Esau/Esaw the Hebrew

Okay today’s lesson brothers and sisters is called Esau the Hebrew and the Myth of the White man. I just got word that our website in portuguese is beginning to awaken our people in Brazil and other places where they speak portuguese. The Word is going out and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do and ‘brews are starting to awaken. I just want to say and this is a testament to Yah that it’s so beautiful to be with y’all on this day and coming together in this room to hear Yah’s truth. There is so much confusion going on, just here on paltalk with Hebrews and just the things that they believe and things that they don’t believe. Just making up their own ways and doing what’s right in their own sight. Brothers and sisters, you can have a moment of shalom and know that the father Yah is there and it’s always a blessing. It’s beautiful to be in the midst of where Yah’s hand is. I say halleluYah and that is a testament to Him. Alright, today’s lesson Esau the Hebrew and the myth of the white man.

There is a doctrine going around and it has been going around for quite some time now that says that the twin brother of our father Jacob, his twin brother was born Esau, that was his name at birth. And we are going through all that. But there’s a doctrine that says that Esau is the man, white man or the white race as they say. They say that the Europeans are descendants of our Uncle Esau, who is the brother to our father Jacob. So we are going to look at that. Because that doctrine has just led so many astray. Because it is a grand misunderstanding. That is right brother, it is very false the doctrine that they teach concerning the man Esau.

So we are going to go into Scripture and we will see what Scripture has to say about this man Esau and just who he was. We will look at the prophesies because Yah had a controversy with Esau. We are going to see what that controversy was. We are going to see what Yah’s problem was with the Edomites. And we will see how confusion from not rooting yourself in Scripture will cause or bring about, that misunderstanding of just who Esau is. You know, if you have seen some of these YouTube videos where you ran into some of these guys on the street corners, like the ISUPK and the great millstone, their not the only ones but their the ones that pretty much started this Esau is the white man doctrine. And it has filtered down to other Israelite groups.

So if you have seen any of these people on the street corners and they are screaming out at people and they are talking about death to Esau. You know, if you came across that brothers and sisters, you should know how vicious they bring it across. All they talk about is what the Lord, because they call Him the Lord and what He is going to do to Esau. So we are going to see who is Esau. We are going to see where he came from and we will see who he is today. And we will see who is this person called the white man, what is that? Is there even a such thing as a white race? And where did that come from?

As you know, this lesson is called Esau the Hebrew. That is what it is going to be. That is the first thing we will talk about, right here is to prove that Esau was a Hebrew. Esau was NOT an Israelite but he WAS Hebrew. Why was he a Hebrew? Because his grandfather and grandmother, Abraham and Sarah were Hebrews and his father and his mother Yitzsaq or Isaac and Ribqah/Rebekah were Hebrews. His brother was a Hebrew, Jacob (Yahqob). So Esau the man was a Hebrew. So if you want to say that the white man is Esau, what you are saying is that the white man is your uncle and that the white man is a Hebrew. This is what you are saying. That he came from that lineage. But do you know that, that whole doctrine of Esau being the white man…do you know where that came from?

Now these brothers that have taken hold of it, these Israelites guys have taken hold of it, they are really not the creators of this. This doctrine has an origin that is much older. Do you know that it comes from the Jews? The Jews are the ones that has created this. It is Jewish tradition that Esau was the Romans. This is who they looked at as Esau. Jews made this. So they have taken hold of Jewish doctrine and we should do that lesson in here real soon, not to follow Jewish traditions.

So let’s look at Esau and look at his lineage and see where he comes from and let’s see where he’s at. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 14. As I stated Esau’s grandparents were Hebrews. And let’s prove that. Abraham is the first one in Scripture to be called a Hebrew so let’s go to Genesis 14. The Egyptians called us Habaroo. Habaroo means wanderer. Because that is what we were at that time, we were a nomadic people and we wandered from here to there. And it also means to cross-over or coming across. So we Hebrews as Abraham crossed the Jordan and he said that is why he is called the Hebrew because he was wandering across the land of Canaan and crossed over the Jordan but that’s what that name entails.

Now get this, Hebrew is not a nationality. It is just a word to describe a people. There  were many different types of Hebrews. So when we say that we are the Hebrew-Israelites, we are saying that we are Hebrews…we are wanderers…we are nomadic…we are cross-overs but our nationality is Israelites. Meaning that we are descendants of a man named Israel. So this is why we carry this beautiful title Hebrew-Israelites.

