Mark of the Beast:Fleeing Into the Wilderness–The Place of Safety part 3 of 3

We are going to get rid of doctrines that are taught as truth. What is the wilderness? Is it a state of mind? This lesson will answer all your questions. It will answer when the wilderness will take effect. The wilderness will take place during the time of the mark of the beast. Especially at the time when the war against the saints begins, this is when the wilderness period will go into effect. We are not to be over there now. Yah does everything in an organized way. What He did before, He will do again. The same way we went through the Exodus from Egypt is the same way we will exit here, according to the book. Last week we talked about the war against the saints, we read about the Maccabees and Antiochus Epiphany and the great pain he brought onto the children of Israel. He set up the culture of the mark of the beast. Remember the mark is spiritual first then it’s physical. During the time when it says he will make war on the saints in Revelation 13, we are going to see how Yah is going to protect His people. Yah will protect  Israel. He is our protector. He fights for Israel. We are going through the curses now but when the greatest tribulation that the earth has ever seen comes, Yah will protect His people, Israel, in a place He calls the wilderness.

Let me explain quickly this doctrine about the rapture. The rapture is a doctrine created by Christians that in not Scriptural. The doctrine of the rapture states this: Before the tribulation Jesus will come and take all Christians into heaven to protect them from the man of sin and the mark of the beast. Some Christians believe Jesus will come in the middle of the tribulation. And some say Jesus will come at the end of tribulation and take them to heaven. If you understand Scriptures, then you know no man goes to heaven according to John 3:13, except the son of man. That doctrine is false because when Yah lays protection unto His people, during the great tribulation, it is His people He will protect. I’m not trying to offend anyone but I’m trying to get you to understand here. The Father never mentions Christianity being approved by Him. He chose the children of Israel to be His people, that’s read from Genesis to Revelation and nothing changed in between. The children of Israel that are in the western hemisphere are those who came here during the trans-atlantic slave trade. So-called African-Americans, those in Canada, the ones in the Islands, the ones in Central and South America, we are the descendants of the children of Israel. This is prophesy, Deuteronomy 28:68.

Satan still goes to heaven but not the highest heaven. There are different levels of heaven. In Hebrew heaven is called Shamayim  and this word is plural so it is layers of heaven. The highest heaven is where Yah and Yahoshua dwell. satan used to dwell in that highest point of heaven but he rebelled against The Father and was cast down to the lower levels where we are or where we call the milky way, our planetary system. Satan is down here with us. That’s why he’s creating so much havoc down here. He is on a lower level of heaven. Deep space is the heavens. He will be cast from the lower heaven (where he goes to accuse us) to earth, forever. He will not be able to ascend out of the earth. In Revelation 12 when he is cast down to earth, after this war he has with MichaYah/Michael, satan will be mad and come after the children of Israel.

Matthew 24:15-21 First we will lay foundation. v. 15 Yahoshua has given us a time frame here. When you see the abomination of desolation in the set apart place. v. 16 There will be Israelites over there working for Yah at that time. v.17 Don’t go into your house to get anything!! v. 18 Don’t go back to get your clothes! v. 19 Woe to pregnant women. v.20 Pray your flight will not be in winter or the Shabbat. v. 21 There will be great distress (tribulation) never seen before nor shall ever be.

Yahoshua is letting us know the time frame in Matthew 24. This has not happened yet. Have we experienced the greatest time of trouble ever on earth? No way, because some brothers teach that this was slavery. They think slavery was the greatest time of trouble on earth. No, Yahoshua said when you see them set up in the temple, v. 15. Now when Yahoshua said this, He told the Hebrews that the temple would be destroyed. Right? Yahoshua gave them the prophesy in Luke 21:24, that Israel would be taken captive and spread throughout all nations. Yahoshua knew that the Gentiles would come and destroy the temple and destroy Israel. So what is he talking about here? Yahoshua is talking about a future time, when the rebuilding of the temple, once the temple is torn down, the rebuilding of the temple will take place. Then, He says that when this happens, when the abomination of desolation stands in the temple, this is when Israel will flee into the wilderness. This is when they will be taken to the place of safety because this great war against the saints, the set apart ones will be taking place at this time. When the man of sin a.k.a the antichrist a.k.a the anti-messiah, when he sets up in the temple and says he is the greatest of all gods, when that happens, that’s when Israel will be called to flee into the wilderness.

