The Man of Sin p. 4a

Shabbat Shalom this is your brother Obadiyah back to you again with another Shabbat lesson in our man of sin series of lessons. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah and praises be to Yah that He has allowed us to come here before His face again on another blessed Shabbat day. Coming live and direct from the Israelite Research and Fellowship Center. Located on the west side of Chicago. This is center #2. At 5422 W. North Avenue if you are ever in town. Come stop by. Check in and see how your brothers and sisters are doing here. HalleluYah HalleluYah. And if you are from the Chicago-land area, you need to be over here. You need to be sitting with us right here, right now. We have a full house today. You need to be here hanging out with us getting this truth. HalleluYah.

Today is November 10, 2012. Where did this year go? It shot by so fast and so much has happened and so much is going on. Just the other day Mr. Barack Obama was re-elected to the office of the presidency of the United States. A very significant event. And that is giving me cause for this lesson right here. Part 4 of the lesson is entitled: Barack Obama. We have talked throughout this series about how Barack Obama has characteristics of the man of sin. Now this lesson is not going to try to show proof that he is that man. He’s going to have to do that, he will have to reveal that in his own time, in his own season when Yah calls for him to do it.  But what we are going to look at are his characteristics. Those things of what we know from the Scriptures about the man of sin, Barack has things that are in common with him. So that is what we are going to be looking at here.

I just felt that this lesson was needed this week given the presidential election which we just witnessed a few days ago on November the sixth. It was highly profound as Yah was just giving me insight into a lot of different things that was going on. I was paying attention to the things that people were saying. I was paying attention to the reactions that were given by the general population and also the reactions of the news reporters. We had our online room opened and we were in there discussing these things about election night coverage. Brothers and sisters you have to be mindful of all of this. Don’t get fooled. Don’t get caught up into believing that ‘well I don’t have to know about the political system’. Or ‘I don’t have to know about the presidency’. ‘Oh that doesn’t matter’. ‘I’ll I have to do is this or that’. Listen, Yahoshua told us to watch. To be watchful. We have to know under what authority and the authority that the people are coming in who is ruling over you. You have been placed into this captivity. You have placed into this exile and there are people who are ruling over you. So we need to know about these people.

Now particularly about this Barack Obama as we have been doing this man of sin lesson and just looking at his character. He is something unique. You can even say that he is something special. When he ran in 2008 you all remember that the model or his platform that he was running on was ‘change’. ‘A change is going to come’. ‘It’s time for a change and we are the people who can do it’. (<–old song). And then this election, this campaign in 2012 his platform was ‘forward’ or ‘moving forward’. So you take those two concepts in which he presented, hey we are going to come with a change and now we are moving forward.

So that change that was made in 2008 not it’s time to move that change forward. This is profound. Because he did absolutely make a change when he stepped into the white house (on) January 20, 2009 after being elected in November 2008. And he stepped foot in the white house as the president, a change had come.

The wild Gentiles as they look into these things as they look at this from a secular standpoint. They said and this is even before Barack had run (for office). They were saying that George Bush would be the last American president. And now I’m starting to understand. When the Gentiles gave that information, he thought that there were going to be some type of major war or another September the 11th that would just end the presidency. That they would just take away the constitution and just say we don’t have presidents anymore. We will have a king. This is what they are thinking.

But what they had right was that George Bush was the ending of that run starting with George Washington. It began with George Washington and it ended with George Bush. But get this, George Washington. Right? G.W. are his initials. George W. Right? It started with George W. and it ended with George W. Right? George W. Bush, that’s his name. Right? And they always promoted his middle initial…George W. This was his nick-name, ‘W’ just like that ‘W’. (laughs) So you started with George W. and you ended with George W.

And now you have a foreigner that’s outside of being a citizen of the United States. Now in order to be president of this country you must be a citizen. He’s really not a citizen. This is why it’s hard for him to produce a birth certificate. Pay attention. Don’t get yourself caught up in those old ways that you use to think when you had this and you didn’t know why but you had this allegiance to the democratic party. And I know that some of you are still working that out of your system. And I know some of you still in your heart of hearts were cheering when Barack won. I know it’s still there. Some of these things take time to get out of our system because we were birthed into it. We were born into it. It takes a minute to remove it.