In Genesis chapter 14, Abram steps on the scene being a descendant of Shem who was a black which means that Abram being a descendant of Shem also was a black. Where do you remember that from? (My sidenote: I think, he is referring to a rap song back in the late 80’s called ‘you must learn’ by BDP or  boogie down productions. One of my cousins loved BDP back in the day so I heard their songs often. Some of those old artists may be masons/illuminati now but that song is on YouTube). So we are going here to Genesis 14.

Genesis 14:13 Do you see that? (talks to someone: Yeah that whole Eber thing comes from one of Shem’s descendants named Eber. That’s what they say) (my sidenote: The word Hebrew is thought to have been named after Eber.

So as we see here in Genesis 14:13, Abram is called the Hebrew. Our father Abraham, his name was Abram here but later changed to Abraham. He was a Hebrew and he is the first to carry this title in Scripture…’the Hebrew’. So Abraham was a Hebrew. Abraham and his wife Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 17. Isaac or Yitzsaq in Hebrew was the father of Esau and Yahqob (Jacob) so how in the world could Esau’s lineage be Hebrew but somehow he turns around and he’s the progenitor of the white race?

Now I need for you to understand that when we say the white man, what is being talked about? There is no such thing, no such creature, that only exists in the minds of those that have been deceived by satan. A white race…there’s no concept of race in the world of Yah. Yah deals with nations. Yah deals with nationalities. Because it was Yah’s hand that scattered and separated man into his own nation of according to his clan or family descent. The Egyptians dwelt with the Egyptians. The Ethiopians dwelt with the Ethiopians. There was no conglomerate coming together calling ourselves black. The black race, the white race, the red race…that was created about 400 to 500 years ago (about the 1500s) by some German scientists. And this thing was done so they could keep the truth of who you are concealed from you. And they could stick you in the midst and take away your nationality and stick you in the midst of something called the black man or the black race. So you would lose all of your history. You would lose all of the individuality of your nation. 

You go to Africa today, you talk about something called an ‘African’, they don’t know what you are talking about. Many of them can’t even pronounce that in their languages. Because it’s a foreign word. They are this people, they are that people. They look at themselves as tribal nations just like all men do. You go over to Germany, you go over to Ireland, they will not let you bring any white man talk over there. The Irish are the Irish. The British are the British. The Germans are the Germans. And the Russians are the Russians. That is only for the minds of deceived people who have been deceived by the adversary.

So when they start talking ‘Esau is the white man’…what branch of the so-called white man are you talking about? Are you talking about the British? Is Esau the father of the British? Is Esau the father of the Russians? Is Esau the father of the Irish? Is Esau the father of the Swedes? The Danes? Who is he the father of? Deceived understanding. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 17. We will see that Esau’s father Isaac who was the son of Abraham was also Hebrew. We must prove that Esau was a Hebrew so that, that can kill that white man doctrine. They say, ‘Esau is the white man and God is going to kill the white man’.  Yah did have problems with Esau but we will read from Scripture why.

What we are reading, what this lesson will show is that this is one of the greatest sibling rivalries in history. That is what this whole story of Esau and Yahqob is about. It is all about sibling rivalry. Esau wanted to take what Yahqob had ever since he sold his birthright to Yahqob. And he wanted to take all his stuff back. This is what it is all about. They were bent on getting the land of Israel. Esau has never lusted for world-wide rulership. That has never been his goal. His whole goal as we will see has been to get the land of Israel and to get the blessings that came along with it. Because he felt that his brother took his blessings from him when he actually sold his blessings. So that is the whole thing. That is the back and forth between Esau and Yahqob. It affected their descendants on down to about 2,000 years ago. See, we have been stripped of our identity. That is why we have forgotten about the rivalry that we have had with the Edomites. Because, right now we are striving to get our culture back. Because our culture has been taken from us.

So we don’t know that fullness of that rivalry that we once had. This is why we are making up stuff now concerning who Edom is. You know it’s so powerful that Yah has taken away our memory that we don’t know who our own relatives are. We don’t even know that Esau is our brother, you know. We don’t know because our identity has been stripped from us. Yah said in Jeremiah 17:4, I will cause your heritage that I gave you to pass away from you. And I will send you to a land, the land of your enemies that you know not and there you shall serve your enemies. And this has happened to us.

