The Man of Sin p. 6d

Let’s go back to Daniyah 11. We will read v. 37. You see satan is going to speak against Yah. He will speak blasphemies and all that. How much more blasphemous can you get when you call Yah, satan? What else can you do to blaspheme worse than that? And then you try to go into Scripture to try to prove that Yah is the bad guy…from His own Word. Blaspheming His Word, blaspheming His name, blaspheming His Ruach. Everything.

Daniyah 11:37 Do you see that arrogance? He has no regard. All of those fallen angels that are going to be down here. They are going to make their appearance before the man of sin comes. All those fallen angels that return to earth…the man of sin will have no regard for Zeus. He has no regard for Poseidon, Osiris, Isis, Jupiter, Mars, Cronus, the Titans, the Olympians, tyrants. He has no regard for any of that. Jesus, Allah, Buddha, he’s going to be greater than everything. He’s going to be greater than all of those because he’s going to look down…(saying) you don’t need that I’m here. I can be Zeus because I created Zeus. I can be Jesus because I created Jesus. He’s going to be all things to all men.

See, he is going to pattern everything after Yah. You remember that? Right? Yah told us that he’s the only Savior,  there’s none besides Him. That’s the attitude that Yah has because that is real. Yah is the Self-Existing One. So he (the man of sin) is going to take that same attitude. And he’s probably going to use some of these same Scriptures that we are reading here.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 42. Because Yah says He sits alone. And this man is going to exalt himself above all. So He can be like Yah sitting in the dwelling place of Yah, showing himself that is the self-existing one. So he’s going to say to them about the trinity, no there’s not a god that sits up here with me…they all sit beneath me. He’s going to exalt himself above anything. And he got that from Yah because Yah said He sits alone. Isaiah 42, check this out. This is what Yah says about Himself.

Isaiah 42:8 This is why he’s not going to regard the gods of his fathers. Now let’s look at the statement real quick. Yah says He doesn’t give His honor or esteem to another and He does not give praise to idols. Yah is not giving the elohim praises! But if you are calling Yah, elohim and these fallen angels are elohim then you are giving them Yah’s praises. Yah said I do not share with these idols.

Let’s go back to Daniyah. There’s a lot of interesting things going on here but I’m just showing you that he’s going to exalt himself above all because Yah is exalted above all. So if he is going to sit in the seat of Yah, showing himself that he is Yah (then) he has to show the world that  he is the self-existing one. He is going to make himself greater than everything.

(Reads Daniyah 11:37 again). It says ‘and have no regards for the god of his fathers’. Now when we look at this and once again let’s go back to the presidents. I have a picture here of all the presidents and they have Barack Obama in the middle. And you look at the gods of the president. It said that he shall not regard that god. Now, that god on the surface is called Jehovah. But we know that, that god underneath goes by many different names. Right? We know the god of his fathers, he’s not going to regard that god because he’s going to say that he’s higher than that god. Yeah y’all been worshipping Jesus but I’m higher than Jesus. Because if he’s making himself Yah (then) there has to be the devil out there. So he’s not going to regard the god of his fathers. He’s not going to say tha he worships satan. He’s not even going to regard satan. He’s going to talk about Yah as if Yah is satan. And he’s going to bring great blasphemy against Yah.

So it says (v. 37) ‘nor the desire of women’. Let’s stop right here. This one is two-fold because its going to be…now remember he’s mocking Yah. He’s trying to pattern himself after Yah. Now the desire of no women doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to be a homosexual. That could play some role in it because this is  going to be a lawless society and that’s what goes. Now that could play a role in it. But also you have to look at that it just told us in this Scripture, it starts off by saying he will have no regard for the gods of his fathers and then it said or the desires of women and then it says have regards for ANY god. This desire of women is also speaking about the goddesses. The gods are male and the goddesses are female. He’s not going to desire even the goddesses. He’s going to exalt himself over the goddesses…over the Virgin Mary, over Isis. He will put himself over all of that.

He is not going to desire these goddesses, these women gods. Just like he does not desire the male gods. It says right here, because it’s talking about gods that he’s not going to regard the god of his fathers, nor desire of women nor have any mighty one (god). Now remember Yahoshua didn’t marry when He did His earthly mission. And so this man here may shun…he won’t be married but he may shun that whole thing of how a man truly desires a woman. Yah brought women here for our desire for us. Because it said it was not good for us to be alone. This man may have a woman as his companion, a stand in, you know, like a Barack and a Michelle. We all know what that union is all about. We all know who truly is wearing the seat of authority in that house.

So his (non) desire for women is two-fold. It could be homosexual. You know, he could be into some homosexual things. He may not have a good understanding of what it is for a man to be with a woman. But primarily he’s talking about the goddesses. That’s what he’s not going to have a desire for. They are going to be underneath him. Because the Scripture goes on saying nor having desire for the gods of his father. No regards for them, he ain’t thinking about them. They are below him.

