The Man of Sin p. 6e

Let’s go to Revelation 13. The false prophet will be side by side with the man of sin and their both going out into the world to deceive the world. The false prophet will get the people to worship the man of sin as a god. And for his work that he does in getting the world to worship it says that satan is going to give him great gifts. Silver and gold and make him a messiah and all this stuff. Man, I’m telling you family, it is real heavy. It’s real heavy and if you are not rooted in Yah. Man family, we will be taken away if we are not rooted so we got to root ourselves in Yah. We can’t be carried away in every wind of doctrine. We don’t have to entertain every doctrine that comes your way. You don’t have to possibly, perhaps, maybe (say) their right when they are not giving you anything from the Book. They are giving you from their own heart and philosophy of their own mind. And sometimes, you so can’t believe that Yah’s Word is that simple because Yah’s Ruach is upon you and Yah’s Ruach is over you and leading and guiding you but that’s not enough for you. You still need to know the triple layers of knowledge. You still need to know that.

Revelation 13:11-15, v. 11 ‘Two horns like a lamb’. It had the appearance of righteousness. It had the appearance of humility. Yahoshua was called the lamb of Yah. Yahoshua was righteous. He (the false prophet) will have the appearance of righteousness yet he will speak blasphemy against Yah speaking like a dragon, the language of a dragon is blasphemy. Lies, blasphemy and deception because satan is called the great red dragon. And Yahoshua said satan is the father of lies.

v. 12 So he had all the authority of the god. ‘He exercises all the authority of the first beast’ this is why it said he shall esteem a mighty one (god) because this false prophet is going to be seen as a god too. But he’s still going to be a lower god under the man of sin. So it says he has all the authority. So he’s going to be like a god too with all the authority of the first beast. The first beast is the man of sin.

v. 13 This is going to be a sight to see. And like I say, if you are not rooted in Yah when these things take place, you will give ear to it. You will give heart to it. But if Yahoshua said if you are one of the chosen ones, it’s impossible for you to be deceived. That is impossible and you can only be one of the chosen ones if you are rooted and if you are doing the words and ways of Yah, if you understand the truth of Yah.

v. 14-15 See, the false prophet is going to give the world over to worshipping the man of sin. That’s his job. That’s what he will do. That’s what he will go out into the world to do. He’s going to make an image of the beast. Now this is the thing, they have the technology right now. They are making robots that you can not tell if they are robots. They look just like us. Just like us, human. They are getting so sophisticated with this fallen angel technology that they are making these things have artificial intelligence. They are starting to think on their own.

So this is what the man of sin is going to do. He’s going to be the leader of the one world religion. He’s going to get all religions to come to this one world religion. Now pulling fire out of heaven in the sight of men, his signs and lying wonders because men are physical. We need to see things. ‘Well I could believe in Yah if He came down and healed me’. ‘Well I could believe in Yah if He came down and blessed me with the lottery’. All these things.

Yahoshua says that…well let’s read what Yahoshua says. Let’s go to Acts real quick. Let’s go to Acts 2:44…43? Because it doesn’t make any sense for me to just say and not read when Yahoshua says you can understand this right here. So we are looking at this man of sin and the people seeking a sign. And satan knows the hearts of men so that’s why he’s going to give them a sign. The hearts of men, we need to see signs and wonders for us to believe so this man is going to go out into the world and he’s going to get them to come into the fold of the man of sin promoting him as the god.

Now when you look at this and you see that there is a man right now going out into all the world and has been going out for years just like all the presidents have led up to the revealing of the man of sin to probably walk out of their system of democracy as being the leader of the free world. There is a man right now that is the leader right now that is the leader of the religious world. I think you all know his name. He’s called the pope. Right now the pope is the leader of the religious world.

I’m trying to find that Scripture for you…let’s go to Matthew 12:39. See going back to the man of sin, I mean the false prophet going before the face of the people and pulling fire out of heaven and see he will have the same authority as the man of sin has. So the man of sin according to the Pseudepigrapha book in the Apocalypse of Eliyah, that the man of sin will do a lot of these things too. So-called miracles too in the face of men. So he and the false prophet will be able to do these things.