But anyway going back now you have this guy who is not born in the United States because he was not born as men are born. He was created, cloned but that is something else we will look at. But every president that has ruled on that throne all of them were born in the United States except this one, Barack Obama. So already a change has come. So he stepped into the white house.

Now we are going to look at some of these things about Barack Obama. And then we will look at some of these things that Scripture says the man of sin is going to do. So we are going to try to match up the two. But still even if we match up every point of Barack Obama’s history and every point of Barack Obama’s personality and every point of Barack Obama’s characteristics, even if we match it up word for word you know line upon line with what Scripture gives us about the man of sin we still have to wait until he reveals himself. What happens first, always remember this. This is major.  Before he is revealed the great falling away has to happen. What is the great falling away? Those leaving the Messianic belief. This has to happen first before he is revealed.

So if we are seeing Barack Obama and by the end of this lesson, if we are seeing his characteristics and just who he is starting to match up with this man of sin right here in this book. And if Barack is already in place. He’s already in office. That means that him revealing who he really is, is soon. That means that the great falling away is even sooner. Which means that you Ysrayl better get yourself rooted in the Word of Yah. That’s the only thing that would take you away is that you are not rooted. That you are pretending to love this Word. That you are pretending to be a servant but you are not. That you are not loving what Yah says and thus says Yah. You are actually looking for something else. You want to go read the manifesto of the space aliens. You want to believe that, that they created you. You want to believe that you are a god. That you are a child of pharaoh. You want to believe all these different philosophies and beliefs. You have not taken the time to study the word to root yourself. (So) you are going to be apart of that great falling away.

So if the man of sin is not far from revealing himself (then) that great falling away is not far from us seeing it happen. And we have to pray everyday that we are not one of those that are taken away. Yah and Yahoshua are real. That’s what you have to believe on your heart. That’s what you have to believe on your heart of hearts. If not, you’re not rooted. Don’t come into the midst of us because you want to hear something deep. Don’t come into the midst of us because you want to hear what we say so you can take it and present it to someone else and you can sound smart. Not really even affirming what you believe but you want to sound smart. So you come in and you come in the midst of Yah and Yahoshua are real on the Shabbat and you just listen in to the lessons and then you go and you take it somewhere else and you go and try to sound like your real deep and real smart. This ain’t the place for that. This is to get you rooted while there is time to root yourself.

What does it mean to be rooted? Have you ever seen a tree root and how the tree is rooted in the ground? The roots of the tree that’s where its nourishment and everything comes from because its roots are strong in that ground. It can’t move because it’s rooted. It’s right there and that’s what you have to be. You aren’t going to move, not waver. You will stay right there in the truth of Yah.

As we were watching this election coverage and as we were seeing Barack Obama advance in the electoral college votes. It first started off with Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney was winning like 30 to 3. They were showing images of Barack and he seemed cool, calm and collected. He didn’t seem to have a worry. Then all of a sudden when the polls started closing out in the central time zone, they had already closed out in the eastern time zone. Then you started to see his numbers rise. By the time the polls closed out on the pacific coast BAM he had the election in hand. He had won. And it was time to celebrate.

And things that were key to notice is that when he came to make his acceptance speech and we are going to read that speech. But when he came to make his acceptance speech the song that was playing in the background was Stevie Wonder’s signed sealed delivered, I’m yours. That was profound to me. Because that’s what he was saying, I’m signed. I’m sealed and I’m delivered to you. I’m yours. You elected to have me to rule over you. But we say no you are not ours. Yahoshua is ours. You belong to them. The beast rising out of the sea. The sea represents the people. My my my Ysrayl.

Let’s look at this. Let’s start this off with Barack being a great speaker because he went into one of his great speaking moments with his acceptance speech. We are going to break down some very profound things that were said in his acceptance speech. He is a great speaker. He spoke about peace. He spoke about unity. He spoke about the oneness. Let us all come together, we are one. Let’s go to Daniyah 11:21.

This is so profound. We will go to the Book of Jasher so get your Book of Jasher’s out. We are going to read some stuff about Nimrod. We will see how that matches up with what Barack has said, is saying and is saying in his speech. And things that he commonly and normally says. Like I say we can match him up but until he stands into that set-apart place and says I am he, we are just speculating.