And then it says desires of women, the desire of women are goddesses. Then it says nor have any regard for any mighty one (god). But exalt himself above them all. This is what he’s going to do, exalt himself above all. He will not regard any of them. The women, none of them. Your beneath me. You serve me. He is arrogant because that’s how satan thinks. Because satan wants to be Yah. He wants all the angels, the righteous and the wicked, all of them to serve him. That’s his desire. So he looks at them (as if) ‘you are nothing’. Because satan is the highest ever fallen angel to fall. He was the Messianic high priest. Let’s read verse 38.

Daniyah 11:38 Who is this that it’s talking about? ‘But in their place he shall give honor to a god of strong holds (or god of fortresses NKJV). In the KJV it says the god of forces. Strong holds, forces, strength, war, he shall give esteem to the god of war. The god of war in Greek was called Aries and in Roman he was called Mars. ‘And he shall make war with the saints’! (This is) according to Revelation 13. So he’s going to give esteem, he’s not going to worship but he’s going to give esteem because he’s going to need the god of war, the god of stronghold, the god of strength, the god of forces to roll side by side because he’s going to make war against the children of Ysrayl.

Revelation 12 says satan is going to go up and make war against Michayah. So the god of war is going to roll with satan, Mars is going to roll with satan. And Mars is going to get kicked out when he stands up against Michayah and the righteous malakim. Aries is going to get thrown to the earth along with satan. So in Revelation 12 which we read last week when satan is kicked out of heaven for the final time, he is angry. He goes into wrath against the woman who gave birth to the male child. There is wrath against the children of Ysrayl because what? He knows he has a short time remaining. So immediately when he comes down, he and the god of war have got to make war against the children of Ysrayl so he is going to give him (the god of war) esteem.

It says ‘to a mighty one (god) which his fathers did not know’ (in v. 38). Oh…he shall give esteem with gold and silver, precious stones and costly gifts. This is the false prophet. Remember he just exalted himself above all gods saying they are all beneath him. But the god of war he’s going to need to roll beside him so he can make war against the children of Ysrayl. And the false prophet, he will need. So the false prophet can go out and get the world to worship the image of the beast. And to worship the beast ultimately. The beast is the man of sin.

So he is going to give him gold and silver with precious stones and costly gifts. Do you know what all that is? Precious stones, don’t you remember the breast plates that our high priests wore back in the ancient times? It had 12 stones, one stone for each of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. And whenever we needed to get something from Yah, we would go to Yah and ask Him a question about a particular tribe and the stone would light up yes or no. Yah would communicate with us like that. That’s what this man is going to be wearing. He’s going to be wearing the breast-plate of our high priests because he’s going to be the high priest to satan. As satan was the hight priest to Yah before he fell. This false prophet, he’s going to have gold. He’s going to be ‘blinged out’. He’s going to look like a king. He’s going to look like a ruler. The Book of Yahzeqyl chapter 28 talks about satan having precious stones and all that stuff (with the gold and precious stones v. 13 satan once wore a breast-plate too).

And it said ‘costly gifts’. Now, the man of sin is not worshipping gods because he said he is the greatest god and they are all underneath him. Right? But this man is going to get the world to worship him and what does satan say in Luke 4? Let’s go to Luke 4 because he said that he’s going to give to a mighty one who his fathers did not know. They don’t know about this false prophet. Right? It said he shall give esteem gold and silver with precious stones and costly gifts. See his fathers knew of gods that ruled over certain nations and gods that ruled over certain religions. But when you have this false prophet and man of sin, it’s not going to be new but it’s going to be a conglomerate of different religions bringing in those different gods and having one supreme god over everything. They didn’t know nothing about that. You either worshipped the gods of Greece, you worshipped the gods of Rome,  you worshipped the gods of Egypt. There were many gods. Yet if your worship was gone you give worship to those gods. But how about worshipping the gods of Greece, Rome and Egypt at one time? And there’s one god over that because do you know that the gods of Egypt were the gods of Greece and the gods of Greece were the gods of Rome (they) just went by different names. Osiris, Zeus, Jupiter (the same god).

So the one world religion and the formation of it has been in the works forever. It didn’t just start in 1893 with the Parliament of World Religions. No it didn’t. This has been going on forever that’s why satan can bring all together under one string (puppet string?) That’s why it was so easy when the Greeks went down to Egypt to bring the gods of Egypt up to Greece. It was so easy when the Romans took over Greece and took the gods of Greece and brought them to Rome. They were the same gods. And that connection was already being made.

