The Man of Sin p. 1e

Let’s go to Matthew 24. We are looking at the signs of his coming. Right? All these things must take place for him to be revealed. We have to get to a full-fledged lawless society. And we are headed there. In no period in the history of man have we been this close. Even during the days of the wild Romans and the wild Greeks. Even in the days of the wild Sodom and Wild Gomorrah, Zeborim and Adamah all these wicked cities. Right now we are coming into something man hasn’t ever seen! And it’s going to get more wicked.

If you look at the world today and you are looking at it from a righteous standpoint with your spiritual eyes, you say how can it get worse? IT WILL. Don’t ever ask how can something happen because the moment you ask how can it happen, it is going to happen right before your face. ‘How can they not know that, that man is the anti-messiah’? The moment you say that, guess what? You will lose knowledge that he is the anti-messiah. Then you will start worshipping him as they will. Yah will show you how. Don’t ask a question that you don’t want the answer to the question. As if you have made the kingdom, you are going to ask how they are not. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s not even a question. Because it’s already been answered. They do not love the truth. They did not listen to the truth. They did not listen to the truth. When you brought truth to them, they mocked you. They laughed at you. So Yah said if they love a lie, I’m going to give them over to all unrighteousness.

Listen to the black radio stations. Listen to Steve Harvey, Doug Banks, Tom Joyner and hear the madness that our people talk about. And this man Barack, they look at him as messiah. They look at him as a savior to save our people. Yahoshua came to save you. But you reject him. And if another comes in his own name, him you will accept.

Matthew 24, You want to know how we get the secret of lawlessness, we live all this. The mystery of iniquity is working right now. Through the democrats, through the republicans, through the whole political system. They teach you this stuff in the educational system. And then we look with pride when we have sent our little junior off into their higher learning to get their degrees. Your master’s degree. And you become a master mason of the 3rd degree (in schools). Right? All of this stuff is related. You go to any of these big college campuses and you look at the amount of idolatry and hidden secret worship of satan that exists. Where do you think that the higher education, you are getting higher, high places (as in to worship). Right? That’s what the colleges represent, high places. The high places were ancient temples or altars that they built on higher hills and mountains. The more you get into their educational system the further you get away from Yah. They teach you there is no Yah. You are your own god (they teach). We haven’t even gotten into that doctrine. We haven’t even gotten into what the man of sin is going to teach. But we will in the next lesson. Yah willing.

Matthew 24:1-4, v. 1-2 So He is saying that the temple is going to be destroyed. They are not understanding this. v. 3 Do you see that? What is the sign of your coming because when he comes back it is going to be the end of the age. It will be the end of the 490 year period. It will be the end of the 70th week. And it will begin the righteous rule of Messiyah with his righteous brothers and sisters in the kingdom. v. 4 Shaul and this same thing (2 Thess. 2:3). There are so many doctrines based on the man of sin, the anti-messiah or as they call him anti-christ. There are so many doctrines that are false doctrines. You even have Israylites saying that these things have already happened and y’all are foolish for looking for this to happen in our day. He said let no man deceive you.

v. 5 So we will have many false messiahs to set up. They set up all the time. Just because you don’t hear about them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Many are stepping up saying that they are messiah. Some Israylites say that this means that, Israylites are going to stand up and say that Yahoshua is Messiyah. So they say you are going to lead many astray because you say Yahoshua is Messiyah and that is what He is saying here. That’s not what He is saying. Because when Yahoshua asked Kepha who do men say that I am? And they told Him some think yo are a prophet this and that. He asked who do you think I am? And when Kepha responded to Him, I think you are the Messiyah, the son of the living Yah. Yahoshua turned to him and said listen flesh and blood reveal that to you but My Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 16:13-17).  So He’s not saying people are going to be deceived by saying Yahoshua is the Messiyah naw that people were going to be deceiving people by saying Ben Ami is the messiah or saying Yahweh Ben Yahweh is the messiah.