So we are going to be looking at Barack but we are going to be keeping our eyes on that land. That’s what we are going to be keeping it on. But Barack is not one to close our eyes to. Believe that. And that election, when we were watching it something significant may have taken place. This is what I’m about to read right here. With Barack being this great speaker and all. Check this out.

Daniyah 11:21 seize the rule or seize the kingdom by intrigue (flatteries). This is so profound because like we were saying about the Christians, they don’t know who he is. They are looking for this evil man to come on the scene and start persecuting Christians. And they are waiting on a rapture. When none of that is going to take place. But what if Barack is that man? Which we are not proclaiming here but what if he is? Daniyah said that they shall not give the excellence (honor), they are not going to want to give him the kingdom.

Did you see all the backlash and you have a judge down in Texas talking about there is going to be a civil war if this man is re-elected. But it said he shall come in peaceably and seize the rule by flatteries (intrigue). This is talking about the world order when it’s set up. He shall come in peaceably. Barack didn’t come in under a political coup. He came in peaceably. He was voted into office. And he came in with flatteries. He’s a great speaker. ‘We are one America’. So what if he is the man? What if this election that he just won is him coming in to take full control of the rule and to take full control of the kingdom? Because what I want to show you here is that democracy and the American presidency are prime for the man of lawlessness to come out of this system. Because this system is being taken around the world. And we are going to see that in just a moment.

But this American presidency, he’s called the leader of the free world. He is the leader of Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon is the United States and we will go over that in just a moment. But I want you to even consider this through his speech, through his flattery could it be that we have already seen his hand beginning to take hold of the kingdom? Now what’s deep about this? Going back starting off with George W. and ending with George W. Now you have a foreigner in there. He’s a foreigner even though he’s related to them but he’s quote-unquote a ‘black man’ all the other presidents were quote-unquote ‘white men’.

So what I want to show y’all is something really, really profound. I want to read this article to you that was sent out by Mr. Newt Gingrich  and this was before the election. This is from ABC News from November 1, 2012. Because what Newt Gingrich is saying is that when Barack wins in 2012…this was November the first and the election took place on November the sixth. So it had not even taken place yet. So Newt Gingrich  is saying that Barack is going to be the president all the way up to 2020. Profound. Who wants him in there that long? That’s against the twenty-second amendment in the constitution. Right?

But remember just like you were amended to the constitution through the 13th and 14th amendments that’s all that it is, is an attachment. And if you suspend the constitution that amendment is gone too. So the 22nd amendment limits the president to only 2 terms in office. But if you have a crisis…wars…and you have a total collapse of the financial system and then this man is responsible and take credit for fixing it. Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war with him?

This is ABC News November 1, 2012. It says: Errant e-mail to Newt Gingrich supporters who say Obama is going to win. Now this is 5 days before the election that this article came out. It says: an email message ‘mistakenly’. I put that as quote-unquote sent to Newt Gingrich news letter list served Thursday morning told subscribers that president Obama would not doubt win in 2012 and that they should be more worried about Obama winning in 2016.

Look at that he said be more worried about him winning in 2016. Then it goes on. That’s right besides the 22nd amendment which limits only one person to two presidential terms the e-mail that went out to Gingrich readers suggests that President Obama will be running again in 2016 and possibly serve through 2020. They shall not want to give him the kingdom. Because it’s going against the law for you to continue to run that long. But Newt Gingrich is saying that he is going to go through to 2020. This is one of your big republican heads. ‘Well Obadiyah he’s just an angry republican’. Is that what you think?

So now you are into this republican and democrat thing when the right-wing and the left-wing are still wings on the same eagle. The eagle is democracy and the political system of the democrats and republicans are both on this eagle, attached to this eagle. It helps this eagle fly. Have you ever wondered why they call it the right-wing and the left-wing? So are you caught up in something called a democrat and something called a republican? When it’s all about democracy.  When it’s all about demonic rule. When it’s all about making way for the lawless one to rule over the lawless society. You are caught up and you are thinking that Newt Gingrich is an angry republican. And Newt Gingrich says no such thing. Barack is his king. He’s doing as he is supposed to do. Why do you think that they get along and they go to their Bohemian Groves and all these places to make the proper sacrifices? The democrats and republicans are only for those that don’t know. Or those that are too stupid to know. That’s how they think.