Matthew 12:39 This is Yahoshua speaking. They were asking Yahoshua to give them a sign from you when these things are to happen but he says listen a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign and no sign shall be given to it. So this is why the man of sin is going to put signs before the face of men, signs and lying wonders. Even those false prophets and false messiahs spoken of in Matthew 24, signs and lying wonders because that’s what men seek after in this wicked and adulterous generation. That’s what they want to see. They can’t just take the Word of Yah and take that as the truth and humbly accept that…they need to see fire from heaven. That’s what they need to see to believe.

So right now as I was talking about the pope. The pope sits in the office as the head of the world’s religions. W know that Islam descended from Catholicism. We know that Protestants descended from Catholicism. We know that the Orthodox Christian Churches descended from Catholicism. The word Catholic means universal. So when we say Catholic Church, we are saying the Universal Church. And the pope is the universal head of this Universal Church. If we look at the form of church and just take it by its surface definition, church is a place you go to worship. So when you say Catholic Church, you are saying Universal Church or universal places of worship or the universal religion. The one religion. Because it created Islam and it has Judaism in its grips. The pope visits Israel. The pope visits Muslim countries. There’s a picture on the internet of John Paul kissing the Koran.


The late Pope John at the Jewish wailing wall.                                                         popeatwailingwall

popedalailama The pope with the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist.

popewithsixes The pope throwing up the sixes.

Let’s look at the pope and the authority that he has on the earth right now. Because just like we said the man of sin is coming out of the system of democracy, coming out as the leader of the free world. It makes too much sense that the pope would come out of what’s already there. So this false prophet doesn’t have to come and become these things, he can come out of this system and already be it. Just like the man of sin can come out of this system of America, the system of democracy and he can already be it. He can already be the leader of the free world. He can already lead the world astray. All of that. He can already be the kind of the lawless society. He’s already there. It’s just going to be magnified. And so the pope can come out of the office of Catholicism or the Vatican and it’s already there. He already has the authority over the world’s religions. And we are still waiting on a man to come and get authority but the pope already has authority. And all the leaders of the world come before this man and kiss his ring, presidents and all.

This is taken from WICKEDpedia Online Encyclopedia, yeah I did say WICKEDpedia (Wikipedia). It’s under the title: the authority of the popes. It says: Papa supremacy, papal refers to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that the pope by reason of his office as vicar of Christ  and as pastor of the entire Christian Church. He has full supreme and universal power over the whole church. A power which he can always exercise unhindered that in brief, the pope enjoys by divine institution, supreme, immediate, full and universal power in the care of souls.

Do you see that? This false prophet, he does not have to go out already because if he comes out of the office of the pope, he already has supreme authority. So pulling fire out of heaven from a pope…

Sinead O’Connor back in the 1990s was on Saturday Night Live and tore up a picture of a pope and her career ended that night. And she was a good singer and all that. Her career ended that night. You can’t speak against the pope. So wouldn’t it make sense that the false prophet comes out of the Catholic religion, the Universal Church? They are right now going around the world and gathering all of her little wandering sheep. Muslims have prayer beads just like the Catholics do. That makes all the sense in the world. Right? Let’s continue. It says:

The Catholic doctrine of papal supremacy is based on the assertion by the bishops of Rome that it was instituted by Christ. (stops reading). Instituted by Christ. (Continues reading). That papal succession is tracked back to Peter the apostle in the first century. The authority for the position is derived from the confession of Peter documented in Matthew 16:17-19. (stops reading) Peter had nothing to do with the Catholic Church. This is all myth. This is all foolishness. (reads) When a response to Peter’s acknowledgment to Jesus’ divinity, Jesus responds…(stops reading) Listen this is crazy because this is just talking about when Kepha stood up and said I know that you are the Messiyah, the Son of the Living Yah. So they are saying that, that’s when Yahoshua said that Kepha would be the leader of the Catholic Church.

But I want you to see this, the bishops say that this was instituted by Christ, by Jesus. So the man of sin comes and he can be Jesus to them. He can be all of these things because Jesus said this. Right? But when he comes and makes himself greater than even Jesus.  That he has greater authority than Jesus. I just want you to look at this. These things are already in place, there already in operation. The pope has supreme authority over all these religions.

It says: However, others understand this is meaning something other than a claim to supremacy. In fact, the rock upon which the church will be built that Christ speaks of here is thought to mean the faith of Peter’s confession. And the promises inherits Christ gives here are understood to be promised to all who confess the same confession.

