The News You Can Use

They are saying (Newt Gingrich) that  Obama may be in office until 2020. The man of sin will seek to change laws in the book of Daniyah. Amendment 22 would have to be changed. Did y’all see his acceptance speech? And the song that was played? The world is sleeping on him. Barack is already doing what the man of sin is supposed to do. Barack is already the king of a lawless society. They just elected an openly gay senator.

Barack won by over 100 electoral college votes—a landslide. Women, blacks, and gays voted for him. We don’t vote. They are 2 wings on the same eagle. There is no difference between democrats and republicans. It is all democracy.

Two states just legalized marijuana for recreation. It’s drug sorcery. Illinois only gives a ticket if one is caught with marijuana. That’s it. Cocaine will be next to be legal. Watch. Cocaine used to be legal in Coca-Cola. They want to fully control the minds of the people.

The president sits in Wa shatan, Washington, the seat of satan. D.C. is shaped in a pentagram like the head of Baphomet. Don’t wait on us to tell you what’s going on. You research this stuff.

The man of sin will come in smoothly. Christians are looking for a man who embraces all three world religions. It will sneak up on them. They are looking for someone who will persecute Christians. TEXT: looking for a red devil. He will have a cross on with a yamaka praying 5 times to Mecca. The Roman Catholics may be a pope, the false prophet. He is a leader of all religions. Why would the man of sin come out of Baghdad? 666 is his name or the # of a man not the devil. What if Obama gets a 3rd term in office? Where he wins by 666 votes? Something like that will be associated with him…his name.

Your name calculates into numbers. Each one of us has a number with our names. The number 9 is the # of judgement. The lord of the rings, there were 9 rings. Movie: called ‘9’ by Tim Burton. Herman Cain 999 plan. District 9, 9 lives of cats, 911 judgment is already on this man.

Akhenaton clone is Obama. One of the 6s of 666 represents man. This is the DNA of Akhenaton not of a fallen angel. He is the clone of a man.

News: They are talking about eliminating the voters rights act of 1965. They claim it is outdated. TEXT: The new Jim crow. There will be open lynchings. I’m reading Lincoln before I go see the movie, Spielberg movie. Because Hollywood likes to say he is our savior. Confederates stood up against him in 1860-61. Same with Obama, they want a civil war against Obama. A civil war would break down the economics of this country. This may follow the path of Lincoln. Lincoln and Obama are/were great speakers. I’m going to see this movie to compare  the real from false.  Book: Forced into Glory:Abraham Lincoln’s white dream by Lerone Bennett. The author shows that this man was a white supremest. Lincoln wanted to ship the slaves out.

Pay attention to Obama’s interactions with Israel. The man of sin is going to come up with a small nation. Babylon will be destroyed (U.S.A) will be gone. Politics is not boring. Yahoshua told you to watch, pray. How can you pray if you don’t know what’s going on? Don’t allow the servants of satan to embarrass you. Study.

Next: The falling away of Messianic will come before the revealing. Don’t come here for entertainment and to sound deep. Get rooted in this Word.

Yeremiyah 29:7 read. Pay attention. Mindless zombies went and voted. They don’t know about the electoral college system. They don’t know the origins of the parties. They have no clue. they think they voted him in. Obama is cousins with Bush-Cheney and Washington.

Slavery is not taught in schools anymore. They teach puff daddy, Oprah, lil Wayne in schools now. Yah choose you to be priests. You want to be ignorant. You choose to be tricked by the devil. TEXT: willfully ignorant.

There would be no man of sin had you done what you were supposed to do. We refuse to hear Yah. We rebelled. Ysrayl are the only ones that call on Yah and Yahoshua. Satan will war against you.

Talks about no such thing as races. A German scientist came up with the concept of race. We are nations. Ysrayl is a nation with many people of different skin tones/complexions.

We are to go out to all the nations. We are the biggest nation on the earth Yah said if you can count the stars, then you will be able to count Ysrayl. We all will be Israylites in the end. TEXT: Who’s my brother, who’s my mother?

That’s right those who do the desires of my father are My brothers and sisters Yahoshua said.

Lincoln was a Republican. The democrats wanted slavery to continue.  (My sidenote: during reconstruction most Israylites were republicans)

Birthers: No birth record not even is Kenya can be found for Obama. So they made one up.


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