So the article goes on: The title is ‘what’s really at stake this Tuesday’ came from Gingrich Market Place. A news letter correlated by conservative news group human events. The truth is the next election has already been decided. Obama is going to win. It’s nearly impossible to beat an incumbant president. Well George Bush Sr was an incumbant president and he lost to Bill Clinton. George Bush Sr was only in office for one term.

So this is what they are saying. This is why I keep telling you all to pay attention. We are not part of that. We are outsiders looking in. So we know that there’s a game being played here. And for those that don’t know and don’t understand they are the pawns of the game. So you must listen. What do you think that the so-called birther movement is trying to tell you? Not only can he not produce a birth certificate for the United States he can not produce a birth certificate for Kenya! The country that he says he was born in. There’s no record of live birth for Barack Obama there either. So how is this man walking around a living breathing human being but there’s no record of his birth on earth? Listen to what they are telling you.

Because he wasn’t birthed as men are birthed. He wasn’t birthed as you and I and Yahoshua and all the prophets and emissaries were birthed. He was cloned. Pay attention to what they are saying. Do y’all remember when Donald Trump a few days ago was talking about that he had some really big news to come out and say? And he said it was going to turn the tide of the election. He said that this thing was bigger than anybody knows. And then he came out and said well I’m just going to offer Barack Obama $5 million dollars to show me his college records. That wasn’t what Donald Trump was going to come out and say. He was going to come out and say that Barack Obama is a clone. But they told him to hold his hand. They made him hold his hand, the illuminati, their masters. They made him hold his hand. Hold on it’s not time to reveal all these things just yet.

We are just matching all this up. If he is that man and he’s a god. Gods are not born. Right? Gods descend from the heavens. That’s why there is no record of his birth on earth. Ain’t that something? See Yahoshua came through the womb of a woman. You can trace His lineage all the way back to King David. But we can’t trace Barack. And everybody who is supposed to be his close relative that know this truth is dead. His mother is dead. His father is dead. His grandmother is dead. His grandfather is dead. Everybody that knows this (is dead). The people in Kenya, they don’t know the deal. But his so-called father…

So they are saying with this e-mail that Gingrich sent out that he’s going to run through 2012. But he is not supposed to run in 2016. Your supposed to stop (after 2 terms).

Now I have this other article here. It says: ‘why attacking Iran may give Obama a third term in the white house’. Do you see? What did we just read in Daniel chapter 11:21? He’s going to come in peaceably and speaking flattery. He’s already a strong orator. He’s already a strong speaker. It says: Mission speaker are ready to unleash multiple beefy arguments at President Obama during the upcoming debates. But demanding military action against Iran should not be one of them. Why? Because it might help President Obama win not just a second but also a third term. He can’t do that. We have the 22nd amendment you quip. Yes we do but imagine the destabilization the Iranian war would cause in a region which is home to a nuclear Pakistan, a bleeding Syria and a wounded Arab-Isralis conflict with China and Japan posturing over deserted Islands to its right and Arab spring to its left and all you have is red meat.

So what this is saying is that, it is possible…why are they talking about here right before he even wins his second term, they are talking about he may be in office for a third term. This is why I’m saying keep our eyes (open). Is this what we are reading? The man coming in to take over the kingdom. Did that happen with his second term and this man will be in office all the way out? George W. Bush was the ending of the American presidency as we know it.

You see they try to mock Yah. You know how Yah is so precise with timing? The children of Ysrayl went into Egypt and 430 years later the same day that they went into Egypt was the same day they were freed. You see satan tries to be that precise. You start with a George W. and you end with a George W. and then you have one that’s different from all the rest. The one horn, the little horn coming up that is different from all the other horns. He’s looking for a change. I’m coming in to change this thing. And soon as he sets foot in office, that’s exactly what happened. Just him being there was a change as the president of the United States. It’s still the same system. There’s still the same philosophy going on. But now the leader of the free world, there’s a change.

