We Are Ysrayl

Things are about to happen with Ysrayl…Satan knows his time is short. Yahoshua said endure, keep going. Satan convinces you that Yah will not forgive you of your sin. Satan will not be forgiven but you can be forgiven, 70 X 7.

The Walking Dead Movie: Said that zombie stuff as a news story is based on a virus. A drug they say turned them into a zombie. TEXT: Predictive code movie.

Yeah, they are telling you what’s about to happen.

Did y’all hear about the 3 people who died in Chicago of Legionnaires disease? At this hotel. Legion, like the demons, Is it some kind of possession? Later on an elder tells how this disease got its name. It is named after the American Legion who were in Philadelphia and caught this bacteria. Remember all those  bodies in the morgue? How does that happen? A plague. In 1995 there were so many bodies in Chicago they had to put them in refrigerated trucks. There are people in desert, fighting in the desert not dying like this? This is a dry run y’all.


Chicago is the test city. Mayor Daily stopped being their boy and then they killed his wife.

The West Nile Virus: a plague in Dallas. There is a state of Emergency. They are straying….that’s where it comes from. TEXT: Chemtrails.

Do y’all remember the Atari 2600? It took many years before the Saga Genesis came out. Now technology is going much faster. It does not take years anymore. There is a new television on the market called 4K with better resolution. The image of the beast: The image of the beast will talk according to Revelation. In Japan now they have talking robots that look human. Smart phones—apps for everything. You can put your TVs remote control in your phone. You can download games to your phone now. There will be no more discs in the future for games. There will be no more car keys. Electric cars are popular now. Hover cars, like from the movie Total Recall will be popular. In Total Recall the phone was put on the mirror and the image of the caller was seen.

There was a blue moon Friday night. That is when 2 full moons in one month occur. Sorry if you have lunar shabbats lol. The moon is so close to earth now. There is so much they don’t tell us.

How many ahks think you have swag? How many women in here like a man with swag? Swag=mojo back in the day. But the meaning of swag, swagger changed in the 1960s. Swag means secretly we are gay. Homosexuals in hip-hop culture know what swagger means. They have swag parties=homosexual parties. It’s an underground culture. It’s a down-low culture of homosexuality. They call each other ‘fam’ too y’all. They know each other on the street. By skinny jeans and/or pants saggin’= trying to appeal to men. Skinny jeans causes infertility. It squeezes their parts. Jerry curls back in the 80s were fruity too. Hey if a dude came to your house with a prince like Jerry curl…Hey the company you keep shows who you are. If you date a girl, you look at her friends. Watch who you keep company with.

This world today, even 50 years ago, when they were lynching…could not exist today.

The music of Will-i-am was beamed up to Mars. They made a hologram of him too during the election of Obama. I don’t think he is human. Why do they always chose him? These are the days prophesied. They are starting to come. (talks to someone) Is there life on Mars? The fallen angels are on Mars. Satan is still on earth. He says he goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour. Yah is going to move earth from this planetary system because it’s defiled He says. The sun is for the earth, just like the moon is for the earth. Saturn has no moons. In the Star Wars movie, they were called death stars, artificially built by the fallen angels (those ‘moons’). There are so many fallen angels, they live on these ‘moons’ and planets.

Movie: The Serpent and the Rainbow: Jeffrey Daumer said he tried to create a zombie. He was a scientist y’all. He sawed holes in skulls. They called him a serial killer but no he was a scientist. They did not study him. They put him in general population in prison. Charles Manson is still alive though (so they could study him). He was a ritual killer. All of this is one big circle…Rosemary’s baby, John Lennon, The Beetles helter-skelter album, The Dakota Apartments. Only witches can live there. Lennon was sacrificed in front of there. The baby in the movie was sacrificed there. It costs $50,000 just for the application fee for this apartment.