Now, Yahoshua gave us time a frame of this, first He said when you see the man of sin standing in the temple. Then He said when this happens, it’s going to be the worst time of trouble ever with great distress of tribulation, such as not been since the beginning of the world nor ever shall be. So, this is going to be the worst time, EVER brothers and sisters! So this time frame has not taken place yet. Now, I want to touch on a few things here. He said that first, if your on a housetop, now Hebrews use to dwell on the housetops, we use to chill-out up there, like I told you before, like we do in New Yawk (York)! You know how y’all New Yorkers do it, chillin’ on the roof tops, LOL. And even in Chicago, and the big cities, brothers like to hang on the roof top. But Yahoshua is making it plain and clear, this is what He’s saying, if you are on your housetop or outside of your house when this man stands up in that temple and proclaims himself to the greatest of all gods, you ain’t got time to go in and grab a sock!! You ain’t got time to go in and grab a shirt!! You must flee immediately!! And Yah will tell you brothers and sisters where to go. Remember, when we read about Lot during our Wednesday night class? We read in Genesis about Lot, when the angel came and got him. And took him out of Sodom before Sodom was destroyed. Yeah, Yah’s going to do likewise with you. He’s going to let you know. He’s going to give you a way to know where you are to go and when to go. So, Yahoshua said this is the sign that you are to flee, you are to leave. FLEE! It doesn’t mean that you have to stand there and Yah’s going to pick you up and teleport you. No, you got to flee, you have to move those ‘feets’ and get going! DON’T GO BACK IN THE HOUSE FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

So I want to show you more about this abomination of desolation. Yahoshua said when you see him, set up as I was telling you, flee. Yahoshua knew the temple would be destroyed. He knew the Romans would come in and exile Israel, He said this Himself. So, what is He talking about ‘the set apart place’? Turn to Revelation 11, I’m laying this foundation down so you will have a greater understanding when I show you what the wilderness is and why the children of Israel has to go there. This the same time period that we will read in Revelation 13. This is the same time period that we looked at in part of the lesson that we read about the war with the saints. When that man stands up in that temple and says he is a god and the greatest of all gods, this is when everything will start. This is when the mark of the beast will be instituted and all those things come. When that happens, Yahoshua said you got to go! Now notice, I’m telling you, when you’re dealing with Yah, Yah does everything on time. So right here Yahoshua says go , that’s what He means! Don’t go back in the house because if you go back in the house and you’re a second late, then you are going to miss the way to the wilderness! If you go to early or you stay to late, you’re going to miss the way to the wilderness. Remember Yahoshua said let he who reads understand. The temple has been gone, cast down. Don’t be on ‘cp time’, colored people’s time! You can’t sit around and watch this man on Television. If you see this on television or the internet, you immediately get up, and Yah will lead and guide you where you need to go. But if you sit there and say, ‘you know he is not doing nothing for now, he is just saying, he’s the god, but I’m going to wait until I get my check next week and then I’ll go’. ‘first I got to finish paying off my car not, then I’ll go next week’. With that mindset, you watch what happens to you!!! You will miss the place of safety!

Revelation 11 talks about the rebuilding of the temple. Please take notes so you will not be deceived.

Revelation 11:1-2 Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of Yah, the altar and those who worship there. But leave out the court which is outside the temple and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the set apart city underfoot for forty-two months.

Now, we are going to stop here. We have a lot to take apart here. This angel is giving this message to John or Yahcanon. The dwelling place is the temple. John was given a vision of the temple and told to rise and measure it. But the court leave to the Gentiles. Now, when Yah’s temple was built-in Jerusalem, right where the temple stood, there was a gigantic outer court, like a courtyard (or schoolyard, to put in modern-day understanding). This big courtyard was where the people came when they brought their sacrifices. The people would line up in the courtyard to bring the sacrifices to the priests. So, the priests would slaughter it on the altar and all that stuff. Outside of the courtyard was where everybody dwelled. You had Yah’s temple in one spot and then you had this gigantic courtyard. Now, the angel is telling John, don’t measure the courtyard because this is where the Gentiles will trample underfoot 42 months. This courtyard will be the exact location where the Jews will rebuild this temple. Yah  will not allow that temple, because its going to be such a defiled place, when that man of sin stands in it, Yah will not allow that temple to stand in the exact location where His temple stood!! He will not! Many people believe the place called the rock, with that golden doom mosque, many people believe that is the place of Yah’s temple spot. Yah would rather have that there, on the temple spot than what’s going to come. So, Yah is giving them the courtyard. Now notice it said the Gentiles will trample underfoot for 42 months, mark that down. 42 months, we are talking about what 3 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years will be the number the man of sin reigns. 3 1/2 years will be the number of years that the children of Israel will dwell in the wilderness. 1,260 days, 42 months, a time-times and 1/2 of time or 3 1/2 years, the same time period here that the children of Israel will be in the wilderness. The man of sin will reign and make war with the saints left behind.