So it’s just like the gods of the Christians and the gods of the Muslims, the same one. But we will be seeing all of them worship the same time. Do you understand what I’m saying? Even though you had in ancient days the same gods they had different names. But the people thought Osiris was just in Egypt. It wasn’t until really that we starting to get the understanding during these modern times because this information was taken to the ancient mystery school and they didn’t let the public know that Osiris is actually Zeus and Zeus is actually Jupiter. But now the worship of all these gods at one time is about to come on the scene, right before the face of all the world. all the secrets of the mystery schools are about to be revealed.

Luke chapter 4, because this man of sin gave this guy costly gifts. He gives him precious stones and silver and gold. Because he’s going to do a great work for this man in his sight. He’s going to do a great work for his father satan. I’m using that word ‘great’ very loosely. I’m just trying to give you an understanding. This is why he is going to give him costly gifts. Let’s go to Luke 4. This is the devil tempting Yahoshua.

Luke 4:5-7 So do you see this false prophet is going to be worshipping satan because he’s going to be bringing all the world over to worshipping satan. And this is why he will get the esteem of the kingdoms. This is why he will have the esteem, silver and the gold and the treasures and the precious stones and  breast-plate and all of that. The man of sin will esteem him with this. The man of sin will not worship him but he will give him esteem (saying) good job, my servant. Like Yah is going to give you great things. Right? When you come into the kingdom Yah is going to give you silver and gold, precious stones and costly gifts because you did a good job as His servant. Satan copy-cats.

Daniyah chapter 11. Let’s go back. We are looking at the revealing of god.

Daniyah 11. 39 Now he’s going to rule with a foreign god which he shall acknowledge. He’s going to acknowledge, ‘yeah you are a god’. The understanding that has been given here, it says that he’s not going to regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, the desire of goddesses nor any god. But he is going to give esteem to the god of war. He’s going to give esteem to the false prophet. And he’s going to acknowledge a foreign god. See when he comes on the scene, he’s going to bring these gods for the face of men and his deception is going to be so high that you may not even see it if you’re not walking tightly with Yah you may be deceived on what’s going on here. It says  ‘a foreign god’ which he shall acknowledge, he will increase and esteem and cause him to rule over many and divide the land for gain. Who is going to cause? He’s going to cause these gods to rule over many. Remember when the fallen angels return as it was in the days of Noah. He’s going to say those were the little gods. He will tell you that you are a god and that you fit into this whole equation. We are gods and we created you and there is a greater god that created all of us. And he’s coming (they will say).

You know how you look at your grandfather with high esteem. Your grandfather, your father of your father and your father fathered you. So your grandfather is the greatest in all that because he has authority over your father and your father has authority over you. But the grandfather is the greatest in that. But uh-oh, the grandfather even has a grandfather. Your great-great grandfather. Right? So when we look at this hierarchy and this order, there’s going to be little gods and then there will be littler gods under them which are you. And then there will be the great god that is above everybody. That will be the man of sin, satan. So he will have these gods to rule over you. All that stuff about the Chakras and all that madness! That’s stupid stuff that they taught us.

Let me tell you how this thing goes. You know how you hear these people talking about energy and harvesting your energy? Yah cut that off from us. We use to be able to do all that stuff, to harvest our energy and move things because your energy is so strong…that you could move it with your energy without touching it. We use to be able to do that. So when the fallen angels descended down to earth and they still can do those things like move mountains with their minds. Then they told us we can do the same thing. All we have to do is bow down and worship them. Like I told y’all this before, these are just the toys that the fallen angels give to the little children so the little children can go in their corner and play with their toys while the fallen angels do whatever they have to do. (Like) take over the earth, that’s all it is.

You know how you try to study sometimes and you have a little small child two or three years old. You may give them a toy and let them go over in a corner and play with it for a while, while you do your studying or while you are listening or whatever. It’s so they can be occupied. And then you can do whatever you need to do. That’s what the fallen angels are doing here. They give man the masons and whatever secret societies…tell them little secrets and tell them if you focus and mediate you can move the world with your mind. Just things to keep their time occupied. So it’s just like giving a kid a toy gun. We little boys love to watch cowboys and Indians. I know I did when I was younger. I don’t even see any cowboys and Indians on anymore. Right? So we use to watch that and every little boy wanted a cowboy gun for Christmas. Nobody wanted to be the Indian but that’s another story. Everybody wanted a cowboy gun for Christmas. I know I did. I got many of those little cap guns.

And so my little cap gun made me think that I’m a little cowboy. Right? It was just a little toy for me to imitate the cowboy that I seen on TV. So when they given them this so-called knowledge and they try to imitate the fallen angels, it’s just a toy for them to play with. That’s all it is. It’s a toy that the child imitates the adult with. Bang-bang-bang. I could bang-bang my gun all day but when the Lone Ranger did it on TV, people were dead. But my little cap gun, I could bang-bang all day and nobody died. Because it was a little toy. It was given to me to occupy me so I could pretend that I am a cowboy. Understand that Ysrayl. That’s what’s taking place here.