Amistad Movie: They sung Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh coming over here. I told y’all we sung Yah on the way over here. Jews, Catholics tricked us. The Jews spoke Hebrew too. Did y’all know that the non-Israylites (Hamites) were thrown overboard? They wanted only the Hebrews. They wanted the farmers. (My sidenote: We were expert in rice-growing and other crops. But the slave owners in South Carolina and Georgia, I read made it their business to go after Israylites on what is known as the ‘rice coast’ of Africa Senegal, Gambia and Sierra Leone area for big profits.

There is a Cain and Abel movie coming out. Produced by Will Smith.  The whole cast will be black. Spielberg and James Cameron each have Moses movies coming out. Russell Crow also has a Biblical movie coming out. Will Smith is into the occult but he may know the truth. Interesting. He says he has wanted to do this movie for a while. TEXT: They might kill him after that.

Will Smith is highly homosexual. Especially in the Fresh Prince of Belair days. He kind of moved that spirit off himself for a while. But now it’s back. TEXT: Even their daughter…willow. (she has a fade now).

David Letterman! When Serena wore that red dress on his show…he was besides himself (LOL in the room). It’s on YouTube y’all. Serena and Venus: they talk about how they dress especially Serena. They say Serena is out of shape. They say they were going to fine Serena for making those grunting noises during her matches. There are some tennis players that grunt louder than her.

See y’all we shall be hated by all nations. The room talks about Angela Basset’s defined, muscular arms. Dorothy Dandrige, Halle Berry…they tried to define them also.  Now Kim K. has NOT defined herself. She made a sex tape. She dates ‘brews. She inherited her money. TEXT: She is a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. TEXT: She is still a nobody just full of drama. TEXT: A high-profile prostitute for the elite. TEXT: Kanye has a song about Kim being his @$%&@BLEEP@%&*@

Talks about funerals: Just bury the dead. Don’t do the wake. That’s worship of the dead. TEXT: From funeral home to the grave that’s it.

Yeah you can do a cremation. Then spread the ashes out. TEXT: Cremation is cheaper.

Get a living will. Don’t let your old pastor catch the holy ghost when you die. Tell your family how you want your body handled. Yeah (back then) 24 hours after the death, they anointed the body, wrapped in linen and put it in the ground. The brothers were in a room after Yahoshua died. They talked about/remembered Him, I bet. The woman anointed Yahoshua when he was alive. They will not hear you when they are dead. Tell them you love them when they are living.

Robin Robinson of ABC news: Had chemo, bone marrow surgery now her mom just died…they are after her. Did y’all know Dr. Dre is as rich as Oprah? He made his sacrifice. Sylvester Stallone’s sister just died. His son was sacrificed too. He sacrificed before his movie came out.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son may be next. He looks just like him.

Kanye West is probably wearing Kim’s panties. He wants to be her. Gay. TEXT: He always wears skinny jeans. TEXT: Man purses.

Manly behavior…men don’t bother with certain things…’why I didn’t get an award’? Kanye said this. See men don’t whine and have fits. He’s highly feminine. TEXT: He causes drama like his is a girl.

Lesson: We are Ysrayl

Did y’all know ‘brews are the most beautiful? The most creative? The most righteous people?…when we are doing the law. Yah did Yah chose you? He did not pick the Egyptians with their high pyramids or the Chaldeans. He picked the lowest people, us. He knows something about us. Everyone else calls us niggers, dirt to be stepped on. Who did Yah send to interpret pharaoh’s dream? Who did Yah send to interpret the writing on the wall for Nebuchadnezzar?

Culture comes from us. Jazz, blues, hip-hop, our music defines this culture. Be-bop, gospel, R&B, funk, hip-hop etc. Nike is rich because of us. We are a stylish people. Michael Jordan put finesse on those shoes. Yah seen your style, your mojo (long ago). The nations will always be at war with us. Because we belong to Yah. Michael Johnson has a book out about slavery making us superior athletes. This is not true. Yah is never going to let us go. They wonder why Yah loves us. Yah would be for them too if they wanted it to be so. We do track and field with STYLE. Muscles just everywhere. Do y’all know the Koreans want to look like us now? They are tanning and having eyelid surgery. They are kinking up their hair also. (In Japan too).