Now what is Barack saying? We’ve changed this thing now let’s move forward with this change. Pay attention to him. I don’t know if you all saw this but the NY Post, the day after Barack Obama won the election, the NY Post had his pictures on the front page of their newspaper and the caption read ‘Hail Caesar’ and it had Barack Obama dressed up as a Roman Caesar.

Hail Caesar, why would they call Barack Obama or link him to the Roman rule? Remember we are still in the Roman rule. There are 7 kings and 5 have fallen. We are going to read that in just a minute. One is and one is yet to come and when he comes he only lasts for a little while. Do you understand? They said Hail Caesar and had him dressed up just like a Roman Caesar. They are connecting Barack Obama to this sixth kingdom. The sixth kingdom is represented by the Roman Empire, the sixth of the seven kingdoms.

Let’s look at this. Let’s go to Revelation 13. Let’s look at the number of his name. We haven’t gone over this yet in this lesson. So now is a perfect time to. I may have a link to that image. It should be on the screen in the paltalk room. If not then you can just google it. Just put in NY Post Hail Caesar-Barack-Obama or something like that and it should give you that image. But they had him on the front as a Roman Caesar. Unbelievable family because we know that this man is coming from the sixth kingdom and we are still here in Greco-Roman rule. The western world is based on Greco-Roman rule.

Revelation 13:16-18, v. 16 We will get a little heavier into this as we go through Barack’s speech. But we went over a little bit over the mark of the beast. We didn’t go into all of it but I think in part 2 is when we went into the mark of the beast. v. 17 Read. v. 18 Now you may have read in earlier translations where they have 6-1-6. But the 666 is the proper number because notice what it says here. For it is the number of a man and his number is 666. This is a number of a man. Because every time you see that 666 ‘oh devil this or that’. But it says that it is a number of a man. This is letting you know that this man of sin is just that, a man who is going to be fully possessed by satan. Meaning a man who walks on this earth that looks like us, that has flesh like us. Yet when we look at Barack Obama, he’s a clone of a man. Akhenaton was a man. So although Barack didn’t come through a womb of a woman but he’s living on this earth as a man. Right? But when he fully reveals himself he will let you know about all that other stuff about what he really is.

But I just want you to look at this number here 666. Let’s get an understanding of what this means and then we will see why they call Barack Obama Caesar.

666, each ‘6’ in this number stands for something. Write this down. The first ‘6’ stands for the day on which man was created. Man was created on the sixth day so ‘6’ is his number. You can look at everything in creation, everything that exists on the earth has a number according to the day in which Yah created it. Six is the number of man because we were created on the sixth day so this is letting you know that this is a man. That’s why it says that this is a number of a man. Now the next ‘6’ stands for imperfection. Six in Hebrew is the number of imperfection. So you have the man and imperfection. But Yahoshua’s number was not 666 because Yahoshua was perfect. And then the last ‘6’ stands for the sixth kingdom which is Rome. What is the sixth kingdom? We will read in Revelation 17 in just a minute that it stated that there were 7 kings or 7 kingdoms and 5 have fallen and one is and one is yet to come. We are going to break that down and you will see that, that sixth kingdom represents Rome. I’m going to tell you real quick and then we will go over it again.

The 7 kingdoms were the 7 kingdoms that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. The 7 world powers that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. The first was Egypt. The second were the Assyrians. The third were the Babylonians. After that were the Medes and Persians or the Persian Empire. The fifth were the Greeks. And as we read in Revelation 17 it says ‘one is’ and ‘one is’ represented Rom at the time that Revelation was written Rome was the ruling empire. And then it says ‘one is yet to come’ and that is the United States. So Rome represents the sixth kingdom of that seven that is spoken of in Revelation seventeen. So this 666 stands for the number of man, the day man was created on the sixth day. Six is the Hebrew number for imperfection and this man is going to rise up from the sixth kingdom…thus Hail Caesar.

The sixth kingdom is Rome and all roads lead to Rome. We are still in the Roman operation. Did you know that Rome had a senate? Like your America has a senate. Do you know that Roe had a Capitol Hill? Just like you have your Capitol Hill here. This whole system follows after the pattern of Rome. So this demonic rule is the same demonic rule that the Romans set up. And it’s the same demonic rule that the whore of Babylon is carrying to the rest of the sons of Adam and feeding them poison.