So just looking at that. He’s going to acknowledge these gods but he’s still going to be exalted above them.

v. 39 says ‘a foreign god’. Now this is very interesting and I’m going to do some research on this and maybe by the time we get to the Revelation series, we will have a little more information on ‘foreign god’. This is something that is highly interesting here. What does he mean a foreign god? Zeus is not foreign to the world. Osiris is not foreign. We know all these gods. Right? We know about these gods. So this is a different one. Right? Okay, we will see. Maybe it’s a new fallen angel or something. But we will come back to that and Yah will give us information on that.

So now let’s look at the false prophet. We looked at the revealing of god. Now let’s look at the man called the false prophet. The reason that the man of sin will h ave this false prophet to run along side with him and to bring the world to worship him…he will be second in command…the false prophet will be second in command in the one world religion. Now the man of sin will have the political thing tied up and then he’s going to have the religious end tied up too. So he will be working 2-fold on the world.

So when he makes himself a god, he’s going to need a prophet. All gods need a prophet. Right? His false prophet along with him will be a mockery of Yah and Yahoshua. John 14:6, Yah and Yahoshua are one. Yahoshua said you can’t get to Yah except through Him. Then we look at Moses and his brother Aharon. In Exodus 7:1, Yah says Moses I have made you a god to the face of pharaoh and I made Aharon your brother your prophet. Because remember, Moses had a speech impediment. And when they were going in to speak to pharaoh, it was actually Aharon that was speaking. Moses was just doing the signs. So the prophet is the one who speaks for the god. The god sits back and remains quite. The god talks to the prophet and tells the prophet what he needs to be said and the prophet goes out to the face of the people and tells them what saith the god. Since Yah is not a god, Yah sent the messages by the malakim and the malakim bring it to the prophets and the prophets go to the people and say what thus saith Yah.

So this is how the man of sin and the false prophet, they will have this same criteria here. There will be a mockery also of the 2 witnesses which we read about last week in Revelation 11:3. That when the man of sin stands up there is going to be 2 witnesses that Yah will send to his face to tell him and be a witness against his crimes against all of humanity.

So this false prophet and this man of sin will be a mockery of those or satan using his copycat status. Yah and Yahoshua, Moses and Aharon and the 2 witnesses. So the false prophet will be the leader of all prophets except  the prophets of Yah. Because if you are not a prophet of Yah and you are calling yourself a prophet, you are a false prophet. So the false prophet will be the leader of all the little false prophets. Remember, we have Yahoshua as ha Maschiyach. The word ha Maschiyach means the Messiyah. There were many messiahs. There was even more men who stood up to make themselvles messiahs. Messiah just means anointed. There were many men that Yah anointed. Yah anointed David to be king over Ysrayl. Yah anointed Shaul to be the first king over Ysrayl. So those men were looked at as Messiyahs. That’s why a lot of people during the time of Yahoshua, a lot of the Israelites did not accept Him as Messiyah because He wasn’t in the fashion or form of King David whom they said was a prototype of a Messiyah. He was a warrior. He fought for Ysrayl. He was a brave man and that’s what their concept of a Messiyah was. But Yahoshua is going to come back and do all that stuff even greater than what King David did.

So when you look at the Messiyah, you have many Messiahs and then you have The Messiyah which is Yahoshua. There are many devils and many adversaries in the world. But you have one ha shatan. There’s one, the adversary. There’s one the devil. So this is how it is with the false prophet and even with the man of sin. We read Scripture in some of the earlier lessons in this series that spoke about how there are many anti-messiahs going out into the world. But there’s one ‘the anti-messiah’ or one the man of sin. So just like that, there is one the false prophet even though there ae many false prophets out there.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. He’s going to be the leader of all the false prophets of Islam. He’s going to be the leader of all the false prophets of Christianity. He’s going to be the leader of all the false prophets of Judaiasm…Buddhism, Hinduism all of them. He’s going to be the leader of all the false prophets. Matthew 24, Yah willing we will be able to go through some more understanding of the false prophet when we get into the Revelation series.

Matthew 24:24-25 So these messiahs and false prophets are going to have such great deception that Yahoshua said if it were possible even the chosen ones would be deceived by him. But that’s not possible. Because the chosen ones are going to be so intoned with Yah. They will understand that Yah is one. They will understand the oneness of Yah and that Yah doesn’t have many paths to come to Him.

So looking at this, it said false messiahs and false prophets shall arise and they shall show great signs. See, there are false messiahs and there are true Messiyahs, true anointings of Yah. And then there are false anointings. Right? He said false prophets so this false prophet will be the head of all false prophets because that exists in the world.

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