The Gentiles are the Jewish people.  We have documented evidence of this. Some people say ‘no there will not be another temple rebuilt’. O.K., you just sit back and watch! The Jewish people have the crown, what they will crown the high priest with. They have priestly garments, so priest will do priestly duties. They are getting the sacrifices and all these things together. Jewish people are awaiting the temple and they said when they build the temple, their messiah will come. This is coming out of their mouth. They are going to build this temple in the land, brothers and sisters. That’s one of the reasons Yah has allowed them to be over there. Without the building of the temple there would be no great tribulation coming and without the great tribulation there would be no redemption of Ysrayl because Yahoshua will come after that 3 1/2 years period and redeem Israel. We will read all this.

So, Revelation 11 is speaking about the rebuilding of the temple, the courtyard. Now,  Yahoshua said when you see the abomination of desolation standing in the set apart place, let’s see what that’s talking about. Shaul gives us a great understanding of that. Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians because this is the event that you have to be aware of when the wilderness will take place.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 v. 1-2 Shaul says not to be troubled, worried about the warnings. We don’t give you information to make you fear, no we give this info so you can understand! So, you can get ready, so you can prepare, for what’s about to come. So you can know, that’s why we give this into, not to bring fear to you. v. 3 Let no one deceive you in any way! Because falling away is to come first!! The fallen away is the Hebrews who are going to fall away from the Messianic belief! Oh, it has already started! They will depart from the faith, in the last days. The man of sin is revealed, son of perdition, destruction. This is what the world calls the anti-christ, the man of lawlessness. v. 4 He will apply Himself over all elohim (gods). Remember the gods in the ancient days were the fallen angels. He will exalt himself above everything called a god or worshipped so that he sits as Yah in the dwelling place of Yah, showing himself that he is Yah. He will do these signs and lying wonders, deceiving the people into trying to believe that he is Yah. He will stand in the dwelling place which is the temple, showing himself to be Yah. This is the same thing that Yahoshua spoke about in Matthew 24:15. When you therefore see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the temple. Shaul just told us when he’s standing in that temple, he’s going to make himself the greatest of all gods. he will put himself above everything worshipped. he will put himself above Yah! Yahoshua said when this happens you flee! The time of the wilderness begins! v. 8 When Yahoshua comes He’s going to destroy him but he has not been revealed yet and until he is revealed, we don’t know who he is. When  he is revealed he will proclaim himself the greatest of all gods and Yahoshua said flee. Those in Judah will have to flee. There will be brothers and sisters in Judah doing work of Yah, the same work we are doing out here, in the U.S., we are going to have brothers and sisters in Israel doing the same work. Those brothers and sisters will not be converting to Judaism. They will go there speaking Yah and Yahoshua and Yah’s going to protect them and nobody will do anything against them. There will be work going on in the land because the land is defiled, the land needs to be cleansed.

So, their will be some in Yahudah (Judah) when this thing goes down. The man of sin will be set up in the temple. The temple will be in Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be ground zero, brothers and sisters. It’s not the place of safety, that’s where everything will take place first. This is where the cleansing is most needed at because when Yahoshua returns, He’s not going to stay in a defiled land. That land is defiled with blood shed and paganism. Let me not get ahead of myself.

Yahoshua and Shaul spoke of the man of sin, where he will be at and what he will do. To make yourself appear greater than Yah is blasphemy! A war will take place.