Genesis 17:21 So Isaac was the father of Jacob and Esau. So Isaac was the son of Abraham. And Abraham was the first to be called Hebrew. So that made Isaac Hebrew. They called Isaac Hebrew because his father was known as a Hebrew. A wanderer, a cross-over. And so now let’s look at the birth of Isaac’s twin sons…Jacob and Esau. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 25.

Isaac had a wife named Rebekkah/RibqahYah and these were her sons. These were her boys. And so we are going to find something interesting out about Rebekkah and what Yah is going to tell her and that will lead us to greater understanding of Esau selling his birthright and what he did to cash in on his birthright. We are going to see why that birthright was so important. We will see all these things because we must bust this doctrine down and do away with that falsehood.

Genesis 25:21-26, v. 21-22 So she went to ask Yah. She is having these birth pains, these boys are fighting in her womb. And so she is like ‘if this is a blessing, if all is right, a blessing by Yah, then why am I this way’? ‘Why am I having all these pains’? ‘Why is this such a struggle?’ So she had to go and inquire to Yah about what is going on in her womb. v. 23 Now let’s look at this because this is where these brothers get confused. They say that when Yah says ‘2 nations are in your womb’ that this proves that it’s the white man and it’s the black man. They say it proves Esau was the white man because Jacob was the black man. So we look at this and as I was just saying there is no such thing as race. There is no black man. There is no white man. Yah said ‘2 nations are in your womb’.  The Edomites and the Israelites. Now picture this, these are 2 brothers coming from the same parents but they will make up 2 separate nations. Usually when children are of the same nation, they just join onto that nation. But we have the Edomites that are going to be born from this, through the descendants of Esau and we have the Israelites that were going to be born through our father Israel who was born Yahqob and his name was changed to Ysrayl by Yah. And so 2 nations of people are in her womb. And 2 people shall separate from your body. And one people shall be stronger than the other. The older shall serve the younger.

See, Yah is giving her this prophesy. So she understands, she inquired of Yah. So now she has an understanding of just what’s going on inside of her. This is key right here. Remember this: The older shall serve the younger. Who was the older and who was the younger? Let’s continue reading. v. 24 The 2 sons are in her womb. v. 25 Let’s look at this. The first came out, this is Esau. Esau was the elder brother. Now the prophesy said the older shall serve the younger. Jacob came out second. But Esau was the first-born. Now, it said that Esau came our red all over, like a hairy garment. It didn’t say Esau was red and hairy. It said he came our red all over like a hairy garment. The redness of Esau was compared to a hairy garment. What hairy garment are they talking about? More than likely…because what were the garments made of in that day? Camel’s hair. So more than likely this redness of Esau was compared to a reddish-brown, camel-haired garment. It said like a ‘hairy garment’ that is how he came out. He had the same color as this hairy garment which once again more than likely is a camel’s-hair garment. And that is reddish-brown in complexion.

If you look at many of the Egyptians or many of the eastern wall paintings, even all throughout Africa many of the people had reddish-brown skin. Reddish-brown and that has nothing to do with ‘the white man’ because Gentiles skin complexion is more pinkish than it is red. So he just came out a mahogany color…Hebrew. He was just a mahogany colored Hebrew. Because they take this and say well he was red so that means that he is the white man. No, he came out red all over like a hairy garment so they called his name Esau. No here’s the key: Esau, this name in Hebrew means rough. It means rough. So they did not give him the name Edom or Idumea. Edom and Idumea in Hebrew means red. So when he was born red all over, they didn’t name him. Because remember in Hebrew names described the character of the person. So when we give our children names at birth, it’s something to describe about that child. That is why when the malakim came and told Miriam in the book of Matthew chapter 1, that she shall give birth to a son and his name shall be called Yahoshua, Yah’s salvation, for He shall save His people. He shall bring salvation to His people. He shall save them from their sins. So Yahoshua’s name from birth was to include what his mission in life was…to bring salvation to His people. To be Yah’s salvation.

So they gave Esau this name. He came out (the womb) rough. He was rough. He was rough-looking. v. 26 Now these boys were fighting so much in the womb that Esau came out and Jacob came out right behind him, like he was trying to pull him back into the womb. These boys were going at it even in the womb. And that is the basis of their relationship even in life and their descendants relationship…there was a lot going on in the ancient times between us and them. Even when we came out of Egypt, they didn’t want to let us pass through their land. There was always animosity between us and them. And we will see why in just a moment.