So they go on and they talk about the authority that the pope already has. Do you see? He already has it. Listen, it’s like this. Yah utilizes things that are already there. David was a brave and faithful man. Yah didn’t make him that when he allowed him to slay the lion, the bear and Goliath. David was already there. So Yah utilized what was already on David’s heart and he utilized it to his benefit, to the maximum. The man of sin is not going to have to go and create a place where he can be called the leader of the free world. The man of sin is not going to have to go and create a place where he can be called the king of the lawless society. There’s one already here. So satan is going to maximize that. The false prophet doesn’t have to go and say ‘I’m the supreme leader’ or make up a place where he’s the supreme leader when there’s already one here. So satan is going to maximize and utilize that to his benefit as he has learned from Yah. Do you see that?

So it’s more than likely that this false prophet is going to be a pope. He’s coming out of the office of a pope. The pope’s and presidents, presidents and popes. Do you know that for about the past, I think since George H. Bush, daddy Bush that every president that has stepped into office has visited the pope. Or the pope came to the U.S. to visit them. They didn’t meet that often prior to coming into these modern times. But now every president is meeting with the pope. Ain’t that interesting? Because if the man of sin comes out of the presidency and the false prophet comes out of the pope’s office…hey they are already plotting and planning what’s going on. So like I say we will get into it a little bit more with the false prophet in the Revelation series. But that is what he’s going to do. He’s going to give the world over to worship the man os sin.

So let’s look at the one world religion aspect of it. Because this too is coming to pass. But this too is already in operation. Do you know that the Pope Benedict, the present pope, that he had this big meeting, I believe it was an inter-faith event. I believe it was in 2008 and it was in Washington D.C. and he met with leaders of over 50 religions. There were Buddhists, Hindu, Jews, Muslims, Christians, everybody was there. Witches, everybody was there. And they were meeting and talking about the formation of the one world religion or how to bring the understanding to the masses that there’s only one god and he has many different paths to reach him. So this is what they are saying.

They ae saying that the Christian path is okay because that’s one path to this same god. The Islamic path is okay because that’s one path to the same god. And so the Christian god, since Christianity comes out of Europe. This same god accepts that, that was for the Europeans. And since they came out of Europe and spread it to other nations its okay because that’s one path to the same god. And so he gave Islam to the Muslims and since they took it out and spread it to other places, that’s okay because now your bringing all these to the same god. It’s the same with Judaism and all these other religions. And so this is what they are saying. This is what they are actually meeting on to talk about.

Do you know that last year on June 26th (2011) that 50 churches in 26 states for one of their Sunday worshipping services read from the Koran? Christians reading from the Koran over their church. Do you know Farrakhan preaches in more Christian churches than I’ve seen any Muslim ever? And when he goes to these churches, he doesn’t open his Koran, he opens his Bible. And he tells them things that Jesus said from the Bible. Farrakhan, pay attention (to him).

So these things are starting to come together. The one world religion is going to be a composite or conglomerate religion, all the world’s religions will be brought to one. all are going to sing the same song. They worship the same gods and there are many different paths to this same god. Remember that’s why we started this off saying that Yah is one and there’s only one way to Yah.

So now you have some of your big Christian leaders, their having these whole meetings with the Islamic community and there called ‘loving God and neighbors together’. Now once again, when we go back to this title ‘God’, it’s so generic that you don’t identify the gods by name but you say ‘god’. Right? You don’t even put an ‘s’ (as in gods) you say ‘god’. It’s so generic and so easy for them to say that the Muslims and the Christians worship the same god. Because they both call him god. Right? They both acknowledge that he is a god. And satan is called the god of this world. He has made himself an angel of light.

Now in 1893, something was created called the parliament of world religions.

This was their first meeting they had back in 1893. Since that time they have met several other times. I remember back in 1993, a hundred years after they had founded the parliament of world religions that they had a meeting here in Chicago. Louis Farrakhan was there. The pope, the Buddhists all these people (were there). Cardinals and bishops, witches, warlocks and satanists all of them were there. And everybody that spoke talked about the oneness of their god. That they are all serving the same god but are coming to him in different paths. They were saying this in the face of wiccans, witches. They were saying this in the face of satanists that we all worship the same god. And that’s what Farrakhan said. So Farrakhan is a heavy advocate of the one world religion. Yes he is. He’s on the payroll so to speak. He goes out and talks about this stuff all the time. This is why he’s able to go into these Christian Churches and talk about god. And they accept everything that he says.