Revelation 12:1-17 This is the same time period as 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8. The temple has not been built yet, not even in Shaul’s time. Shaul is talking about a future event that is going to happen in our day. There’s no temple over there now but their will be one rebuilt as we read in Revelation 11, the courtyard will be trampled 42 months. v. 3 This is satan=red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns on his heads. v. 4 stars=angels, satan took 1/3 of the angels with him when he fell to the earth. The woman=Israel, the male child represents Yahoshua. We know that when Yahoshua was birthed his parents had to flee into Egypt because Herod who as inspired by satan wanted to kill Yahoshua. So this is symbolism for that, when the woman was giving birth to the male child, when Israel was giving birth to the Messiah, satan came and tried to devour Him. v. 5 Yahoshua is now sitting on the right of Yah. v.6 The woman (Israel) fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by Yah to be nourished there 1, 260 days. She will be protected here. v. 7 Michael and his angels will fight the dragon, satan and his angels. v. 8 satan said in Isaiah 14, he will lift his throne above the stars. satan has rulership. satan and his angels will fight against MichaYah and his angels. The righteous warrior angel, MichaYah, who guards the children of Israel. satan here is making his final attempt to get the throne of Yah, MichaYah and his angels are there to protect Yah’s throne. There will be a great war in heaven. ‘a place will not be found for them in heaven no longer’ satan will lose his spot in heaven, which means he is still in heaven. he’s not in the higher heaven, he is in the lower heaven, down here where we are. From the ground to the sky is a level of heaven. From the clouds to the outside of earth’s atmosphere is a level of heaven. The galaxy, the milky way are levels of the heaven. Satan was cast down here for his rebellion and disobedience. v. 9 Revelation is the last book because this is future things. satan will be cast out for the final time. After this great war, he and his angels will be on earth. v. 10 The accuser of the brothers is cast out declares a loud voice. v. 12 When the devil comes down to us, he will be mad, mad, mad! Because he has been kicked out and can’t ascend into heaven and he knows his time is short. This is when he will bring chaos to the earth, when he is confined to the earth. v. 13 When the dragon saw that he had been thrown to the earth he persecuted the woman (Israel) who gave birth to the male child (Yahoshua). The Messiah was an Israelite, through the womb of an Israelite woman. Why is he coming after Israel? Because he’s going to war with Yah, trying to make war with Yah, Israelites are the apple of Yah’s eye. He who touches Israel touches the apple of Yah’s eye, ZechariYah 2:8. By satan not being able to get to Yah, he’s going to come down and go after Yah’s people. He thinks he will have free reign to come and attack Yah’s people but no, because Yah is going to send His people into the wilderness. v. 14 Ysrayl will be in the wilderness, time-times and 1/2 of time or 3 1/2 years, from the presence of the serpent. She was given wings like an eagle to fly to the wilderness where she is nourished. She will be protected. She will have safety from the devil. Yah will nourish ‘take care of’ her (Israel). v. 15-16 The dragon sends a flood to get Israel escaping bu the earth swallows the flood waters. v. 17 The dragon makes war with the rest of their offspring those who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua Messiah. *The ones left behind.

Satan will possess the man of sin. Matthew 24:15, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, are talking about this. This is all the same time period. Last week, we read he will make war against the saints, all that will take place when satan is cast out and when he makes his move against Israel. We read in the Apocrypha book of first Maccabees, what the war (against Ysrayl) will look like. It will be similar to the war Antiochus Epiphany made against the children of Israel. Antiochus was a precursor to the man of sin. We read in 2 Maccabees chapter 7, where this woman watched Antiochus kill 7 of her sons because they would not bow down to him. They would not bow down and they would not eat pork. That’s what satan is going to do when he comes down to earth, because satan was the inspiration for Antiochus Epiphany. So when satan is cast down here, what does the Scriptures say? Woe unto you on the earth! and even the sea! The devil has come down upon you with great wrath for he has but a short time remaining. *satan will be super angry because Yah has kicked him out of heaven for good. He will be confined to earth. But he will not go after all children of Ysrayl just those who keep the laws of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua Messiah or Messianic Hebrews that don’t make it into the wilderness. They will be left behind to teach as we will read in the book of Daniel. Daniel talks about the same time period. Matthew 21:15, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8, Revelation 11:1-2, and Revelation 12 are the same time period when the war against Israel begins, the war against the saints, the mark of the beast all the same time period. It will only last for 1,260 days, 42 months, time-times and 1/2 of time, or 3 1/2 years. The 7 year tribulation is a false doctrine.