 But the name Yahqob means heel catcher or heel supplanter. So this is why he has that name because he kept holding on to his brothers heal. So these boys were going at it in the womb and when they came out of the womb. And there is still a whole adversary thing going on between the two. So his name was called Yahqob. And their father was 60 years old when he had his 2 sons.

So this was the birth of them. Yah brought 2 nations out of her womb. Once again mankind is separated by nations not races. There is no such thing as the black race and the white race or the red race or yellow race. That is a lie. We are nations of people or nationalities. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 10. Let’s read about the table of nations. Because right here is listed the descent of all nations that are on the planet earth that are on the planet earth today. These nations you will find where they are and you can trace the history of them back and you can see where the sub-nations came from. And see where this nation descended from that nation descended from, so forth and so on. But in Genesis chapter 10, look at what it says.

Genesis 10:32 So once all these descents, all these nations given in Genesis chapter 10 and at the last verse it says that these are the families of the sons of Noah according to their generations in their nations. So we are separated into nations. We have nationalities we don’t have racial groups. That is all a lie.

So Esau, his nation became the Edomites. And we will see why he picked up that name Edom in just a moment. Remember, Edom means red. When he was born he was born Esau, he was rough. He was not born and given the name red, even though he came out red like a hairy garment. He came out with that mahogany reddish-brown color as many Hebrews do today. You look at many of our Hebrew babies today, many come out red and having a lot of hair on their heads too. This is just one of the facts about Hebrew children. So if you are going to say that because…yeah Terrance Howard, Red Foxx, Malcom X was called red. That reddish-brown color. Those mahogany colored brothers. Many of you in here are that same shade. (My sidenote: They still call people red and red-bone down south).

See these brothers say that since Esau was born red, that means that he is the white man, well the same word in Hebrew that is used to describe red for Esau, Idumea is the same color that is used to describe the color of King David. David was a mahogany colored brother. He was reddish-brown. Let’s go to 1 Samuel 17:42. King David was reddish-brown. So if you are going to say that Esau is the white man because he was red, then what do you say about King David? Was King David part of the white man? Did King David look like Richard Gear? Who portrayed him in a 1985 movie called King David. Not at all. Kind David was a Hebrew just like Esau was a Hebrew.

1 Samuel 17:42 This word ruddy, it means red. Ruddy is Idumea and it means red. So he was a youth, red and good-looking. So you have this little red pretty boy coming out on the battle field to battle against a warrior. Goliath despised Israel and he despised David. ‘It’s like I want honor in killing one of your warriors. And you gon’ send a little red pretty boy out here to fight me’? This is why he despised King David. Not because he was jealous because David was handsome…no….because he wanted a warrior on the field and this is what they sent him. Goliath probably said, ‘is this all you have Israel’? So David was red. A reddish-mahogany in color boy. Many of you right now either came from your former lives when you were in the world and your name was red. Because you are a reddish-brown color. If I ask how many of y’all have ever been called red, man so many hands would go up in here. There are so many reds in here right now. (My sidenote: also see 1 Samuel 16:12). But that doesn’t mean you are white.

And let me just say this please brothers and sisters, these folks have deceived our minds, so they have crushed our understanding. They tell us that the reason that we have light-skinned people in our nation is because of some slave master raping our great great great great great grandmother, you know 300 years ago. That is a lie brothers and sisters. Do you know the genes of the Gentiles according to their own scientists are recessive genes. This is why their skin is the lightest of all mankind. This is not racist or anything brothers and sisters this is just a fact. Alright, so they say that the genetic make-up of darker skinned people, quote-unquote ‘black-skinned’ people is called dominant in genetics. So how in the world can this one recessive gene overtake the dominant gene? Most of our family make-up is 90-95% Hebrew. Many of us are 90-98% Hebrew in our genetic make-up structure. So are you going to tell me that 2% of recessive genes from 400 years ago is that caused your lighter skin? Nooo. The genetic structure of black-skinned people means that we can produce every color under the rainbow. All you have to do is go look at some of your families. Some of y’all are light-skinned, brown-skinned, dark-skinned, you know we make up the whole rainbow. The first people on the planet were black-skinned people. And from that we go the present day make-up of all of mankind, every shad under the sun. As we see with the Swedes, as you see with the Europeans, you know they reproduce themselves and they can only produce that recessive genetic trait. Unless they mix others (hues) and things like that.