Now by Barack being called the leader of the free world and he’s also the leader of Mystery Babylon, so it is prime that this man of sin may arise from this system that’s already in place. All these blasphemous titles like ‘the leader of the free world’. He is the leader of the ones that are leading the people astray. He’s leading the world astray. That’s why democracy once again is a government that is for the people, by the people, the people make their own rules, the people make their own laws.

Just in this election you had two states that are now legalizing marijuana. Not for medical reasons but for recreational reasons. Yeah cocaine is going to soon follow. They are going to legalize all these things because remember we are getting prepared for the lawless society. A society without Yah’s laws. And then we saw that the first openly gay senator was elected. (He is) openly gay because this system is meant for gays. It’s meant for lawlessness. Every shape and fashion of lawlessness this system is built for it.

So let’s look at Mystery Babylon. Some of you may not know what I’m talking about when I say a place in Scripture that is identified as the United States. Barack right now is called the most powerful man in the world because he is the leader of the United States. He is the commander and chief. He has full command of the most powerful army or military on earth. He has full command of the richest nation on earth. He has full command of the economics and the finances of the richest nation on earth. That makes him powerful. He’s more powerful out of anything coming out of Europe. He’s more powerful out of anything coming out of Africa. He’s more powerful than anything coming out of India. He’s more powerful than anything coming out of Asia. Barack Obama sits in that seat tonight.

So wouldn’t it make sense that he is leading the world in rebellion against Yah? Wouldn’t it make sense that the man of lawlessness who’s going to rule a lawless society that is  already being put into place by the leaders of the United States. Wouldn’t it make sense that this is where he would come from?

Let’s go to Revelation 17. Pay attention Ysrayl. Like I said, I’m not here to prove Barack is the man but I’m just saying we are going to look at his characteristics. He probably is and he probably is not. We won’t know until he reveals himself. We don’t know. But the way things are looking, oh-wee. I really can’t put another to mind right now. This man may be in office all the way until 2020. They say that he may bypass and be in office or run for office even in 2016. Just think now from 2012 to 2016 if there’s a world-wide financial collapse. Because everything is based on the dollar. That’s how strong that the U.S. is, everything is based on the dollar. You can take a one dollar bill and go to any country on this planet and pay for your merchandise. Just about any country. But you can’t come from any country over here to pay for your merchandise with their money out of their system. No. You would go to jail. But you can do that (in their countries) with American money. I know, I have done it. Ain’t that something? Right so everything is in place. And this lawless society is being led by the leaders of the free world.

Revelation 17, let’s look at Mystery Babylon. What Yah has to say about her in her filthiness. Revelation 17, that election was so profound.

Revelation 17:1-6, v. 1-2 So they are going whoring with her. They are laying in the bed with her. Right? And they are drinking the wine with here. What is her wine? The wine of her whoring. We are going to see in just a moment. v. 3 This is the same beast that we read about in Revelation 13. But this one is more representative of the man of sin whereas the other one was more representative of the system that he’s going to run. v. 4 Now I want you to understand this. It says…once again I don’t want you to be confused we are looking at the same beast of Revelation 13 but right here we see that this beast has a woman who is riding it. A woman who is sitting on a scarlet colored beast with names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns. And the woman is dressed in purple. Let’s stop here. Purple is the color of royalty. It is the color of kings. It represents rulership. So this woman is a ruler. Scarlet is red and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. So she has gold, precious stones pearls meaning that she’s rich. She’s a ruler and she’s a rich ruler, this woman who is riding on the back of this beast. Scarlet that red color represents blood. It represents sacrifice. That’s what it represents. It also represents whoredom.

v. 5-6 So look at this. This woman was drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones. She has drunk so much of our blood…the set-apart ones are YOU, the children of Ysrayl. And with the blood of the witness of Yahoshua  the Messianic Hebrews that she is going to kill up. Right? Now we read in Revelation 13 that satan is going to come down and he’s going to make war. We read that in Revelation 12 and 13. He’s going to make war with the set-apart ones. Then we see over in Revelation 17 that this woman is DRUNK because she has drunk so much blood. She’s covered in scarlet, covered in red. So do you see that Revelation 12, 13 and 17 are the same thing? It is the same beast. But this beast has this rider of a woman who is the United States, who is called Mystery Babylon. It says I’m going to show you a secret, Babylon the great the mother of whores and of the abominations of the earth.

