The Man of Sin p. 5a

Shabbat Shalom HalleluYah welcome to another Shabbat day lesson my name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl and I will be bringing you this message today. Shabbat Shalom to you whether you are listening today November 24, 2012 or whether you are listening in the archives 5 or 6 years from now.

Today we are going to continue with our series the man of sin. Today we are in lesson five. Part five is going to deal with the destruction of Babylon, the destruction of the United States of America is going to be the lesson today because remember we’ve already established that the man of sin is going to set up headquarters in Jerusalem or Yahrushalom. And that’s where he’s going to rule from. Now we are identifying this system of democracy as being the system that is ripe or prime for the man of sin to make his appearance out of. In fact, to come out of this system and to come from the U.S. would be a perfect fit for him.

So it needs to be understood (that) if he is coming out of this system and this system has been identified by Yah Himself as Mystery Babylon, a harlot or whore who rules over the entire world and has brought her system of democracy, a government that is for the people, by the people and spread it throughout the world. This has caused the world to go mad and lead the world astray. But why isn’t this man of sin going to rule from the United States? We even established how Wa-shatan is where the seat of satan is. Because the president is called the leader of the free world. Now the freedom that they are speaking about is a freedom or independence from Yah meaning we no longer have to listen to Yah. Yah’s way is no longer valid. We do it our way.

So with that why isn’t the man of sin going to rule from Wa-shatan D.C. which stands for the devil’s capital? So ha shatan is how you say satan in Hebrew. It just means the adversary. We know that from the seat of power that is central in Washington D.C. that it has become an adversary to every nation on earth. That’s where every rule is created and made from. That’s the center of democracy, Wa-shatan D.C.

So if that is the center of democracy (where) decisions are being made when this nation declares a war on another nation to get that nation to bow down to system of democracy that decision comes out of Washington D.C. through congress, the senate and ultimately by the president. But this man of is going to rule from Yahrushalom. Now understand the reason he is going to do that is because that is Yah’s city of peace. That is where Yahoshua is going to rule from. That’s where David ruled from. That’s where Yah set His name on. And His eyes are on that place always. That’s where the set-apart feasts were kept. So Yahrushalom is a special place.

But this man of sin because he’s going to take his whole spiritual deception to that land…because what we are going to see is that Yah is going to destroy Mystery Babylon or the United States of America. So the man of sin won’t be destroyed until Yahoshua returns and the destruction of Babylon is before Yahoshua returns. He’s going to be ruling from over there. While over here is set on fire.

Now before we go into this lesson. Don’t get yourself all fearful. ‘Obadiyah do we need to sell everything we have and flee to Israel right now’? No, Israel is going be ground zero. This place is going to be destroyed but when Yahoshua comes for that grand destruction, He’s starting there first (Israel) to clear out His Father’s land. Let’s say that the government has taken over our community. Right? And you raise up as the leader of this rebellion against the government. Right? So before you go and…let’s say that you go to liberate your neighborhood from government troops. So before you go down there, the first place you want to liberate in your neighborhood would be your own house. We’ll start here at my house first. We’ll take that back and then we will go through and liberate the rest of the neighborhood. That’s how it’s going to be when Yahoshua returns. He’s going to liberate what’s most important first…Yahrushalom. That has to be cleansed first because that’s where the kingdom is going to be.

So don’t you get all shaky. Don’t you get all scared. You know ‘what are we going to do’? ‘Is the U.S. going to be destroyed’? Yeah, that should bring joy to you. Yah said rejoice over that. When the rest of the world is going to be crying and mourning over it. Yah tells you to rejoice because its done on your behalf because of what she has done to you first. Yah’s going to get her for what she has done to the other nations by leading them astray (also). But what she has done to you first. This is what your father is coming to pay her back for.

So we are going to try to look at a little time line here to add all this up so you can understand when this is going to happen. We have a whole lesson that we’ve done previously. I don’t know maybe 4 or 5 years ago dealing with identifying Mystery Babylon that is spoken of in Scripture (as the) United States. We even went over a little bit of that in one of the man of sin lessons. We went over Mystery Babylon to identify it as the United States.

Because right now when you look at the United States, there’s no other country like it on the planet right now. A lone superpower. A military power. An economic power. When you look at over the last hundred years, all of the major inventions came out of this one country. Everything from cell phones, computers and all of this stuff came from here. Major inventions come out of here. And this world…with those major inventions (they have) promoted (these inventions) to the world. The rest of the world uses computers because the United States made it the standard. The rest of the world is heavily into video games because the United States made it the standard. Whatever she does, the world does. Because she leads the world astray. She’s the leader of the world. As the president is called the leader of the free world.