And once again this is nothing racist. This is just the fact of the matter. I’m not saying that because you are darker skinned that you are better than someone who is lighter skinned, not at all. I’m just putting the information out there so we can understand who this man Esau was and what is his relationship with the families of the earth. Esau was a nation. And his nation became known as the Edomites or the redites, this is what they became known as because Esau’s name was changed to Edom as a sign of disrespect to him for what he did. Because Esau did something highly disrespectful and it caused Yah’s hatred to come down upon him for what he did. So we will look at this in just a moment.

But King David was a red brother. Now in Hebrew, the word for white is laban. Now when Esau was born the word Addonay (Adonai) is used. Edom is used to describe him red and like a hairy garment. The ‘laban’ is not used to describe Esau when he was born. Laban is not used to describe King David. Because it said that David was red. He was ruddy. Laban is used when Moses is told to put his hand into his bosom and his hand came out as white, laban as snow. So how can Esau be associated with white skin when he was a mahogany colored brother. And we will look at some things about Esau. But Esau had an uncle, his mother’s brother whose name was Laban.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 24. So as we have seen Esau was the twin brother to our father Jacob. Jacob is the father of the Israelite nation. And so we are looking at and trying to dispel the misinformation that is given concerning who Esau is. Many say that he is the European nations the quote-unquote ‘white man’. But we have already dispelled that myth right there. There is no such thing as a white man, in Yah’s sight. Yah doesn’t deal with race. He deals with nations. So I hope you all stay around and get this much-needed truth. It reads

Genesis 24:29 Now the reason he had this name Laban or white, more than likely he could have been lighter-skinned. Or he could have been an albino. An albino is a person born without pigment in their skin. And so their skin is very white. So he could have been born an albino. And that explanation is not way out there. This is Rebekah’s brother. Or hey, he could have just had white hair you know. We just know that his name was white. This is what this name translates to. Remember when Hebrews are given their names, their names are according to the character of the person. When he got this name at birth, he was probably born an albino more than likely. (talks to someone) Yeah but they are still Hebrews. It doesn’t change who they are. These are Hebrews. Now Jacob whose name was changed to Israel or Ysrayl, Jacob he was the father of the Israelites. Everyone that proceeded from the loins of Jacob carried the name Ysrayl or Israelite.

And let me just say this about the name Ysrayl. We’ve been searching and seeking with the father Yah whether Yah’s name was in Ysrayl, the name itself. You know, so many Hebrews now call themselves Yahsrayl and Ysrayah and this and that. And so when we looked at this, Yah told Moses in Exodus chapter 3, He said Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or Abraham, Yitzsaq and Yahqob did not know Me by My personal name, Yah. They didn’t know because Yah gave Jacob this name. He changed Jacob’s name in Genesis chapter 32:28. So Jacob didn’t know about the name Yah. But he knew about The Power. The ‘Yl’ at the end of Y-s-r-a-y-l, the ‘Yl’ is what they knew Him as. They knew Him as The Almighty. They knew Him as The Power. They knew Him as The Strength. This is what they knew Yah as. To them, Yah allowed them to call Him that. And that to them was His name. So when we look at Ysrayl, Yl at the end, the strength, that is His name. That is who He was to them. So when we looked at it, it could be, that’s it…Ysrayl. It does not have to have Yah’s name in there because Jacob didn’t even know the name Yah when his name was changed. To strive with ‘The Power’ and to strive with man…Ysrayl. Because Yah is the Only Power. This is what He says when He says I am One. Yah is the Only Power. All Power good or evil comes from Yah. The power that satan has comes from Yah. Because satan could do nothing if Yah removed his power from him. Like Yahoshua told you, I can’t do any of this on My own. What you are seeing is directly from Yah. Yah is the Only One that can do this. Yah’s the only One that can grant salvation because He’s the Only Power. So I just wanted to throw that our there about the name Ysrayl. To look at that or get an understanding of that.

