2012 Spring in the Garden

This was late spring 2011 in the front.Front early spring 21012. It will fill out in the summer and I will take another pic.This one’s common name is called  pin cushion flower. My camera, I noticed doesn’t pick up the vividness of the color purple. It looks better in person. This is another little garden area that has cucumber planted on both sides. On the far left and bottom of the picture are purple queen zinnia to help bring the pollinators. They are all seedlings now though.The bubbling brown sugar day lilies are coming back! We did have one cold spell and they died all the way down to the ground.This is a picture of sugar snap peas, you know their always in stir fry. And on the ground next to them if you look carefully are yellow onion seedlings growing.The Ponderosa lemon has so many blooms! This is just a pic of a few on one side.A white Amaryllis is about to bloom. All my Amaryllis, white, pink and red were given to me. The pink and white were given to me by my sister’s patient before she died. And the red was given to me by dad back in the 90s. Amaryllis make so many babies! After they bloom this year, I’m going to gift a friend of the family some. She was drooling over them last week, LOL.These are the two planters of gladioli I had to move last year because the wooden container broke open. As a result, they didn’t bloom so well. But this year, they look strong. They will bloom in May. The orange pot has more gladioli given to me by dad. The orange pot looks sparse because a few weeks ago an armadillo dug up some of the bulbs. 😦 Hopefully they will make some babies. 🙂 They usually do, lol.Red begonias growing in backyard. The three clay pots have zinnia seedlings planted.This is a peace lily. Several people from the neighborhood have commented on its beauty. It looks better in person.This is society garlic. Many people do not like it because of the smell. But its low maintenance which I like.Two holly and one pink azalea planted in the ground. The plant in the clay pot is a crown of thorns cactus. It is much bigger this year. You can see it in the first pic. I moved it over to another spot after the tea-cup it was in blew over and broke. And the spray of leaves on the right is African Iris.These are some of the azaleas pink and white, that I planted seen in the middle of the picture. The white flower on the right is begonia. The clay pot has pink zinnia seedlings.

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Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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