So we are going to try to put a timeline together so you can just see how all these things are going to add up. So you can keep your eyes (open) to look for sign one, sign two, sign three etc. Because there is a lot that is going on in the news right now that is leading up to some of the things that we are reading here.

So in the future, I want to possibly if it’s Yah’s will to do a part 2 to the destruction of Babylon. Right now we will deal with part one. We will talk about a timeline. We will look at her destruction and how Yah said that He is going to do it and just the pain that she’s going to bring. By the end of this you are going to see. We have not seen any type of destruction that is equivalent to what we are going to read here that’s going to happen to Mystery Babylon OTHER than when Yah took down Sodom, Gomorrah and the other cities that were surrounding it. Yah took down 4 cities in all that were still having sex with fallen angels after the great flood. When those 2 angels went to Sodom and the people wanted to have sex with them. Remember they want to know them. ‘Give us those men’. Those men were angels. We always try to make it where Sodom means homosexuality but Greece was more homosexual than Sodom.

Alexander the king who conquered the world, the king of Greece was a flaming homosexual. A homo thug if you want to call him that because he was thugged out. Read about him when he went on conquests throughout the nations that he conquered. He was a thug! No mercy. A wild man. And he was homosexual but Yah allowed him to do that. So how can you limit that Sodom was just only doing homosexuality. They were doing that but that was the smaller of the sins. Yah said in Genesis 18:20-21, let Me go down and see what they have done ALL TOGETHER because the sin has reached up to My nostrils. Their sin is grievous. When those angels came down, they said the whole city not just the men but the whole city came to Lot’s door and tried to break it down so they could have sexual unions with angels (as they did the fallen angels).

The word Sodomite means temple prostitute. It does not mean homosexual. That’s what these wild Christians have made it to mean. But it means a male temple prostitute. Because back in the day…and this is even where your nuns come from…they were temple prostitutes. Back in the day the people would come to the temple to simulate having sex with the fallen angels. These male temple prostitutes, they were not homosexuals. They were having sex with women. And by that they had sexual rituals where they were communicating…they called themselves reaching that level of communication with the gods. It was all sexual rituals. That’s what a Sodomite did in their temples. (My sidenote: I was just reading the other day where King Yahoshaphat of Judah put temple prostitutes out of the land in 1 Kings 22:46).

So you understanding all these things family, it’s these truths that they keep from our understanding. We have to stop believing what these wild Gentiles are telling us. I have said it throughout the lesson series that they refuse to believe that Mystery Babylon is the United States. Some say that it is an Arab nation. Some say it’s Iran. Some say that it’s the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestants blame it on the Catholics. The Catholics say it’s the Protestants. The Muslims say it’s the Christians. The Christians say it’s the Muslims, this Mystery Babylon. Some even go so far as to say that it’s the Jews.

But Scripture gives us that how is it that a nation such as the United States that is a conglomerate of all those mighty powerful ancient nations that existed before her. How is she not mentioned in this book? Because you have a movement called British-American Israelites where they say that the Europeans of Britain and the Europeans of the United States are the children of Israel. In fact, this belief is so widely believed, that the monarch over in London who calls themselves the UK or the United Kingdom, they believe they are Israelites. That’s why it’s called the United Kingdom. Remember the kingdom was split after Solomon. And so now they say they have united the kingdom. Because now they are one with the lost children of Israel that are in the United States. Meaning the white Europeans. This is what they teach. This is their doctrine.

And so by them believing that, their like no way could the United States be Mystery Babylon because the United States is a blessing by god. God bless America. Right? Where do you think that phrase (song) comes from? Because they say that was promised to Abraham. That’s why the United States is the leader of the free world. That’s why they say the sun never sets on the British Empire. Because these nations are ruling the world. This is what they say. And so they never look at this place as being Mystery Babylon therefore they will not understand any of the prophesies concerning the children of Ysrayl or Mystery Babylon. But we don’t have to go into that but you just need to know about that. That’s why they don’t look at this.

So we are going to see what Yah is showing us and how Yah is angry at this whore. That’s what He calls her. He’s angry at her and He has a target on her back to destroy her utterly in a manner that the earth has not seen a nation destroyed before it. She will be destroyed by the hand of Yah. He will seek vengeance on her for the treatment of His people, Ysrayl.