Some of y’all said you knew Deuteronomy 28 was speaking about us but your pastor told you…naw that’s the Jews.

King David slew giants. The Philistines could not do it. We are Ysrayl a mighty people.

Hurricane Isaac: Hurricanes travel from the west coast of Africa where the slave traders came to get us. Hurricane Isaac stopped in Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, went past Florida pulled into Louisiana and Mississippi ports. See, Yah punishes us first, then the nations. He came back to Louisiana. They do voodoo down there. They have human sacrifices. Just like in Haiti. Not many people ever die from hurricane flooding in the Dominican Republic. Just the voodoo places! Hurricanes they say can think on their own. Cuba had no deaths. They (hurricanes) never go to Canada. The people of Canada sheltered the Isyralites who ran away.

Psalm 83:15 Whirlwind =hurricane in Strong’s Concordance. The hurricane was on its way to Tampa, then went to the Gulf.

Psalm 83:18 Yah did it. Punished with your storm. This is nothing compared to what He is going to do.

He chose each and every one of us in this room. You will battle the fallen angels and satan. Yah will give us power. How do you kill a zombie? It’s brain. How did David kill Goliath? The head was cut off. Then it became a demon. Yah is going to give you great power. Yah has NOT left us alone. They would have tried to kill us all a long time ago (if that were the case). MichaYah watches over us.

Only Israylites came over from Africa on the slave ships. Hamites were thrown over board. Yes they threw them over. They waited  3 weeks to 3 months for us to come to the shore (to be captured).  The Arabs told the Portuguese and Spanish about where the Isryralites lived and that we are the cursed people of Yah.

Ysrayl is Yah’s army on earth.

Yeremiyah 51:20-25 Yah’s battle ax’s, weapons of war: I will break kingdoms with you, Ysrayl.

Yahzeqyl 37:10 Army=Ysrayl, to break nations in pieces. ‘You mean those niggers shooting each other up? See, they don’t want them to learn about Yah. That is a threat. The Gentiles fear an educated black man? NAW, he fears you knowing about the truth of Yah!! They give you distractions like Jay Z and Beyoncé grinding. Jay Z is no thug. He hangs out with Bill Gates, lol. Ice Cube sold his soul to the Jews. He went from NWA to ‘are we there yet’ (movie). The Jews are masters with merchandise. Just like with slavery they own most of these record labels.

George Bush Senior, in 1999 or 2000 he was supposed to go to the pyramid to put a gold cap stone in a ritual nude party that they do. They didn’t do it because pharaoh was not in office yet…Obama. They are talking about a civil war now if Obama is re-elected. They will put that gold cap on the pyramid…Akhenaton and King Tut were the pharaohs ruling when we were in Egypt. Obama is a clone of Akhenaton. They said Akhenaton was feminine. Baphomet is androgynous…with breasts. All of them are devil worshippers though. This knowledge is given to you with understanding. We know demons can be androgynous. Obama has lured our people to sleep. They vote because he is black. Obama’s job is to come after you. This is why he will be re-elected.

The last human president was Kennedy. Did y’all know Lincoln was dug up 18 times? Grave robbers. They had to keep moving his body. Robert Kennedy and President Kennedy knew too much.

Jews made slave money…banks, media, Yale, Harvard, Insurance companies. Lincoln thought they had too much money not that he wanted to free us. Lincoln was a white supremest. Did y’all know that? Hitler was a purist, a German purist not a supremest like they say. The nazi was a government group not a white supremest group. Hitler’s army was made of Ashkenazi Jews. Hitler was taught that they are superior. He was taught about IQ testing. All this was taught by the fallen angels. Hitler worked with Margaret Sanger, the American on sterilizing people. America brought that over there. Hitler wanted a pure German race. TEXT: Time-life is owned by Jews. TEXT: Hitler knew who the real Hebrews are.

