angels that stand before Yah and were given seven trumpets.

So these 7 malakim are going to be the ones blowing the 7 trumpets. We will get into that when we get to Revelation 8 but I just wanted to show you that these 7 spirits that stand before Yah are 7 malakim (angels).

Let’s go to Luke, because the Scriptures give us a couple of names of them. It gives us a few names. We have to go to the Apocrypha too. Soo if you have your Apocrypha…I’m sorry that I didn’t mention that at the beginning. But if you have your Apocrypha pull it out. If not don’t worry about it. Just take down the Scripture and whenever you can get to an Apocrypha, you can read it.

Now what is the Apocrypha? For those who may be new to fellowshipping with us, the Apocrypha is a book that is a set of writings and teachings that was removed from the Bible. In fact, if you get an original 1611 King James Bible, the Apocrypha is in there. And then they said there was too much information so they pulled the Apocrypha out. But you still can get it as a side book. So we are going to go to that in just a moment.

Right now let’s go to Luke chapter 1. We are looking at these 7 spirits. Right? It said that there are 7 spirits that stand before Yah. Revelation 8:2 said that the 7 spirits are 7 malakim that stand before Yah. The Book of Enoch gives us their names. And right here we will get the name of one of the 7 spirits that stand before Yah. This is Luke 1, so you can get understanding of this. Because we must get understanding of chapter one of Revelation. Right? If we don’t get understanding of chapter one then how will we get understanding of anything else that proceeds after that? Right?

Luke 1:19 …’I am Gabriyah who stands in the presence of Yah’…

Do you see? Gabriyah is one of the malakim that stand before Yah. There’s seven of them. Let’s go to the Apocrypha real quick. Let’s go to the Book of Tobit or Tobiyah. The Book of Tobit chapter 12. So we read that Gabriyah is one of the angels that stands in the presence of Yah and the Book of Enoch mentions all 7 of them. Let’s go to Tobit chapter 12 then we will go back to Revelation chapter 1. We will go back and forth through the Scriptures so keep your hand on Revelation one. Tobit is in the Apocrypha not in your standard 66 books of the Bible. Unless you have an original KJV, 1611. If you have a 1611 version then the Apocrypha is in there. But if you don’t have a 1611 and just have a copy of the Scriptures, you must have a side copy of the Apocrypha.

Tobiyah 12:15 I am Raphayah one of the seven set-apart angles which present the prayers of the saints and which go in and out before the esteem of the Holy One.

So Raphayah, one of the seven set-apart angels which present the prayers of the saints and which go in and out before the esteem of the Set-Apart One. So Raphayah is one of the malakim that stands in the presence of Yah. So these 7 angels that we read about in Revelation 1:4 that’s who they are. Once again let’s get these names: Michayah, Gabriyah, Raphayah, Uriyah, Raguyah, Zerachiyah and Remiyah. So these are the 7 that stand in the presence of Yah mentioned in Revelation 1:4.

So let’s go back to Revelation. Let’s pick up at v. 5. So we see that the 7 spirits stand before the throne of Yah. And we are going to see that these 7 malakim, that there are 7 malakim over the 7 assemblies. So we are looking at 7 assemblies, 7 malakim and we will be looking at 7 trumpets. And these 7 malakim that stand in the presence of Yah are going to be the ones blowing the trumpets in the end times as we go through the Book of Revelation. So do you have that? Alright let’s continue.

v. 5 So Yahoshua is the first-born of the dead. What does that mean? It means that Yahoshua is the only man to have died the first physical death, was resurrected and is now living an eternal life. Abraham died and has not been resurrected but he wil be resurrected and he will be in the kingdom. So we are looking at when He says He is the first-born because many want to say that this is Yahoshua the first that Yah created in creation. No, it means that He’s the first-born from the dead. He’s the first man to obtain eternal life. He’s the only man to obtain eternal life right now at this present stage. There’s a lot of men that have been promised it but until they are resurrected Yahoshua is the only one. Let’s go to verse 6.

v. 6 Now look at this. It said that we are going to be kings and priests with Yah. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 14. We are going to see where that comes from because in the ancient times when we ruled in Ysrayl our kings were kings and our priests were priests. There was not a Levite who ruled over Ysrayl. The Levite priests were the Levite priests and the kings were the kings. There were never kings and priests (to rule). Or one man who was a king and a priest to rule the nation. But now we read here in Revelation chapter 1:6 it says ‘and has made us kings and priests to His Yah and Father. To Him be the esteem and rule forever and ever. Amein’. So now we are looking at a new order. A new priesthood so to speak where now the priests are also kings and kings rule. Priests minister. So you are going to be a ruling priest.

Let’s see where that comes from. Let’s go to Genesis 14. So you can understand how these things are adding up to the back of the Book. Let’s go to the front of the Book to see where this comes from that now we are kings and priests, that made up kings and priests. Berishith chapter 14. This is about Abraham after Abraham went and got his nephew Lot back. Lot had been taken captive by 2 nations at war. And the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were conquered by another group of kings. So Lot lived in Sodom at the time and so when they took over Sodom, when they defeated the kings of Sodom, they took everyone hostage and Lot was one of the people. So Abraham found this out and got his servants and went to war to get this nephew back. So after this, this is where we pick up at verse 17. It says.