Let’s look at Yah’s first promise of His judgment coming down upon this nation called Mystery Babylon. Now remember when it’s called Mystery Babylon, Mystery is a secret. It’s a secret. We know that there was a nation that existed called ancient Babylon. But this one is a secret. And she is also referred to as the daughter of Babylon (Isaiah 47:1). The daughter of Babylon, ancient Babylon, Mystery Babylon, all of these apply to this new place, this new land. So if you are not understanding who the children of Ysrayl are, how can you understand what has happened to the children of Ysrayl? How can you understand how this whore has come against and slaughtered Yah’s people?  You can not understand that. But it all makes sense when we see  how Yah speaks about her and her destruction and what she has done to His people. It all adds up when you look at the history of the so-called black people of the western hemisphere. Particularly in the United States. It all makes sense.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 15. We are going to read v. 13-14. We are going to look at Yah’s first promise of Babylon’s destruction or her judgment coming.

Genesis 15:13-14, v. 13 Abram is our father Abraham. This is before his name was changed to Abraham. When Yah says know for certain, guess what? You can count on it that it’s going to happen. Now for sure that this is going to happen Abraham. Seed just means descendants. v. 14 Read.

Now look at this. ‘Your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs’. The United States, when these jackals were forming this country and when they wrote the constitution or the laws of the land, they had us in chains and shackles. We had nothing to do with that. And since we are dealing with truth here family, stop believing that fable about a man named John Hansen a black Moor being the first president of the United States. That is a doctrine created by these people called Moorish-Americans. They are filled with Islamic and all types of satanic doctrine. These are the ones confusing your mind about declaring yourself a sovereign nation. Talking about you some ancient Moabite.

You know the Moabites were the children descended from Lot and his daughters. After Sodom was destroyed, his daughters thought that all the world had been destroyed because that destruction was so HEAVY. It could be compared to a nuclear destruction. And these women thought that there were no more men on the earth left. So they went and got their father drunk and they went in and had sex with him and he got both of them pregnant. The Moabites are descendants of one of those unions. and these people calling themselves Moorish Americans are leading many astray in that wacked-out doctrine.

And many of you are Israylites and are giving ear to it. Yah said that you will be a stranger in a land that is not yours. They are teaching you that these Moors, that these were Moors over here and that you are descended from those Moors and that you are not descended from the slaves that came over here. ALL types of madness. There was Israylites all over the planet. Some sojourned to some places and some went into captivity. Yet what they’re saying in this doctrine is unfounded. Yah said we are coming into a land that is not ours. So this whole John Hansen being the first American president…listen ain’t no Israylites going to sit on the throne of Babylon!! Yah didn’t say that! If you believe that then don’t believe the prophesies. You can’t believe the prophesies if that’s what you are believing. See that was baby goo-goo-gaa-gaa stuff when you didn’t know who you are.

Now that you do know who you are, you don’t have to search for these half-baked identities. You want to associate with the Egyptians. You want to associated with Moors. You want to be this, that. You are an Israylite! Stop running Jonah! Live up to who you are.

So Yah said you are going to be a stranger sojourning in a land that is not yours. And we serve them. We were brought here in 1619 as these people’s servants and made into slaves. You can’t find one people in this land that has had the continued trouble as we have. We got over here in slave ships. Everybody else came on cruise ships. Or luxury cruisers. We were not invited over here. We were captured and forced over here. Because Yah said you shall serve them and they shall afflict them for 400 years. It’s been nearly 400 years. It’s been 393 years of captivity, exile for the children of Ysrayl in the United States of America.

And they have mistreated us from the moment that we stepped off those ships to this very hour we are being mistreated in their society. Yah didn’t say we shall be in slavery for 400 years. (reads v. 14 again). That nation that Yah has sent us into for a period of 400 years is the United States but she is called by the term Mystery Babylon in the Bible. This is the first that we here about Yah placing His judgment upon that nation for what she has done to His people. Because she has mistreated us for 400 years. Our 400 year time period will come up in the year 2019. (That is) 7 years away from this present time right here.

As Willie Lynch said in his letter in 1712 he wrote it. He said my plan will be effective for 300 years. 1712+300=2012. And the great awakening has long begun. Now it’s time for Yah to work through His people that’s why this truth is coming out through the mouth of His people. You can’t go to the Christian and get this. You can’t go to the Muslim to get this. You can not go to the Jew to get this. There’s only complete understanding coming from the redeemed house of Ysrayl, the redeemed Messianic house of Ysrayl. Because now we are in that time. We are not moved by Willie Lynch. We are not moved by light-skinned versus dark-skinned. We are not moved by whether Gentiles can get salvation. We know the answers to all these things. Because Yah is working this in His people. It’s not a question with us. It’s a question with them because they don’t know. So right here we see in Genesis 15:13 that’s the first that we here about Yah judging this nation. Then he said when we come out we are coming out with great possessions. Physically and spiritually because the greatest possession that we are going to leave here with is our name or identity.