Psalm 83:1-4 Let’s wipe them out, they said. We are still here. They wiped the names out of us.  TEXT: That just makes so much sense now. Why would they have to change our names when we came here…because all our names had Yah in it.

Lamentations 4:8 This is captivity in Babylon.

Lamentations 5:10 Black like an oven: see we were in dire straits. No one recognized us. Kush or Kushite means black. Black here means suffering. We never called ourselves black. We go by nations not skin color. We have grafted in Gentiles and Asians.

The Levites were killers y’all. The Levites drew their swords. They carried the ark which was pure gold. It was heavy. Four brothers carried it. The Levites guarded the temple and would cut your head off if you tried to enter. TEXT: Levi and Simeon took out a city by themselves in Jasher.

Remember when their sister Dinah was raped? The children of Ysrayl were never punks (Read Book of Jasher, Yahqob’s sons did damage). The Maccabean’s were rough too. They heard Yahudah Maccabees was coming to town and shaked. Mel Gibson wanted to this the Maccabees movie but the Jews said no. Hannibal was ‘brew too. We still are not punks! ‘Brews in the hood will stand up to a police squad. ‘Brews fought in the Vietnam war. Why did they chose ‘brews? TEXT: ‘brews were on the frontline too.

Muhammad Ali said they never called me a nigger (the Vietnamese) but people that want me to  fight for them…call me a nigger. ‘Brew athletes, most retire broke. Most keep playing up until 40 years old now. It’s because they are broke. TEXT: They tax them to death.

Hellboy movie: the first 15 minutes is based on facts.

We need to return back to Him. Soon everyone will know who we are and acknowledge it. We delay getting the nation going again. Return back to Him.

Zechariyah 8:23 They will hear about it and grab onto your tassels and say teach me.

Yeremiyah 16:19-20 The Gentiles will look for you. They will find out that Jesus and Christianity is a lie. v. 20 Israylites made a cow a god saying this is Yah who guides us out of Egypt. Yah says He still loves us …loving us from a distance though. Yah is the best thing for you. No one loves us but Yah. Jesus bought a Cadillac with our money. Allah bought us a vest and told us to blow up ourselves. Buddha had us chanting. (LOL in the room!) See, when a man loves a woman, he will fight for her. Yah did that for us in Egypt. Yah tore Egypt up!! He said He judged Egypt. Isis and Osiris went into hiding.

In the Pseudepigrapha,  Michayah did not argue with Yah about Abraham’s dying. That is not true. Watch some of those chapters in the Pseudepigrapha. I want to do a lesson after the end time series about righteous angels. Daniyah was shaking when he saw an angel. The prophesy movie: Would you really want to see an angel? They are not attractive y’all like the Gentiles try to make them seem. They are warriors. Thirteen foot tall with locs and a flaming sword! They are no non-sense… thus saith Yah, they say. Balaam asked the angel if he came to kill him? The angel said if I did you would be dead by now. When the righteous angels fight satan in that last battle…whew we might see this in the heavens. There are a lot of fallen angels. There use to be 7 trillion angels in heaven and satan took 1/3! (talks to someone) Lost Angeles=Los Angeles.

Never forget your duty. Do what Yah wills you to do. Only Yah can through Yahoshua tell you what you need to do. Righteous Gentiles, you are family. We are one nation, one Yah, one Yahoshua, one immersing, one law.

Someone asks a question: So does satan listen to Yah? Yes, Yah uses him as a tool.

I am legend, Avatar ‘hobbits’, Lord of the rings: the return of the king=they talk about you Ysrayl in these movies.

The prophesy movie: The devil told the girl, mankind does not go into heaven…true. The devil says something about Christmas and shoving her mother’s feces down her throat. This was the best played devil movie. This is how the devil talks y’all. Understand the tricks of the devil.

Shabbat lesson ends.


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