v. 6 In the next lesson, I may use some articles like current events to tie it in. I wanted to do it here but we are already at 4 hours. But He said you shall hear of fighting and reports of fighting, wars and rumors of wars. The U.S. is piling up troopers in Jordan now. They are sending war ships over to the gulf to go into Iran. So we see that there are wars and rumors of wars and all these things must take place. Remember all of this is adding up to His return, His coming.

v. 7 There are earthquakes all over the place. There was just an earthquake the other day over in Maine. It was felt all the way in Boston. Deadly disease, there’s a meningitis outbreak here in Chicago. There seems to be these old diseases coming back like shingles-chicken pox. There are deadly diseases all over the place family. He said all these are the beginning of birth pains. So you know when a woman goes into labor, before she gets into labor there are pains that signify that labor is about to come. He said these are the beginning of birth pains or the times of sorrows (v. 8). So we know that, that woman is about to give birth. She is about to give birth to that mighty righteous nation of Ysrayl.

v. 9 All these are the signs of the man of sin coming. Do you see this? Many shall deliver up one another and shall hate one another. ‘Yeah FBI you know Obadiyah them ah they stock piling guns. Go get them’. Right? mm  hum. (see John 15:20 and John 16:2). v. 10-11 Read.

v. 12 This is key right here. Because lawlessness, before the man of sin is revealed the secret or mystery of iniquity is already working, the secrets of the lawlessness is already working. Lawlessness shall be increased and it shall make men HATE one another. Because Yahoshua said if you hate your brother without cause you have committed murder. But if you have no law against murder you hate your brother. You just all out hate your brother. These wild reality shows, I just watched a Hebrew reality show…love and basketball or hip-hop. Whatever it’s called. Do you see the coldness that are among our people? The back-biting and hatred and that’s what they are building up into the minds. And this is what you are letting your little boys and girls watch. And it’s building up lawlessness in them. And this lawlessness is causing the hearts of many to wax cold. Man will not care. You see a man right out in the street and he’s begging you to help him and you keep walking. That’s already happening but it’s going to increase.

v. 13-14 This is what we are looking for. The signs of His return. Christianity has been all over the world for many, many a century now but the end has not come. In your deepest darkest jungles of Africa and Asia you have people walking around with make-shift crosses around their necks. (They) speak perfect English calling on Jesus in their little straw hut churches on Sunday mornings. Christianity has been going (for a long time). But this truth about Yahoshua…then the end shall come. That’s why when Ysrayl is in the wilderness, Yah has to leave others out to teach. And while they are out teaching, Yah is going to try them. We are going to read all about that next week when we read about the persecution of Ysrayl from the man of sin.

But do you see that? It tells us everything that has to happen. We are in the birth pains now. And then He said after the birth pains, they are going to deliver you up to afflict you, to kill you and you shall be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. This is WHEN THE GREAT FALLING AWAY IS GOING TO HAPPEN. So that comes right after what we are going through now. Right after what we are going through now, the birth pains, after the birth pains we will see the great falling away. They are going to deliver you up to afflict you, to kill you. And you shall be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. You will have so many Israylites that can not take that. That’s too much pressure for them. They will not be calling upon the name of Yahoshua anymore. They are going to be falling away. Right?

And many shall stumble. They will be tripping over one another. And what does He mean by this many shall stumble? ‘Well Obadiyah I don’t think I can take this man, you know they took my house away’. ‘They took my car away and they say all I have to do is give you up’. ‘I’m sorry ahk’. Remember Judas was the son of destruction. The man of sin is the son of destruction. Didn’t Judas deliver Yahoshua up? Isn’t that still that same spirit that Judas, the devil, Judah was a devil. We read that from Scripture. He delivered Yahoshua up. (Judas) the son of destruction tried to destroy Yahoshua. That same spirit is even in our day and time and that is why you will have brothers coming up (pointing) ‘that’s Obadiyah right there’. ‘That’s Moshe right there’. ‘That’s those Hebrews right there that worship Yahoshua’. ‘They are in that basement over there’. ‘They are in that house behind that building’. ‘Just give me my mark so I can go buy dinner for my family’.