Remember in the movie ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’? Tina told Ike and the they divorced, ‘I don’t want nothing, all I want is my name’. Remember when we came out of Egypt? Yah said go and spoil the Egyptians. Get everything. Get the gold of Egypt (Exodus 12:35-36). We are coming out of here with our heritage. We are coming out of here with our identity. We are going back connected with the covenant. We are going back connected to our land. And we are coming by here by the hand of our Messiyah, through our Mighty Fahter Yah. Great possessions He said that you are going to receive when He brings judgment upon this land that has kept you there for 400 years and mistreated you, which is Babylon.

Real quick. I get this question every time we talk about Mystery Babylon. Obadiyah what about the Israylites in Jamaica? Obadiyah what about the Israylites in Haiti? Obadiyah what about the Israylites (here or there)? This prophesy is Yah dealing with Babylon. When some of our people are taken into captivity, all of us are taken into captivity. We are one nation. Our Jamaican brothers live here. They come to the United States and they get treated just like the natural-born one that was here already. The Jamaican emigrates here and get treated the same as the Israylite born here. So does the Haitian, so forth and so on. This concerns the entire family of Ysrayl. But Yah is dealing this one particular nation. She reaches down in Jamaica. She reaches down in London. She reaches down in Asia. All over the places because she rules the world.

So this is a prophesy that is concerning the children of Ysrayl because all 12 tribes are here. All 12 tribes were here from the beginning. Don’t you believe that madness that you know that the United States is where the negroes are. Negro-Israylites, the house of Judah is the negroes and Haiti is the house of Levites (they say). That’s garbage! All 12 tribes are over in Haiti. All 12 tribes are over in Jamaica. We all are here Ysrayl and Yahudah. We all are here (in the U.S.).

So Yah talks about that great possession. Then we go over to Isaiah chapter 60:9, this verse talks about the great possessions (that we will leave Mystery Babylon with).

Yesiyah 60:9 Tarshish is Spain. (*see Genesis 10:4). These are Spaniards. You better learn and catch up on your spanish brothers and sisters. So take me home, Ese. That’s what you better learn to say. Because the ships of Tarshish, Spain first. Because it was Spain that brought our people over in this hemisphere in the slave trade first. (My sidenote: In 1501 the slaves were brought to the Dominican Republic, If I’m not mistaken). Because it was Spain and Portugal that came out of Europe’s dark ages because the Moors, the true Moors along with Israylites had conquered Spain for a period of 711 years. And when the Moors and those Israylites had conquered Spain they went up there and brought great knowledge because after the Roman Empire fell that knowledge that they had gotten from Egypt through Babylon fell with it. Remember when Greece ruled, Rome came after Greece and took all the knowledge that Greece had gotten from Egypt and Babylon. Rome took it (over). Rome took it from Greece. Greece took that knowledge from Egypt. Egypt took it from Babylon. And then when Rome ruled they ruled over Greece and they took that knowledge. But when the Roman Empire fell, that knowledge fell with it.

These people once had bath houses all over the place (Rome had a system of aqueducts). Now they don’t even know how to take a bath (dark ages). Yeah that’s what happened up there. Plagues came (the Bubonic Plague) because they were living with rats (the flea which carries the plague rides on the rat) and the rats came through and killed millions of people through a plague. That was called the dark ages. Because there was no knowledge in Europe. The rest of the world was filled with knowledge and prosperity. But Europe was dark. So coming out of the dark ages, Spain and Portugal came first and when they came out, they came down to the west coast of Africa where they were informed (of our whereabouts) by the Muslims. That these are the people of The Book. These are the children of Ysrayl.’ They have been disobedient to their God so take as many of them as you want’. ‘You better get them’. So this began what’s called the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. So we go here.

So Yah says because the coast lands wait for Me and the ships of Tarshish first to bring your sons from afar. Their silver and their gold with them to the name of Yah, your Power and to the set-apart One of Ysrayl because He has adorned you. Do yo see that?

v. 10 Look at that. ‘And the sons of kings’ or ‘sons of foreigners’ shall build your walls. The sons of the foreigners they will come, the kings will serve, that’s when we are leaving out with the knowledge that we are the children of Ysrayl. The nations are going to serve us. That’s what Yah said they are going to serve (minister to) you. Then we are going to read Revelation 3:9. They are going to bow down to our feet. That’s when we are going to come out of Babylon. Here we are today, the lowest of the low but we are going to come out on top. We are going to be the kings and rulers of this earth. And your kings are going to serve us. So Yah said I’m going to judge her and you are going to come out with great possessions. Just like when we left Egypt and when He judged Egypt. We came out with great possessions. So let’s look at this.