So let’s look at this. So we seen Edom right. He was a Hebrew. He was mahogany colored, red as a hairy garment as he was born. But Esau’s name was changed to Edom. He became known as Edom, Edomite. This means red. How did he get the name red? Why did they call him red? Was it because of his skin color? Let’s go to Genesis chapter 25. We are going to see why he was called red. And it had nothing to do with his skin complexion. Otherwise, they would have given him that name at birth. As we saw Rebekah’s brother was called Laban. And he more than likely got that name at birth. Because, that was something about him (that described him) and more than likely he was an albino.

Let’s go to Genesis 25. Let’s see how Esau became known as Edom and his descendants became known as Edomites which means a descendant of Edom. So whenever you see the suffix of any name in the Bible -ite, like Israelite…Israel + ite, the -ite at the end, that suffix at the end means ‘to descend from’. So when you see Israelite, that means descendants of Israel. Edomites are a descendant of Edom. Amorites are descendants of Amor. Moabites are descendants of Moab. Okay, Let’s see how Esau got this name Edom.

Genesis 25:27-34, v. 27 So Esau was a man of the field, you know Esau liked to go out and hunt and Yahqob like to dwell in tents. He was a homebody as we would call them today. v. 28-30 Now we get this about the 2 boys. They grew up to be men. Esau was a man of the field, out hunting and Yahqob is a man who stays home. Esau was the favorite of his father and Yahqob was the favorite of his mother. Now, remember when se went to inquire with Yah about why she was having so much problems in her womb and Yah gave her the prophesy that the older shall serve the younger and two manners of people are in your womb. So she knew the prophesy that Yah had given. Remember that. She knew the prophesy that the elder shall serve the younger. So Esau is saying he is weary. After this Scripture, we will go to Jasher chapter 27 and I hope yours reads the same as my copy right here. Okay, so Esau said to Yahqob please feed me with that same red stew for I am weary. This is why his name is called Edom. He wanted some of the red stew that his brother was cooking. (red lentil stew) So what would he give for that red stew?

v. 31-32 In just a moment we are going to the book of Jasher and we are going to see why Esau thought he was about to die. Why was he weary when he came from the field? Esau had just done a grand event. He had just done something and so he thought he was going to die that day. So this is why he sold his birthright. We will let the book of Jasher tell us in just a moment.

(Recording cuts off here) Verse 33-34 were not read but Esau sells his birthright to Yahqob for the red lentil stew. Esau despised his birthright.

Now let’s go to the book of Jasher. Now remember the book of Jasher is one of those books that was removed from the Bible. It was mentioned twice in Scripture. It was mentioned in 2 Samuel 11:18 and Joshua 10:13. So we are going here to the book of Jasher and we will see this whole thing between Esau and his brother.

Jasher 27:1-14, v. 1 Now this is the same day Esau sold his birthright. This is before he sold his birthright. v. 2-7 So Esau killed Nimrod. He decapitated Nimrod, cut of his head. v. 8 Esau killed the other 2 men with Nimrod too. So Esau was on the run for his life and came to his brother Jacob and this is why he said ‘I’m about to die’. ‘Why do I need this birthright’? Because he thought that Nimrod’s people were going to come and hunt him down and kill him for killing Nimrod. v. 9-10 Now these garments that Kush had given to Nimrod were the garments of Adam and Hawah that were given to them by Yah after they sinned. Yah killed the animal and made them apron coverings. That garment was taken upon the ark with Noah and Kush (son of Ham) stole them and gave them to Nimrod. And Esau possessed Adam’s garments last.

v. 11-14 So this is what Esau did. He sold his birthright because he thought that Nimrod’s men were going to come and kill him. So he said ‘why do I need a birthright’? ‘I will not live long enough to inherit the blessings’. So he sold it. And Jacob took it to a witness and wrote it down in a book. So this is why Esau sold his birthright. He despised that birthright. He didn’t want it. And this is why Yah hated Esau. Yah hated that he sold his birthright for red stew. You mean you would give up being the chosen people, you would give up being the people who Yah has called for some red stew? RED STEW.

Okay, Let’s go look more about Esau. Because they want to say that because this man was born red that, that means he was white. But what they fail to realize is that Esau married black-skinned Canaanite women. These women are descendants of Canaan, who are the descendants of Ham. Canaan was the brother to Kush (the Ethiopians) and also the brother to Mizraim (Egyptians) and Phut. Esau took wives from the daughters of Canaan.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 36. So if Esau was born red and if you want to call it white when he mixed seed with these women…he was just a mahogany colored brother and he mixed seed with these black-skinned women so his descendants were a black-skinned people. Now we say black-skinned because black is an adjective and it is a word used to describe a noun. Skin, hair, cars, buses…so saying black-skinned is not putting it in that category of a race. But they were a black-skinned nation of people, the true Edomites.