All of this relates. We are looking at the same time period here. But Yahoshua is giving the signs of His coming. And because of the increase in lawlessness, the love of many shall become cold. That is what we are looking for. Once the great falling away happens, the increase in lawlessness will happen. And then this world will be RIGHT when he comes.

We are going to talk about the financial collapse, the wound that was healed. Because the financial collapse is going to make this world look as though it is dead! (Like) there is no hope for it. Can you image the Gentiles already are talking about they are the 99%, these occupy movements going from city to city by the thousands, (ten) thousands, and (hundred) thousands? Just imagine when they have no more money in their accounts. They are going to break this society down!! For money is the root of ALL evil!! And when you take these people’s money away, they have nothing. They will kill themselves and they will kill  you. And this wound to this beastly system’s head is going to look like it has been destroyed but it’s going to be healed. And it’s going to have a new system. Because when you read in Revelation 13 and it talks about the wound to the beasts head and then you read down, it talks about the mark of the beast in the very same chapter which we will go into next week.

So we are talking about the same time period. We are not talking about some anti-christ getting shot in the head and surviving. We are talking about the system of the beast that’s going to fall. And then will rise again. And then when they make the system new…who is like the beast? We have these 10 kings ruling these 10 different unions or regions. That was put together by the club of Rome. We will talk about the false prophet because there are BIG CHANCES that this entity can be a woman. I’m not sure about it but there are chances that, that might be the case. Because the virgin Mary who is a goddess has a role to play in this. Just like the ancient god Nimrod, Semiramis his wife and then the holy son Tammuz. We are going back tot he ancient trinity. The first holy family they call them. They worship the Virgin Mary as the queen of heaven. So if the man of sin is going to be worshipped above all that is worshipped then he is the king of heaven. The king of heaven. We know that wisdom is spoken of as a woman. (Proverbs 1:20-21 and Apocrypha:Yahshua son of Sirach chapter 24:1-9). We know wisdom was the first thing Yah created in creation according to the Apocrypha. I think it’s Ben Sirach. We read that in class last week. It said wisdom was the first thing Yah created. So everything Yah created is born forth from wisdom. This is why you don’t need the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because you have wisdom. You are born with wisdom.

So let’s look at the length of the man of sin’s rule. We already went over this. It’s going to be 1, 260 days, 42 months, 3 1/2 years. Daniyah 12:11, we went through there. Revelation 12:14, we went there I think. And Revelation 11:1-2, we went there. Let’s go read Revelation 11:3 because we see 42 months is mentioned in v. 2. He is going to rule for 3 1/2 years. this is the same 3 1/2 year period, in the midst of the week, the 7 year period. It said right in the midst of it.

Revelation 11:3 Do you see? 42 months, 1,260 days, 3 1/2 years. Revelation 12:14 says time which is one year. It says times which is two years. And a half of time. So when you read in Revelation 12:14, it says that Ysrayl will go into the wilderness for 3 1/2 years. So all while the man of sin is doing his thing, making the worse time of trouble ever. Ysrayl will be in the wilderness. Those Israylites that have deserved to go there. And Yah said even there He’s going to purge out the rebels.

Let’s close this out. Let’s go to Daniyah 12. We will read the entire chapter. Because Daniyah says some powerful things here. I hope that this lesson has been a blessing to you family. It has been a blessing for me to be here to give it to you. May Yah bless.