So we are going to look at a little time-line here leading up to Babylon’s destruction so that we will have an understanding of what to look for. So the first thing that we are going to be seeing…now remember this is leading up to Babylon’s destruction. When we get into the Revelation series we will have a greater time line of the end times. But we are looking at Babylon’s destruction right here. There’s a lot of things that are going to happen. I have 5 points that I want to show you. But there is a lot of stuff that will happen between these five points and we will talk about the end-times.

So the first thing that we will see that leads up to Babylon’s destruction is satan being cast out of heaven. Yeah for those of you all that didn’t know, satan is still in heaven. The whole thing that he is in hell, ruling hell and Saddam Hussein is his boyfriend and all that madness, yeah that’s madness. That’s not real. Satan is in heaven and he’s up there creating chaos. These scientists are looking out into heaven and they say listen out there is a very violent place. They say there are massive explosions of gigantic planets and star systems and planetary systems. There is a lot of chaos going on out there as far as Yah is allowing them to see. They only can see a little bit out there. Right?

So we don’t even really believe the stuff that they THINK they know. There are a few things out there that Yah allowed them to get correct. But everything else, these jackals don’t know what they are talking about. But they talk about how violent it is out in the heavens because satan is still out there in the heavens. As we will read, even the book of Revelations says he is the accuser of the brethren before the face of Yah day and night. So he’s up there always trying to make an accusation against Yah’s servants. So he’s still up there. He’s not down here in no hell. Hell just means the grave. And when he goes to the lake of fire, the lake of fire will be his torture chamber. That’s his death sentence. It was created for him and his malakim. But Yah’s going to put all of those who follow him in there including men and demons. All of them are going in there. So he is going to the lake of fire to be tormented. He’s not going in there to torment anybody. Yah is going to torment him. So that’s just a myth. It’s foolishness coming from ancient paganism and coming from the stories of the gods, elohim and all that stuff. Those myths of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism too.

Revelation 12, the first thing in our time line of Babylon’s destruction is satan being cast out of the heavens for good.

Revelation 12:7-12, v. 7-8 ‘The heaven’ or heaven. This is high heaven or ha Shamayim. Shamayim is how you say heaven in Hebrew. This is the highest heaven where Yah dwells. What is satan doing up there causing a war? He’s going to make his final attempt at the throne of Yah. And this is going to be it for him. They will say no, this can no longer happen. You’ve been cast down and now you are trying to sit your throne above the stars of Yah and you are trying to sit in the mount of the congregation of the north. No you can not do it anymore. And satan and his crew are not strong enough because their energy as they go up against the righteous malakim…their energy is limited. Michayah and all those legions and legions, legions and legion of warrior malakim that are under him. That are under his authority are still connected to Yah and Yah is ha Power, the Power. Yah is ha Yl. He is the Power. So Michayah and them have infinite, forever and ever power. And satan’s power is limited. So how can you go against that and think you will win? So they don’t. They are not strong enough. They don’t have enough energy. They don’t have enough power. Yeah they have power over the sons of men but they don’t have power over the righteous malakim.

(reads v. 8 again) When this happens, this is Revelation the back of the Book. When this happens then satan is cast down to the earth. But right now he’s still up there until this war takes place. v. 9 The serpent of old=the serpent that was in the garden. He’s associated with the serpent. That was an actual serpent of the serpent people who deceived Eve. And satan deceived that serpent to deceive her. So everybody got punished that took part in that. Mankind got punished. The serpent got punished. And of course  satan is going to be punished for his hand in it. But satan is called the great dragon, the serpent of old. He’s called the devil and satan and ha shatan. The adversary that leads all the world astray.

v. 10 The accuser of the brethren. Whenever you have that spirit that is constantly accusing the brothers, that’s the spirit of satan. That’s the spirit of the great dragon, that old serpent. That’s what he does, accuser of the brethren. Who accuses them before Yah day and night. He is always making an accusation. Just like those pharisees were always making an accusation against Yahoshua. ‘Oh He’s teaching against the law’. They always made accusations against the emissaries. ‘Oh they are teaching in this man’s name’. ‘Oh they are doing magic blah, blah, blah’. That’s the spirit of satan. ‘Oh Obadiyah and nem are teaching against the feast days’. ‘Oh they doing this’. That’s the spirit of satan.

v. 11-12 He knows that when he comes down here his time is almost up. All he has is 3 1/2 years to operate! That’s all he has. So he’s going to be angry! He’s coming down with straight destruction. And when he comes down to earth what’s the next event that is going to happen? The man of sin will make his appearance! Satan can not wait a day longer because his time is almost up. He’s at his last 3 1/2 years of ruling over the sons of Adam. So when he’s cast down that’s when the man of sin is going to make his appearance.

Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians 2. So do you see how our time-line is building up to the destruction of Babylon? Satan will go against Michayah to try to make his throne higher than the throne of Yah. He will try to get back into the heavens as a ruler with authority. But it’s not going to happen. Because Michayah and those other akeem (brothers) they will make sure that this ain’t going down. How dare you, you defiled, abominable creature! You have fallen so far from the heavens. How dare you try to go back and get your authority! That’s going to be the righteous malakim mindset. They have been waiting on this. They’ve been waiting for you, satan. You may have deceived the nations. You may have deceived the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve but you ain’t deceiving Michayah and the righteous malakim. No that for certain, satan.

And they will show you what this is all about. And may the mercy of Yah be upon us. To let us see that because y’all do know that satan is down here on this planetary field. All the planets are named after the gods. The gods that fell with satan. The ones that he convinced to leave heaven dwell on the planets. Yes that’s where they are. So they are going to lead an assault on the throne of Yah. What did you think? You thought you would catch Yah sleeping? We can go get Him when its night-time. When the sun is down it’s night-time and Yah is taking a nap so we can go cut His throat. That’s your plan huh? Okay. We’ll see about that there. And we’ll see how effective your plan is going to be (laughs).

So that the attitude family because listen you have to take authority of your life back from the adversary. You have to do it, man. We have to stop letting him depress us all the time. We have to stand strong and say I don’t feel like being depressed. I don’t feel like hearing what satan has to say. Even if you give me an inkling of truth, let that truth be truth but everything else you say is a lie. Because you are a liar and the father of it. Therefore there is not one Scripture that says I have to listen to your voice, satan. Because I know all your going to give me is a lie. Even if you try to mix it with the truth, it’s still going to turn into a lie. So we don’t have to listen to him, family. Stop letting him get us depressed.

Satan was cast out of heaven and he knows he has a little time left so he goes into wrath because we know that when the man of sin makes his appearance, he immediately will go into wrath against the children of Ysrayl. Satan is cast out of heaven, the apple of Yah’s eye is on earth and satan is going to make that his target.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-7, v. 3-5 Read. v. 6 You know what has to happen. When satan is cast out of heaven the great falling away (will happen), the temple being built, all of that would have happened already. Because when satan comes down he does not have time for all that to be done. He has to have that in place already. And then the man of sin will make his appearance. But we know that the great falling away and all those thing has to happen. The temple has to be revealed. So you must understand what is restraining him.

v. 7 ‘For the secret of lawlessness is already at work’. Yes it is. Barack Obama is the leader of a lawless world. ‘That he may be revealed in his own time’. We have read this several times in this lesson but we are still building our timeline here for the destruction of Babylon.

Let’s go to Matthew 24. Yahoshua said the same thing about the man of sin being revealed. So when satan is cast out of heaven thrown down to earth, this is when the man of sin is going to stand in the temple and says he is the greatest of all gods. Because satan only has a short time left. How short is that time? 3 1/2 years after he’s cast out.

Matthew 24, this is the same time period. One of the things you will  notice about the man of sin is that we are still talking about that same time period. When we get into the Revelation series, we will be talking about similar time periods here. All of this is on the horizon to happen.

Matthew 24:15-18 So we know that this is going to signal time for Ysrayl to run into the wilderness. Which is the next one of our time, Ysrayl fleeing into the wilderness. Yahoshua just told us when that man stands up in the temple and when he says that he is the greatest of all gods, the abomination that lays waste spoken of by Daniyah. We know that it’s time to go. So the next thing that we are going to be looking at in our timeline is that it’s leading up to the destruction of Babylon. It’s Ysrayl fleeing into the wilderness

Let’s go to Revelation 12. Yahoshua already told us, don’t go back into your house for ANYTHING. Get ready to put those jets on and get ready to go. ‘Obadiyah I’m too tired to run, man’. ‘I can’t make it’. Well, I’ll see you at the resurrection, ahk. See you at the resurrection. Because our Master has instructed us to go.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 13 So remember Yahoshua said when the man of sin stands up that we are to flee. Because satan is going to make his war. Satan sees that now he’s thrown down to the earth, he’s stuck here and he can’t go up to heaven and lie before the face of Yah and try to make war against Yah. You see here he will persecute the woman who gave birth to the male child. The woman is symbolism for the nation of Ysrayl. The male child is Yahoshua. Yahoshua came through the nation of Ysrayl.

v. 14 So the woman is fleeing into the wilderness. That’s when Ysrayl is going to flee into the wilderness when the man of sin stands in the temple and calls himself the greatest of all gods. We are leading up to the destruction of Babylon. So by the time Babylon is destroyed, Ysrayl is in the wilderness. And so this presents a problem for us North American Israelites because us in the United States this is Babylon and as we see that Yah is going to destroy Babylon before Ysrayl comes out of the wilderness. We are going to see that Yahoshua when He returnes as he told us in Matthew 24 that when He returns He’s going to send His malakim to gather His elect from the 4 winds of heaven or 4 corners of heaven scattered from the 4 corners of the heavens or 4 corners of the earth.