Let’s go back to Revelation 12:14. Some say the wilderness is only in the New Testament. They say it’s not in the Torah, that it’s not in the writings of the prophets, blah blah blah. Let’s go to Isaiah. Isaiah will tell you what that nourishment is. But first let’s go to Revelation 13 and read verse 7. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation. *These are those Israelites that don’t make the wilderness. We will read about them in Daniel 11. This is all the same time period. Let’s go to Isaiah.

Yah will nourish us 3 1/2 years, where? In the wilderness,He will not let us die. Yah did not give the location of the wilderness because there’s a great understanding that needs to be had about the wilderness. But I will tell you where it may be later. Yah did not put the direct place in there because satan already would not chase us, he would already be there waiting on us. Remember this is a war. There are things in a war you have to keep secret. Yahoshua said Yah’s sheep hear His voice. You have to be intoned with The Father doing His righteous will in order to know where the wilderness is , in order to get ready to flee to it. This is going to be led by Yah. He’s going to guide you and tell you where to go.

Isaiah 35:1-10 Hear, Isaiah is speaking about the nourishment Yah will give in the wilderness. Isaiah will explain what is the nourishment. v. 1 The wilderness will be a desert place, what desert? We don’t know. The desert will be glad we are there. Yah created this place for safety to protect us from the greatest time of trouble, ever! Whew! How merciful is that! Yah sees what we are going through brothers and sisters. We will be chillin’ in the wilderness. v. 4 Be strong don’t fear because those who get to the wilderness, remember will be chased into the wilderness by the devil. You are going to be fearful! The devil will be behind us as we are fleeing!! Isaiah said be courageous. Yah will bring vengeance, He is coming to save us! So, Ysrayl do not be afraid, although the adversary is behind you. He will open up his mouth to throw out a flood to swallow us up. But the earth will open up and swallow the flood. We have to run! Don’t go back in the house! Don’t go get anything! You will not need it because Yah’s going to provide everything you need. v. 5-6 Yah will nourish us here. There will be water in the wilderness. The lame will leap, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the mute will sing. Instant healings! No sick people in the wilderness! HalleluYah! All our ills will be healed. v. 7 There will be vegetation in the wilderness. Yah is going to take care of you Israel like He took care of you 40 years in the wilderness before. When you came out of Egypt, Yah took care of you for 40 years! He’s going to take care of you for 3 /12 years! Do you think He can’t? Oh, He will! And this time it will be more special because Yah’s going to do like He did before. It will be Israelites who believe. He will not have to kill off Israelites like He did before. All those who left Egypt, only 2 made it to the land. Their children made it but they were so disobedient Yah said they were not going into the land. They died outside the land. So, This time when we leave and we go into the wilderness, remember Ysrayl is scattered all over the world. The nourishment in the wilderness is water and vegetation. You will not be hungry or thirsty. If you are blessed to make the wilderness please do not complain, ‘oh we could have stayed where we were’ or ‘ain’t no water’ ‘ain’t no food’ and ‘I want some meat’. Don’t go there Ysrayl! You know what happened to your ancestors taking that same attitude. Leave that behind. v. 8 Here he says there will be no sinners going to the land of Israel. The highway there is righteous. No foolishness will be there. It is for those who walk ‘the way’ or ‘ways of Yah’, Messianic Hebrew who are blessed to get this understanding and blessed to be saved from the wrath of the adversary. No foolish talk, doing foolish things, nor foolish doctrines from Israelites, will be there. v. 9 No wild beasts there to bother us. Those creatures Yah is going to bring up from the ground will not effect you there. v. 10 The redeemed will return to Zion singing. Sorrow will go away. Psalm 37:1-4 We can’t sing in captivity. When we get into Zion we will sing to Yah. The same as when we came out of Egypt, when we come out of these countries, we are going into our land, redeemed!