Now let me give you a little bit of information on the parliament of world religions. This is taken from their website. It says this under our mission: The counsel of the parliament of the world’s religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities. And foster their engagement with the world and it’s guiding institution in order to achieve a just, peaceful and substantial world. To accomplish this, we invite individuals and communities who are equally invested in attempting this goal.

Look at that. They want to bring peace. ‘The man of sin shall come in peaceably’. Right? They want peace. So if yo look at the world and the world is lawless because religions are lawless, if the world is at war it’s because the religions are at war. You have Islam against Christianity. Ain’t that what’s going on right now? ‘Oh you talked about our prophet, I’m going to kill you’.

So you are looking at this and the wars that are being waged are religious wars. So if your religions come together and now they are in harmony and god is on earth and his prophet is prophesying to us right before our face and disappearing and re-appearing and all those things. There won’t be anymore war of religion. ‘We are all here now, we made it, we are worshipping the same god’.

It says under our vision: The vision for the parliament of the world’s religions is of a just peaceful and sustainable world in which religious and spiritual communities live in harmony and contribute to a better world for their wishes of wisdom and compassion. Religious and cultural fears and hatreds are replaced with understanding and respect. People everywhere come to know and care for their neighbors. The richest of human diversity is woven into the fabric of communal, civil, societal and global life. The world’s most powerful and influential institutions moved beyond narrow self-interests to realize common good. The earth and all life are cherished, protected, healed and restored. All people commit to living out their highest values and aspirations. (stops reading).

So they are talking about a one world religion. All the world coming together to serve the one god. That’s what they are talking about. So you have these little gods, the fallen angels over mankind but then you are going to have the man of sin standing as the greatest god.

So this goes under approach. This is all on their website. It says our approach: The counsel for a parliament for the world’s religions seeks to promote inter-religious harmony. Rather than unity. The problem with seeking unity among religions is the risk of loss of the unique and precious character of each individual religious and spiritual traditions. This understanding is key to our framework. (stops)

Look at that. They are saying that the Christian doesn’t have to change who he is. The Muslim doesn’t have to change who he is. The Buddhist doesn’t have to change who he is. but we can all be together. Do you see that? Don’t lose what you are worshipping or the way that you are worshipping. We all can be together. This is the one world religion they are trying to form here.

It says: this is under our opportunity: This is all from their website. We live in a world of difference yet we are interdependent. No where is learning to live with differences more important than religion. To often, religion is misused as an instrument for division and injustice betraying the very ideal in teachings that lie at the heart of each of the world’s great traditions. At the same time, religious and spiritual traditions shape the lives of billions in wise and wonderful ways. They gather people in communities of shared beliefs and practices. When these diverse communities work in harmony for the common good there’s hope that the world can be transformed. (stops)

They are trying to transform, can you imagine the Christian getting along with the Jew? The world will see that and say peace is here! (reads) This shared committment has opened the way for a new era of cooperation action among the world’s religions and spiritual communities as well as civil and political societies. The well-being of the earth and all depends on this collaboration. (stops).

Look at that. The parliament of world religions, I even have their declaration but this is like twenty something pages. I’m not even going to try to read all that but I’ll just read a little bit. This is taken from September 4, 1993. In Chicago, they drafted this. So much stuff goes on here in Chicago, its like man…I don’t know.

Declaration towards a global ethic: This is what it is called. Introduction: The text entitled introduction was produced by an editorial committee of the council of parliament of the world religions in Chicago on the basis of the declaration itself composed in (Tabagene?). It was meant to serve as a brief summary of the declaration for publicity purposes…

I highly admonish you to go to the parliament of world religions website. Google it. And download some of this stuff and read over it so you can get an idea of what the one world religion is going to be (like). But it’s already in operation like I said the pope is going out to all the world and gathering all the world and bringing them back into the Catholic fold. He went to the orthodox. He went out to the Protestants and all these. He went out to Islam. He’s bringing all this back into the Catholic fold. He went out to Judaism. He’s getting this stuff ready. But stuff that is already here. He is also working with this parliament of world religions. I think He is a head (chairperson) on this council, the pope is. So is the Dalai Lama and all these different people.