So Ysrayl will be in the wilderness until Yahoshua comes to get us out. The wilderness is going to be in every continent, every country where the children of Ysrayl dwell. Isaiah chapter 35 says that the wilderness is a desert. When the children of Ysrayl came out of Egypt and went into the wilderness and wandered for 40 years they wandered through the desert. So as we will see us North American Israylites in the United States, we can not be sitting around here waiting in the deserts of Arizona or the deserts of Nevada (or California). You know waiting on Yahoshua to come and get us because before Yahoshua returns the United States will be destroyed. Did you get that? Ysrayl is going into the wilderness, Revelation 12. Yah destroyes Babylon in Revelation 17, 18. And Yahoshua comes back, Revelation 19. So that poses a problem for us. Where do we go? Where is our wilderness? We go down south to the southern region, not southern United States but to South America. There’s no deserts down there, only jungles. (later they said there is one desert in S. America but we will not be in this hemisphere). I’m going to share a bit more of that information with you at the end of this lesson, if Yah so deems me to do so.

So we are seeing that satan is cast out of heaven. The man of sin stands up and makes his appearance saying he’s the greatest of all gods. Ysrayl flees in the wilderness led by 2 wings of a great eagle. What could that 2 wings of a great eagle be? Because Yah said the same thing that we were led into the wilderness during the days of Moses by 2 wings of a great eagle. Is He talking about the democrats and republicans are going to lead us into the wilderness? Is that what He’s talking about? (laughs).

Some of you wild ‘brews might thing that. You just might think that Yah is just saying that the democrats and the republicans are going to get together and save us. That’s what you are hoping for right? That’s not it. The only thing that we can identify (as) 2 wings of the great eagle because we know that they didn’t get on an airplane and fly into the wilderness. We know that didn’t happen. Right? We know that a giant eagle didn’t come and swoop all those Israylites upon its wings.

No that didn’t happen. The only thing we can relate this to, that’s going to happen in our time, that did happen back in the days of Moses was Moses leading the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt with his brother Aharon. Whom Yah says in Exodus 7:1, Moses I have made you an elohim to the face of pharaoh and your brother Aharon is your prophet.

Now the next thing we will talk about is the 2 witnesses. They are going to stand up against the man of sin. That’s going to be the #4 in our timeline here. The 2 witnesses standing up to battle against the man of sin. Now those 2 men may be the ones that lead us into the wilderness. Just like Moses and Aharon led us then. These 2 men may be the ones to lead us in this day. Two wings of a great eagle, these two servants of Yah. Because just like Moses and Aharon went to the face of Pharaoh, let my people go. These 2 witnesses are going to go to the man of sin and be a WITNESS against him! That’s what you are doing and who you are is a wicked, inspiration, possession of satan! And Yah’s witnesses on earth are the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43 and then we will look at these 2 witnesses. Yah’s witnesses on earth are Ysrayl. So that’s a smack to you Jehovah Witnesses. Y’all can witness for Jehovah. We witness for Yah. No other people have experienced the blessing and curses from the hand of Yah because no other created a covenant with Him other than the children of Ysrayl. And those (nations) who have joined themselves unto this covenant (too). Yah only deals with His people in that manner. They haven’t felt His wrath just yet but we know it. We see it. We live it. We breathe it.

You are the witnesses. So when we get over here and we see the 2 witnesses because Moses and Aharon both were Levites. Both were Israylites and were a witness against pharaoh. Yah said to let His people go and you refused to. That’s a witness against YOU pharaoh. You are a wicked man of sin and everything that you are doing is wickedness. We are a witness against you. So since the kingdom is now split and Ysrayl is to the north and Yahudah down to the south. That’s why of Yah’s 2 witnesses one will be from Yahudah and one will be from Ysrayl. Yah knows which tribe everyone is from. Yah knows who you are. Yah knows where you are. So Yah’s 2 witnesses on the earth right now since the kingdom is split is Ysrayl and Yahudah…Israylites. Those that were from the 10(northern) tribes and those that were from the 2 (southern tribes). So more than likely one of these men will be descended from the northern tribes. It could be Ephraim. It could be Manasseh. It could be Gad. It could be Zebulon. Whatever. And then the other one is probably going to be descended from Judah or Benjamin or maybe even a Levite.

These are who the witnesses or Yah are. So when you get over to the 2 witnesses…because like I said we are a separate nation now. Our nation has been divided. You have Ysrayl and Yahudah and when Yahoshua returns that’s when the nation will be gathered together in Yah’s hand (one stick).