Daniyah 12:1-13, v. 1 whenever you hear ‘Now at that time’ in Scripture it is talking Scripture here. This is Daniyah the Israylite speaking. Michayah (the angel) stands and watches over the children of Ysrayl and fights for the children of Ysrayl. Yahoshua said the same thing. The abomination that lays waste, the abomination of desolation starting at Matthew 24:15. It’s going to be the worse time of trouble EVER. Daniyah says it will be the worse time ever when that man stands up and says he is the greatest of anything that is worshipped. Daniyah and Yahoshua said the same thing. v. 2 He is talking about the 1st and 2nd resurrections here. v. 3 You are going to shine like a light if you keep your insight, your truth, you stay with Yah, you endure until the end. v. 4 Knowledge has increased. Daniyah didn’t understand this. The  malak told him to close it up. Don’t worry about it. Don’t even ask me no questions. Daniyah, knowledge will increase. So much is going to happen from the time that you lived Daniyah to the time when these events actually take place. You don’t know anything about an android telephone or I-phone, I-pad or computers, Daniyah. That’s not for you to know. But for those who are living in 2012, those who are living in 2015, those who are living in 2019 oh they know about all this. So this prophesy is for them Daniyah.

v. 5-6 Read. v. 7 ‘For a time, times, and half of time’. Look at that. How many is that? We read that same thing over in Revelation 12:14. It said it shall be for what? A time one year, times two years and half of time 6 months. This is 3 1/2 years. ‘When the set-apart peoples power is shattered all these things shall be complete’. Three and a half years, 1,260 days, 1290 days the same time period, 42 months. Unless those days be shortened there shall be no flesh saved on the earth. The same time period.

v. 8-9 Daniyah, ahki this wasn’t for you. It is for us. In these times we see these things. We say todah Yah to you Daniyah for being obedient to Yah’s Word and doing what a set-apart servant does…being obedient to the Master Yah. Because what you have done brother, you have opened the door to our understanding in this day that Yah delivered to you so long ago. And you did as you were told. You sealed the book until the time and now the seals are broken off that book and knowledge has increased and your people, the children of Ysrayl are preparing for these things Daniyah.

v. 10 ‘Made white’ not as in a Gentile but white as in having your heart pure. ‘The wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand’. Look at that. The wrong will keep on doing wrong. Christianity, John Hagee, Howl Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, they are going to continue doing wrong. But those who have insight, those that have understanding, we are preparing.  v. 11 So here we see an extra 30 days, an extra month (1290 days) but it still does not negate the time-table of when the things are going to happen. Who knows what will happen in that extra 30 days?

v. 12-13 Daniyah go rest. You did a good deed ahki by writing these things down, sealing them up until the time of the end. So your brothers and sisters in this day can understand what the malak was telling you back then. HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Todah Yah for His mercy. Go take a rest ahki. We will see you at the resurrection HalleluYah. We will see you in the kingdom. HalleluYah HalleluYah. So do you see family, what you have?

This is part 1, identifying him in the world. He’s going to be the king of all lawlessness. He’s going to make himself a god. He’s going to confirm the covenant with many for one week. He’s going to be the head of the 10 region rule. He’s going to make peace between the Jews and the Arabs. He’s going to allow them to build the next temple then he will come in the midst of the 3 1/2 year and say I am god. I am el. I am Buddha. Whatever else. That’s what he will do, will be. He will be all things to all people.

HalleluYah, I pray you have gotten understanding from this lesson. This is meant for you to know in this day. This is why Daniyah had to seal the book up until the time of the end. And now that book is open and knowledge has been increased and revealed to the sons of Ysrayl. So hey family you know, this is just part 1. Part 2 we will look at his persecuting. We will look at his wars that he will raise against Ysrayl. We will look at his system, the mark of the beast and all those things…the image of the beast. There will be an image of the beast. There will be an image that they put a spirit to. His image will speak. An idol has never spoken. They are going to do some stuff on this world…satan is going to show out for 3 1/2 years! He is going to show all his powers. OH WEE!

So family with that HalleluYah. I hope your understanding has been blessed. May Yah continue to bring forth this information to his people. I leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace. Shalom. Shabbat Shalom.


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