Satan can not bother those in the wilderness. The wilderness does not have water and vegetation yet, it’s not time. The redeemed of Yah will be protected on EARTH! They will not see that chaos the devil will do for the 3 1/2 years. We aren’t going to heaven. Yah does not change. What He did in the ancient times. He will do again, just like in Egypt. Just as Yah brought us out of old Egypt, He sent us into new Egypt, in a symbolic way because this place is like Babylon. It is composed of those ancient nations, Egypt and Babylon. Yet, He is talking in a symbolic way because Ysrayl has been scattered all over. We are in the U.S. A, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the entire western hemisphere in ships.

Deuteronomy 28:68 And Yah will take you back to Egypt in ships by the way of which I said to you ‘you shall never see it again and there you shall be offered for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves but no one will buy you (out of going into slavery).

Egypt, Hebrews called the Egyptians Mizraim (sp?). Yah said I will bring you back in ships, to Egypt. Egypt means bondage. The new Egypt, captivity is what Yah said. And He will bring us out like He brought them out of Egypt to the wilderness.  They didn’t go to Egypt in ships back then, we came into slavery from West Africa to the America’s by ships.

Exodus 7:1 Yah does not change! Yah sent 2 witnesses to pharaoh, Moses and Aaron and He will send 2 witnesses to the man of sin. Yah said to Moses, ‘see I have made you as a elohim to pharaoh and Aaron your brother shall be prophet.

Revelation 11:3-10 v. 3 And I will give power to My 2 witnesses and they will prophesy 1,260 days, 3 1/2 years. The same time period. Sackcloth represents morning. The earth will be in morning because the wicked will fully rule the world. v. 3-4 These 2 witnesses are not Moses and EliYah. Moses has already done his job. He is in the grave waiting on the 1st resurrection. The 1st resurrection will occur upon Yahoshua’s return. Moses is resting, sleeping. Moses wrestled with over 1 million stiff-necks in the desert for 40 years! His only strength was Yah. Never forget that! Moses deserves his rest. Yahoshua will return at the end of the 3 1/2 year period. We will read this. He will raise all those righteous people in the 1st resurrection up to Him. Those who are righteous and alive will get their spiritual bodies but that’s another lesson. v. 6 Moses and Aaron had the power to bring curses or plagues to pharaoh. * These had power to shut heaven so that no rain falls in the days of their prophesy and they have power over waters to turn them to blood and to strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire. * Yah did it once, He will do it again* We are in spiritual Egypt! He will release us again. They smite the earth with plagues like Moses and Aaron. v. 7 After they finish their prophesy, Yah will allow them to be killed. They will bear witness to the man of sin that Yahoshua is the true Messiah and that his is false. They will have the power of Yah. *Ysrayl was led into the land by a general, Joshua/Yahoshua Ben Nun. Pharaoh was chasing The Israelites, like the devil will chase us. Yah parted the sea of reeds. What did Revelation 12 say? When satan comes and satan also inspired pharaoh he will chase the children of Ysrayl, in the future to the wilderness like he chased them back then.  Joshua/Yahoshua led us into the land of Israel. Let’s look at that because when we are led back into the land this time a general or High Priest named Yahoshua Ben Yah will lead us back into the land!! It’s the same things over again brothers and sisters. Yah does not change!!

Deuteronomy 31:23 Then he inaugurated Yahoshua the son of Nun or Yahoshua Ben Nun and said ‘be strong and of good courage for you shall bring the children of Israel into the land of which I swore to them and I will be with you.

Yahoshua Ben Nun went to war likewise Yahoshua Messiyah will gather up Ysrayl, go into the land and make war with those who will be fighting Him in the battle of Armageddon. Remember  Yah will nourish us. When they were in the wilderness their sandals did not wear out.

Matthew 24:27-31 Yahoshua Messiyah will gather the elect first, just like Yahoshua Ben Nun. Yahoshua Messiah will bring us into the land like Yahoshua Ben Nun. v. 29 After tribulation, v. 31 Yahoshua and His angels will gather His chosen ones (the elect) from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. four winds=we will still be scattered. He will grab us from the wilderness and from the graves because at the last (7th) trumpet as Shaul tells in 1 Corinthians that we shall be changed. He will gather those who keep/kept the laws of Yah and believed in Him.