It says: The world is in agony. The agony is so pervasive and urgent that we are compelled to name this manifestation so that the depths of this pain may be made clear. Peace eludes us. The planet is being destroyed. Neighbors live in fear. Women and men are estranged from each other. Children die. This is abhorrent. We condemn the abuse of the earth’s eco system. We condemn the poverty that stifles life potential. The hunger that weakens the human body, the economic disparities that threaten so many families with ruin. We condemn the society disarray of the nations, the disregard for justice which pushes citizens to the margin. The anarchy overtaking our communities and the insane death of children from violence. In particular, we condemn aggression and hatred int he name of religion. But this agony needs not to be. It needs not to be because the basis for ethic exists already. The ethic offers the possibility of a better individual and global order. And leads individuals away from despair and chaos. We are women and men who have embraced the precepts and practices of the world’s religions. (stops).

Do you see that? Bring them all together. Bring all the world’s religions as one. And then we can help to form the one world religion and the one world order.  (reads): We are formed at a common set of core values as found in the teachings of the religions. And that these form the basis of a global ethic. We affirm that this truth is already known but yet to be lived in heart and action. (stops)

Look it’s already out there. The world religions need to come together. We already know that. We just need to do it. This is what they are saying. So that’s what we are looking at. I’m going to save some of this for the Revelation series. Because there are some things that I want to go over dealing with the one world religion and just some of the things that they are doing right now and putting Christianity, Judaism and Islam together. Because like I said when you get those 3 together, because the pope is already the head of the whole Catholic (Church) and he’s the head of the Muslims because Islam comes from Catholicism. So you get those together…he’s with the Jews too. You get all that together, you get those 3 to be out in the fore front, the rest of the world’s religions are going to follow. Because they are called the 3 great religions. And all of them are called the faith of Abraham. And Abraham doesn’t have nothing to do with any of those faiths. But because Judaism recognizes Abraham and they say they are descendants of Abraham. And the Christians recognize Abraham. And the Muslims recognize Abraham. Abraham is talked about in the Koran. So they called them the Abrahamic faiths.

But like I said, these things are not something that’s coming. These things are already here. The Christian and the Muslim calling god, god, god. When we call upon Yah and we know Yah is different. This is why you can’t give in to it. You can not give into the madness and nonsense that, you know, we are all worshipping the same god and we can call him god and elohim. No you can’t. Not if you want to stay set-apart.

So I just want to close out by talking about project blue beam. Do some research on it. You can google it. But this is a program that is in operation already by the government. Well, governments not just the United States. This is a global technology. And what this technology is, is that it is a laser transfer technology. When we look out into the universe we see energy. A lot of energy is shown to be blue. If you all watched that ‘V’ series, it came on television a couple of years ago. They had a technology called blue energy that could heal and do marvelous things. Now that blue energy represents energy in its purest form. Project blue beam is a laser transfer technology that they can beam this laser on anything and anybody and that laser can transfer that thing to wherever. Meaning that if we saw the blue beam hit a box that was standing right before your face, that box would disappear. If you saw the blue beam hit a car and that car was right before your face. That car will disappear right there after the blue beam hits it. That’s what project blue beam deals with, laser transfer. I don’t know where they are transferring the things once they disappear, zap them or teleport them. I don’t know where they go. They may burn up, disappear. They may go to another planet. I don’t know.

But this is what they are planning to use on Christians to fabricate what’s called the rapture. Can you imagine one day waking up just like in the left behind movie series and a third of the population is gone. Because like I said they don’t need any holograms to walk the man of sin down a blue beam. They already have that. I use to teach that until I did more research. I said naw that’s not what’s going on. This is laser transfer. They are going to fabricate a rapture. Because if you watch those movies left behind and they are about to re-make them with that jackal Nicholas Cage. Kirk Cameron starred in the old ones and since he said something about homosexuality you know they have kicked him off the planet. They have sent him to Mars so since he’s living on Mars now they can’t use him in the new movies so Nicholas Cage will be playing in the new left behind series.