Do you see that? So we are looking at the same thing here but we are looking at the United States here. The United States is that woman. She is Mystery Babylon. We are going to further prove that in just a second. But she has the blood of the set-apart ones. She’s the one killing the set-apart ones because she is the one in which that man of sin may rise up out of. If he is the beast and she is riding on the BACK of the beast…she’s guiding and leading this beast.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. We want to Identify this Mystery Babylon because Barack is the leader of the free world. He’s the most powerful man in the world as they say. But we know that he is not more powerful than Yah. That’s not even a question. But we are talking about as far as the kingdoms of men. He is the most powerful one right now. And so Mystery Babylon, leader of the free world who is leading the world astray who has the wine in here cup and that wine is democracy. That is why she is going throughout the earth. It said that she is the mother of whores meaning that she has little whores running around. And those little whores are those who practice democracy. All those nations.

Yesiyah 47:1-6, v. 1 Maiden (virgin) means young. We just saw that Yah said she is a whore so she’s not a virgin. This word (should read) young. Remember we are going to see in Revelation 17 when it gives us even more about this woman and the beast. It says she shall last only for a short time. You compare her to all of the great ancient nations (such as) Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. She’s the youngest of all of them. Those nations lasted hundreds upon hundreds and thousands of years. (But) she ain’t lasting that long. v. 2 ‘Or Queen of kingdoms’ or ‘mistress of reigns’ we are talking about the same woman we just read about in Revelation 17, oh young daughter of Babylon…Mystery Babylon the Great. This is the same one here. Now this is going to let you know who Yah is talking about.

v. 6 They showed no compassion, no mercy upon us. They will break down the door and go in and kill a 92-year-old elderly woman like they would kill a 15-year-old boy. They did the same thing during slavery. We are going to go back up then come back to v. 6 again and get some back up Scripture to show you that this is the United States. Yah said in v. 5 sit silent and go into darkness o daughter of the Chaldeans for no more do they call you the Queen of Kingdoms. The United States is the long super power. She rules the world by herself. Now in Revelation 17 there is a woman riding the beast. And in Isaiah 47 we are talking about the same nation. We are talking about the same thing because Yah starts off by calling her a daughter, a young daughter of Babylon. Daughters are women. And then Yah said in v. 5 ‘queen of kingdoms’. Queens are women. So Yah is speaking to her in the feminine sense. A queen, lady…that’s why in the NY harbor you have that whore out there with her banner in her hand with torch. She has 7 points on her crown. She’s a queen out there. And she says give me your poor, your tired and blah, blah, blah. She extended an invitation to every nation on earth EXCEPT the children of Ysrayl. She never extended a message to us that’s why she is filled with the blood and that’s why she is drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones. Because you were the sacrifice. You were the meal that everybody ate from (Leviticus 26:38). So she invited all them to the grand feast and you were the feast. And she got drunk off of your blood. And now her torch reaches up to the heavens to say ‘see Yah, I’m leading the people astray’. ‘I’m their leader’. ‘I’m their god’. ‘See what I did to your people’. Because in v. 6 it says I was angry. Yah said He w as angry with His people and He told us that He would send us in this place in ships because of His anger with us. He said I was angry with My people. I have profaned My inheritance. I have given them into your hands Babylon. You showed them no compassion. You made your yoke very heavy on the elderly.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 28 to back this up. We are talking about the United States here. It’s Babylon. And Barack is the leader of the United States. The woman that’s riding the beast. The woman that’s leading the world astray. The stature of liberty is the statue of liberation. We have democracy. We don’t have to listen to You anymore. It’s all about the people. The people make their choices. Text: Check out the new Euro bank not with the woman riding the beast! Text: The original statue was a slave girl with still a shackle on one foot, from DVD called hidden colors. Text: Liberty is the also the goddess Minerva, the goddess of war.

Deuteronomy 28, let’s look at this family. They are saying this man may get an extended rule of the kingdom. He electrified the people when he stood up and spoke in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. That’s what got him known nationally. He electrified the people when he stood up in 2008 and all over the world, to Berlin making speeches over there letting them know ‘I am he’. I’m not saying he as in the man of sin. But ‘I am he’ the one you can trust in. ‘I am he’ the one who can make a change  ‘I am he’ the one who can move forward. That’s what he is promoting.