Genesis 36:1-8, v. 1 Now this is the genealogy of Esau who is Edom. Remember he sold his birthright. He is known as red. This is his new name red. And it’s kind of derogatory because red sold his birthright for some red stew. Now he has a name that describes his character. See even with nickname brothers and sisters, described our character. We were not given nicknames as they do today. Today they just give a shortened form of our regular name. We were even nicknamed back then a name that described our character as our real names did. v. 2 (talks to someone) Yeah Niger does mean black. See he took his wives from the daughters of Canaan.

v. 3-8 So Esau is Edom brothers and sisters. He is red. So he took his wives from the daughters of Canaan and he had sons by these women and his sons were the progenitors of the Edomite nation. And these were born to him in the land of Canaan. And they dwelt in Mount Seir. (talks to someone) Kayn, he did not like that, he did not like Esau. But Esau did take the daughters of Canaan to despise his father. Isaac told Yahqob not to take wives from the daughters of Canaan. Because the Canaanites were wicked. They were into all types of wickedness…beastility, sex with children, throwing their children into the fire, all types of sexual perversion, all types of sacrifices…the Canaanites were a wild group. They even had sex with the fallen angels. So this is why Isaac didn’t want his sons to pollute themselves with these wild women of Canaan. But Esau did it to despise his father because Esau was upset that his father had given the first-born blessing to Yahqob. Because Yahqob had bought the birthright to the first-born blessing.

Now many of you can’t comprehend that. Obadiyah, well why was that birthright so important? In that day, the birthright was so important because the first-born son got the bulk of the father’s inheritance. If your father was wealthy, you were going to inherit a lot. And then as the processions of the sons goes down, you know all the sons get a possession of the father. And then whatever is left and if he has any daughters, then they get the last end of it. Do you know why? Because when a daughter goes out to marry, she’s going to marry into her husband and her husband has received an inheritance from his father. So he is going to take care of her with his inheritance. This is why the daughter go the last end of her father’s inheritance. So when these men get this inheritance they must take that and go out and provide for their families that they are going to take.

So this birthright was all to important. This birthright between these 2 brothers would determine who would be Yah’s chosen people. And Esau was in line to receive those great blessings but he gave it up for red stew. Understand that red stew plays a central role. This is why these brothers don’t understand the history that we have had with Edom. The back and forth and the rivalry and the wars that we had with them. But the prophesy was given, the older shall serve the younger. So we by getting the blessings and becoming the chosen people of Yah, we were in a position to put Esau under the ban and we did just that. We will go to that in just a moment.

So now let’s look at the blessings and the birthright. Let’s look at how the blessings were passed down and the birthright that followed that Esau gave up to his brother Jacob. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 27. I hope you all are following along and you are seeing who Esau was. This was your brother, the brother to our father. This is Uncle Esau, you know. And you are telling me that the European nations are your uncles? Are your brothers? Are you telling me that they are Hebrews? See, those brothers don’t want to deal with that part. But they see the controversy that Yah had with Esau, so they say ‘this must be the white man because a white man has done all this to us’. The white man has been obedient to do what Yah called him to do. He has gone overboard of course and he will be punished for going overboard because Yah has rules and laws to everything. So this Gentile has gone overboard with what he has done yet he was called by Yah to be an enemy to us. So why are you getting mad at him? And you don’t understand that history that took place between us and Edom throughout our entire history. And how we went back and forth and the prophesies that Yah said that He was going to do.

Yah was so mad at these Edomites, He said, ‘I’m going to destroy them’! And lo and behold, who can tell me where Edom is today? Show me where there is a nation on earth right now that is called Edom. Go look at the United nations and look at all the flags of all the nations there. Show me where there is an Edomite flag there. There is no nation on this planet right now called Edom or Esau. That is gone. They have hidden themselves. We are going to see who they are. Genesis 27. We will see the blessings and the birthright…

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      1. I am lead to learn about esau, here is something I read “I will lead on softly, accirding as the cattle that goeth before me and the children able to endure”gen. 33:14 and this comment: He would nit lead on to what a string man like Esau could di and expected them to do

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