Isaiah 43:10-11 Yah is the Power that can save. So when it says Yahoshua is the savior that’s only because Yah made Him so. He has no power to save on His own. His power comes from Yah. So do you see Yah starts off in Isaiah 43:10, you are My witnesses. So Yah is going to send two witnesses to this man of sin just like He did in the days of old. He sent 2 witnesses to pharaoh.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 11. Because Ysrayl are the witnesses of Yah. So satan being cast out of heaven making that final attempt at Yah’s throne. Having a great, grand war against Michayah and the righteous  malakim. He will get cast down. And when he is cast down he only has 3 1/2 years remaining. The man of sin is going to make his appearance, standing in the temple, standing in Jerusalem (saying) I am the greatest of all gods. Yahoshua said flee into the wilderness.

So the next event is Ysrayl going into the wilderness. And then the next event after that is the 2 witnesses standing up and battling against the man of sin. So Ysrayl is in the wilderness by the time this happens. So when Yah talks about being led into the wilderness by two great wings. The only thing we can relate that to is these 2 men right here. Taking the children of Ysrayl and leading them into the wilderness. Now we said Ysrayl is scattered all over the world. So these 2 men how would hey perform that? That’s in Yah’s hands. Do you think Yah can’t bring them all over the world? Santa Claus can go all over the world in one night. Right? And you believe that. Right? You believe that so why can’t these two men by the power of Yah go all over the world? So just keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes on Yah and never deny His Power ‘Oh man that’s fantasy’. No you are fantasy. Not Yah. And not the Power that Yah can weld on the earth. That’s not fantasy. You are and your understanding of Scripture is fantasy. It’s because you don’t believe in the Power of Yah.

Revelation 11:3-4 Now sackcloth we put that on when it’s time to mourn. As we are now in a state of mourning here as the children of Ysrayl are held in exile outside of our land and being put under the ban of another nation, a wicked nation who is supposed to be under our ban but because we have been disobedient, we are under their ban. These men are in sackcloth because it’s a time of mourning because the man of sin has stood up and said he is greater than Yah. He is speaking all these blasphemies against Yah so it’s a time of mourning.

Yah said 1,260 days that’s the same we read in Revelation 12 that the children of Ysrayl will be in the wilderness 1, 260 days or times, time and half of time or 3 1/2 years. Satan know when he is cast our he only has a short time left, 3 1/2 years. That’s all it will take for these 2 men to make their prophesies and to stand against the man of sin. As long as the man of sin is in that temple and as long as he is in that position and as long as he is leading the world astray and they are worshipping him, then these 2 witnesses will be in his face.

v. 4 The 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands who are standing before Yah. Who stands before Yah on the earth? The nation of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Amos real quick. Chapter 3, the prophet Amos. The 2 olive trees, that’s where we get our anointing oil from. The 2 lampstands…lampstands do what? They give off light. Going to be a light to whom? To the Gentiles. The light represents what? The truth and the knowledge of Yah. And Yah gave His truth to who? The children of Ysrayl. So right here He has only dwelt with this nation here because this is the only nation He has ever made He covenant with, the nation of Ysrayl. So these two lampstands, these 2 olive trees, we are talking about Israylites. Amos 3, what Yah says here just resonates through the entire Book. This is What Yah says through the entire Book.

Amos 3:1-2 YOU ALONE, Ysrayl have I known of all the families of the earth therefore I shall punish you for your crookedness.

And we go back to Revelation 11. What does it say in v. 4? These are the 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands that are standing before Yah of the earth. So Ysrayl is the only nation that Yah has dwelt with on the earth. We are the ones that He has adopted. Everything was given to us according to Romans 9:4-5. So we are talking about 2 Israylites here as the 2 witnesses. Not Yisrayl Hawkins down in Abilene Texas and his brother Yahcob. Yeah he said that him and his brother are the 2 witnesses and his brother has died. So now where does that leave? You know, unbelievable and people still follow him.

Revelation 11:5-8 Can you imagine? These brothers breathing fire our of their mouths! OH-WEE! v. 6-8 The Master was impaled that’s Yahoshua. He was impaled where? In Yahrushalom, Jerusalem. But this city is called what? Sodom and Egypt! Sodom where they was having sex with the fallen angels. Egypt where they were worshipping over 360 gods and all type of spiritual wickedness was there. Spiritually Jerusalem is going to be sick like that because that’s where the man of sin is going to be ruling from.

So these 2 witnesses are going to be the next event as we are leading up to the destruction of Babylon. They are going to prophesy 1, 260 days against this man.


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