Revelation 19:11-21 *Yah kicked us out of Ysrayl because we converted to the ways of the Gentiles. We will not go back to this land converting to the ways of the Gentiles, no Judaism. It does not make sense. It ‘s a contradiction. Judaism is a religion of the Gentiles, it’s not Scripture, we can’t read Judaism in Scriptures. Yah says when we come back, we will be righteous! No uncleanness, no fools! v. 11-21 This is after the chosen are gathered, Yahoshua is ready for war! Army of angels with Him. v. 17-18 Birds will eat all the dead bodies. v. 19 They will gather in North Israel in a place called Harmegiddo (sp?), the nations will gather up, the east and the west. This is the headquarters of the man of sin. No other place has had more wars than Harmegiddo! This will be the place of the final great battle. They will look up and see Yahoshua. They will not want to fight each other, they will want to fight Him. They will turn their guns on Him. v. 20 The beast was captured and the false prophet too, into the lake of fire! v. 21 The rest were killed with the sword. The birds will eat them. The land has to be cleansed. Isn’t it a blessing to read thus saith Yah! And we are reading it for ourselves! Remember the land has to be cleansed. So when we read that when Yahoshua comes and He takes out all those nations that came to fight, that is the cleansing process.

Numbers 35:33-34 So you shall not pollute the land where you are for blood defiles the land and no atonement can be made for the land for blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it. Therefore do not defile the land which you inhabit in the midst of which I dwell for I Yah dwell among the children of Ysrayl.

Much blood has been shed in our land by every nation on earth. So He said the blood defiles the land. ‘Blood of he who shed’ means the blood of Israelites has to be shed in the land to cleanse it. Yah is saying all those nations must have their blood shed in Israel in order for the land to be cleansed. So this is what we just read in Revelation 19. We see the process of Yahoshua coming back. He will kill all those nations, shed all their blood, so the land can be cleansed. So He can come in, bring the children of Israel back, the righteous children of Israel, and set up the kingdom. * In other words, the kingdom will be taken back by force. This is what will happen when Yahoshua returns. He (Yahoshua Messiyah) will be fighting for us to get into the land like Yahoshua Ben Nun fought his way into the land!

If we went over there and tried to take the land, what would happen to us? We would be turned into pancakes! What would we use? Our little cap guns? We have no power, we are still cursed. Our King, when He returns and gathers us, then we are ready. When He brings that army, then we’ll be ready! Give me my sword! Just tell me, give me a list of all those You want taken out. v. 34 Yah will not dwell in a defiled land. *It is Yah that wants them to come to Harmegiddo. Yahoshua will fight them there.

*Remember Yah led the children into the land by General Yahoshua Ben Nun and He will lead us again into the land by General Yahoshua Ben Yah, Messiyah. As Joshua went to war Yahoshua Messiyah is going to war.

Joel 3:1-3, In those days and that time (this means the future) I will bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem. I will also gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat and I will enter into judgement with them there on account of My people, My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among  the nations. They have divided up My land. They have casts lots for My people, have given a boy as payment for a harlot and sold a girl for wine, that they may drink.

This is the same time period we just read about in Revelation 19. In the battle of Harmegiddo, they think they will battle each other but Yah is putting them in one place. So when He comes back through Yahoshua, BAM. He can get them all in one place. Scripture says there will be so much blood, it will come up to the horse’s bridle or its mouth, a river of blood! Whew, birds will feast on the dead bodies for years! That’s about 6 to 7 feet deep of blood! That is the cleansing process.

As Ysrayl goes into the wilderness, we have to be cleansed of our transgressions. We have to be cleansed of the ways of the Gentiles. We have Gentile mindsets today. So many of you who have these mindsets, Yah is going to use the wilderness to bring you out of this mindset. We read in Isaiah that we will be nourished. Let’s read what Ezekiel has to say because we are going by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, right, in that all matters shall be established. We read about the wilderness in Isaiah, Revelation 12, now let’s see what Ezekiel says.