But this what they are planning to do. If you ever saw that movie ‘skyline’, that’s  exactly what project blue beam is. Beam me up Scotty. Right? Project blue beam, there was a scene in there where these alien ships came and they let down a blue beam and they were sucking the people up into the ship. There was a scene in the movie where this old guy looked out the window and said wow this looks just like the rapture, when he saw all those people going up in the blue beam. That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what they are going to do. This is what project blue beam does, it beams you up in the blue beam. A laser transfer to transfer you to wherever or it can beam you up. And they have had this technology for a long time. They have had it from the time of the second world war, since the time of Hitler. They got it from the fallen angels. It’s fallen angel technology. But when that happened, that can open the doorway to a lot of different things. As I stated we are going to know when the temple starts to be rebuilt and all these other things because we know that a rapture is not going to happen. Yah is going to protect His people on earth in a place called the wilderness. So if that thing does happen, we know that it’s deception.

Remember the man of sin, satan is going to make his war with you because you are in opposition. You are the only ones here that know the truth about who he is and the truth about what he’s doing. The rest of the world is going to wander after the beast and say who can make war with the beast? But you are going to say, I know who you are (satan) and I know where you are going (to the lake of fire). So that’s going to be your job this is why he will be in opposition to you. So that’s what the project blue beam is going to do. They are going to fabricate a rapture. Now whether that happens before the temple is built, after the temple, it really doesn’t matter when it happens to you because we know that when and if it happens…it is deception.

But that can open the door for the world to further chaos. Because we know that the financial system is going to collapse. That will break the system down if they bring that project blue beam and zapped people off. What about the truck driver that drives merchandise coast to coast? Or the freight train driver that drives merchandise from coast to coast, all these workers in different industries. And lawyers and doctors and all them get zapped up. That could stop your society. That could break your financial system. So that just may happen. That just may be what they use to break the back of the system. And then make that head appear to be wounded unto death and then it rises back up. ‘The rapture just happened how will we do this or that’? Then that will give the world over to even want to worship this man more. Right? If all their family members have been zapped up in a rapture. Then he brings down these demons and fallen angels and says this is Grandma Lou, when I raptured her. This is her right here. See, she went to heaven with me. See how beautiful she is? She’s young again. She looks like a 16-year-old girl in a bright white dress. All that madness, family. It’s heavy deception. But we know that when these things go down, Yah has already for-warned us. See I have told you beforehand, Matthew 24:25. HalleluYah.

So that’s all that I have this week. We are going into the Revelation series real soon. I want to end it here because we could go into all the dynamics. We have heard about the origins of Christianity. We have heard about the origins of Islam. There was no need to draw you out with all that information. But know that Christianity and Islam both worship god. They don’t say a god, they worship god. Both of them are brothers or cousins. Islam descends from Christianity.

The world’s largest religions, the pope is over 3 billion of them. The pope is already operating in that office. He goes around spreading this hellacious doctrine and kissing statutes when Yah said you shall not have a statue. You shall not bow down to it but this is what they do. They are lawless already. They are teaching lawlessness on a religious standpoint. The man of sin is already teaching lawlessness from a political standpoint. And the false prophet, the pope, out of his office he’s already teaching lawlessness from that standpoint, religious.

So you have a religious lawless world and you have a political lawless world. So it’s already in operation. So now all they have to do is spark up the blue beam and do their thing. Right? And then it can kick off just like that. This is December 1, the Mayan prophecy is set for December 21, 2012. A few weeks from now. The Maysan were not prophets of Yah. So that makes the Mayans false prophets.

I am going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.

Footnotes: TEXT: They are building a homosexual mosque in London. TEXT: A lot of the Gentiles on YT coming out with the truth about us. TEXT: Check out who african americans truly are. TEXT: like Creflo Dollar and another church I used to attend taught us we are little G’s little gods since we were made in His image. TEXT: They used Psalm ch. 8. TEXT: That teaching is at the very core of the Luciferian doctrine and all religion. TEXT: U.S. military could be considered a god of war in this age…

TEXT: Jeremiah 6:14. Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

*Me: remember we read in the Apo. of Eliyah the description of the man of sin saying he will have a tuft of gray hair, be skinny-legged and transform himself. In the Psuedepigrapha vol. 1 , Apo. of Ezra chapter 2 around v. 29, Ezra says the man of sin will wild looking in the face and his right eye is like a star at dawn and the other (eye) is unmoving. I wonder what this star at dawn means?  Is there something odd about one or both eyes?


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