Deuteronomy 28, Yah just said over there in Isaiah 47 that Babylon…I was angry with My people. Yah put the curses on us when he got angry with us. He said I sent them into your hand. And you did not show them any mercy. You put your yoke heavily on the elderly. That’s part of the curses.

Deuteronomy 28:49-50, v. 49 We didn’t understand these people when they came scooping us up on the West Coast of Africa. We didn’t understand this English language. Read in the classic slave narrative, Olaudah Equiano I think his name was. he said that when he was captured from Nigeria and he was an Igbo. He said when they put him on the ship, he said he did not understand what they were saying. He said that language was different from any language I had heard in my life. So Yah said He’s going to bring a nation. We are talking about a nation here this is who Babylon is. She’s a nation. Yah said I shall bring a nation against you from afar. From the end of the earth as swift as an eagle flies. It’s no coincidence that the bald eagle is the symbol of this country. As it was the symbol of Rome.

v. 50 We are talking about the same nation here that we just read about in Isaiah 47:6 and Revelation 17. The woman riding the beast with something written across her head Mystery Babylon the Great. The mother of whores. The same one. Yah just said that this nation will not show favor to the elderly nor show favor to the young. None of us get respected. They will pull an old man over for a traffic stop and blow his brains out just like they would pull a young Hebrew man over for a traffic stop and blow his brains out. That’s what we are talking about here family. And so this is the nation that Barack is leading.

Let’s go to the Book of Jasher. I told you all to have them ready. Barack is the leader of Mystery Babylon. So if Barack ain’t that man, the one who comes behind him just may be that man. But they are saying that Barack isn’t leaving this office. And that’s the point I’m trying to get across. We know that this system is fit for the man of sin to arise out of and they are saying that Barack isn’t leaving this office. Why would he stay all the way until 2020? One year after 2019? Huh? If you let him stay until 2016 but what happens between 2016 and 2020? We know that 2019 is the ending of the 400 year prophesy spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14 which relates right here to Babylon. Because Yah said in Genesis 15:14 which we will go to in just a moment. Yah said that nation whom they serve, I am going to judge. He’s talking about the United States. And we are going to see that in just a moment.

Let’s go to Jasher. We are looking at the times of Nimrod here. Nimrod the king who ruled over all the world. Who the man of sin will sit on his throne. Nimrod is the only one as far as men go to rule over all sons of Adam and to be called their king and to be called their god. Alexander ruled over part of the kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar ruled over part of the kingdom. The Persians kings ruled over part of the kingdom. The Roman Caesars ruled over part of the kingdom. But the man of sin is going to rule over the fullness of Nimrod’s kingdom. Nimrod is the founder of Babylon. Babylon was the beginning of his kingdom. Babylon comes from the Hebrew word Babel and it means confusion. This is the land of confusion. As the Genesis band told you that in 1985. Do y’all remember the singing group Genesis with Phil Collins? That was one of my favorite songs that they made, that this is the land of Confusion. Listen to that song. But it’s hard to find even on YouTube now! And I wonder why? Listen to what he is talking about. This is the land of Babylon. It was identifying the United States as Babylon. The land of confusion, the land of Babel.

In there he had Ronald Reagan. He was making fun of them. So check that out. See all we have to do is pay attention Ysrayl. We’ll get so much out of life by just paying attention. Just pay attention. They have been trying to tell you a lot of stuff for a long time. There are a lot of people who have some insight on a lot of these things that are happening right in our midst. And it’s okay to glean from them. It’s okay to glean their secular information but when they get on their spiritual trip, leave that alone. But the secular information is good to glean from because they can go into places where we can’t go. Because they are part of the system. And some of them pretend to be part of the system. Some of them are serving the same Yah you serve. They just haven’t let it be known yet. There are those out their that are in some of these inner circles. Just like satan had Judas in Yahoshua’s inner circle and Judas was a devil. Yah has his saints in some of their inner circles. And in the day and hour they will reveal themselves to us and they will let us know what they know. HalleluYah.



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