Genesis 14:17-18 Now it said Melchizedek who was the King of Salem (Shalom). The King of Shalom, the King of Peace. This was actually Yahrushalom before it got the name Yahrushalom. So he was the King of Yahrushalom but it also says that he we the priest of the Most High Yah. So the order of the Melchizedek priesthood is that now the priests are kings too. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 7. We read the priesthood after Melchizedek because Melchizedek was the first one to be a king and a priest.

Now remember, the Israelites because Melchizedek was not an Israelite. The Book of Yasher (Jasher) says that Melchizedek was Noah’s son, Shem. So the Israelites, when we came into the land like I told you, our priests were priests and our kings were kings. We didn’t have a priest come on the throne and was also a king. But now with this new order that’s coming up, the kings are also priests. Remember Yah made us a priestly nation. He said that in Exodus 19:5-6. He placed us above all the people on the earth and He’s made us a kingdom of priests. So a kingdom of priests, we are going to take this truth out to the rest of the world, to the sons of Adam. That’s what He made us to do. So now we are going to fulfill that when we read in the Book of Revelation what we just read in chapter one. We are going to fulfill that as being His kingdom of priests and not only a kingdom of priests but we are going to be rulers, rulers and priests.

Because Yahoshua said your reward when He comes back is that you will be ruling over certain cities. He will give you five cities to rule over to make sure that those people are serving Yah. To make sure that they are being obedient to the ways of Yah. And it will be your responsibility as a king and as a priest to teach them and to make sure that they are serving Yah. Aint that something? Here you are this lowly negra or a lowly crazy Gentile as they refer to you as. Right? Crazy black and crazy white boy and crazy white girl. Right? That’s what they say about us when we come back and serve Yah. And here you are going to be a king AND a priest when all these things are made right. So we say HalleluYah. You can mock me now, laugh now but cry later all you Abba Yah haters. Oh yeah, we know about that ahki. We know. We be listening. You know what I’m saying? HalleluYah.

This is Ibrim or Hebrews chapter 7. Ibri, Ibrim is the same thing. this is actually how you say Hebrew. ‘Hebrew’ is English. Ibri, Ibrim is the actual word. Hebrews 7. Now remember we just read in Revelation 1:6 where it says that now we are going to be kings and priests. Melchizedek was the only one we could find in here that was a kings and a priest. Now I’m going to show you from the Scriptures what it means by ‘after the order of Melchizedek’.

Hebrew 7: 1-12, v. 1 Read. v. 2 King of Shalom or King of peace. v. 3 He’s not talking about Melchizedek here. He’s talking about Yahoshua. Who can tell me the date that Yahoshua died? Who can tell me the date that Yahoshua entered into heaven and sat at the right hand of Yah? Give me the date and time and hour. Because we know this event has happened. But who can tell us when it happened? So He has no beginning days nor end of  life. Yahoshua is living forever. He’s going to be a priest of Yah forever because He’s already obtained eternal life. So people want to say that Melchizedek was Jesus. No, not at all. Now there’s a new priesthood. And that priesthood is AFTER the order of Melchizedek. After the order, what is that order? Now the priests are also kings. Now the kings are also priests.

v. 4 Booty=spoils. This is just talking about the things that he took. Freaks calm down. Abraham didn’t give him no booty like that. Calm down. v. 5-7 So by Yahoshua being a descendant of Abraham, Yahoshua too was being blessed even when Abraham gave those tithes over to Melchizedek. So what happened to your great, great, great-grandfather, happened to you because you were in the loins of him. Do you see? See, we don’t understand genetics really, I’m not talking about what these big brained scientists talk about. Because genetics is SPIRITUAL. We don’t understand how we are encoded. Your great, great, great-grandfather is encoded in your DNA. They try to tell you in this video game called Assassins Creed, if any of you all have ever played that game and know the concept of it. That’s why through you, your ancestors live. So this is what it is talking about here man. We need to understand the deeper understandings of LIFE itself.

v. 8 Yahoshua lives. v. 9 So through Abraham, what Abraham did, he gave tithes to Melchizedek, to the priesthood Levi, the Levite priest came as a descendant of Abraham and the Levites were to receive tithes. But here it is our great, great, great grandfather giving tithes so we gave tithes. Do you see that? That’s some powerful understanding there, family…how you are in the loins. And right now your great-grandchildren are in your loins right now. Even if they haven’t come out, they are there. So your descendants and descendants and descendants…it’s powerful.

v. 10-12 So the priesthood is changed not only the Levites but it’s all of us now. Do you see? This is what he’s saying. It says after the order of Melchizedek. The kings are priests and the priests are kings after that order. This is what it means to be after the order of Melchizedek. The priesthood has changed now. It was stuck with just Levites. Show me one Levite priest right now? Pinpoint me one Levite priest that can trace his loins all the way back to Moses’ brother Aharon. Or trace his genealogy all the way back to our father Jacob’s son Levi. Because you were in your father’s loins or in your great grandfather’s loins like Abraham. Right? You were there. But trace it back and show me that you are a Levite? Yeah, you can prove to me up and down that you are an Israelite but show me that you are a Levite. We don’t have the Levites serving in the priesthood right now. That’s changed. Yahoshua has changed that. His coming has changed that. His resurrection has changed that. So that’s why we read this in Revelation 1:6 is that now kings are priest after the order of Melchizedek. This is what they are saying.


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