Ezekiel 20:33-38 *Remember when we came out of Egypt Yah had to purge out those wicked Israelites in the wilderness. Yah says He will gather us with a mighty hand, out of the countries where you are scattered. He will have wrath! And everyone will know He rules over Israel! His strong, mighty hand will be His protection remember we will be running to the wilderness and running from the devil. v. 35 And I shall bring you in the wilderness remember we read this in Revelation 12 and plead My case with you face to face. *He will nourish, protect and cleanse us there. How many of you have been in trouble at your job. But, would rather have your boss leave a mad message for you than have to go to the bosses office to speak face to face about what you have done wrong! Likewise, when Israel saw the thundering and lightening, they said no to Moses, we will talk to you and you go talk to Yah. And Yah was being loving and kind there, LOL! So just think when He’s going into judgment with you face to face in the wilderness!!!!!!!!! He will whip your behind in the wilderness to correct you! He will bring you there to cleanse you, He will still take care of you. There will be rebels in the wilderness! Just like we have rebels today, Israelites doing whatever they want to do. They are rebels those who rebel against the word of Yah. They do what they want, when and how they want. This is what Yah is talking about right here. v. 36 I pleaded My case with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so I will plead My case with you declares Yah. *Do you see that it will be just like when we came out of Egypt, we will go through the same things. Yah nourished them, He will take care of us. He protected them, He will protect us. He corrected them for 40 years, they had the Egyptian mindset when they came out, remember they wanted that golden calf. Likewise, when we come out of these countries, Yah will correct and cleanse us. Then we will go over the highway of the righteous that is spoken of in the book of Isaiah 35. v. 37-38 ‘But they shall not enter the land of Israel’ *Yah will determine who makes it into the land of Israel! Yah will determine who makes it into the kingdom! You have to be righteous and fit to make it into the land! The Israelites who live there today will have to flee to the mountains so as not to get the mark of the beast. Do you remember Yahoshua said this? We will be in the wilderness and He will purge out the rebels, those who sin against Him. The crazy thing you do in congregations will not be allowed. Let’s go back to Isaiah 35:8 because it says the same thing Ezekiel says right here. ‘A highway shall be there and a road, and it shall be called the highway of righteousness. The unclean shall not pass over it but is shall be for others (the righteous). Whoever walks the road although a fool, shall not go on the road (just as Ezekiel 20:38). *This is the straight and narrow road that Yahoshua speaks about. The road to destruction is crowded yet the straight and narrow road will be th highway that the righteous walk over to lead from this existence to into the kingdom of Yah, that He has prepared for His righteous sons and daughters from before the world was created. The wilderness is for safety, nourishment and correction. This is what Yah has in store for us brothers and sisters. Is this hard to understand?

Ezekiel 20:35 Let’s read it again. Notice Yah says I will bring you into the wilderness of the peoples then v.36 tells us that I pleaded My case with your fathers in the wilderness of the land Egypt. *So, there is a wilderness of the land of Egypt and Yah said I will bring you out of the wilderness of the peoples. Yah is saying there are many wilderness locations and these wildernesses are near the places Ysrayl has been scattered to. There is not one central wilderness because Israel is all over remember Matthew 24 said Yahoshua will gather His elect that are in the 4 corners of the world. So there is a wilderness for the western hemisphere. There is a wilderness for those in E. Africa, S. Africa where the children of Israel are there will be a wilderness. Egypt had its own wilderness, there was a wilderness in Judah, a place called Zin, Joshua 15:1. Judges 1:16, we were in a wilderness called Kenite, 2 chronicles 20:20 We were in a wilderness of Tekoa.

*** I heard another Israelite group (in the beginning) saying the wilderness will not be in the Americas! The Elder pointed out the ships of Tarshish. Isaiah 23, Ezekiel 27:25-27 (?). They said we came by ship and we are leaving by ship and airplanes. They said Yah will use modern-day technology to get us up out of here in a hurry! Weren’t the children of Israel together when they went out of Egypt? Didn’t Yah say the desert will be the wilderness? Isn’t Mystery Babylon a land that will be destroyed? I don’t know, Yah will lead! But we know wherever and however we go satan will chase us there.

Let’s sum this up Matthew 24:15, the man of sin will stand in the temple, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 He will stand and say he is the greatest of all gods. We are to flee to the wilderness for 3 1/2 years. During this time Yah will purge the rebels. They refuse to do what Yah says, they will be killed in the wilderness. Just like before when we came out of Egypt. Yah will send 2 witnesses to the man of sin like He sent Moses and Aaron to pharaoh. We will be led into the kingdom, the land by Yahoshua. As Matthew 24 says Yahoshua will re-gather us as Yahoshua Ben Nun took the children of Israel into the land. In Revelation 12:17 satan will make war against those left behind.

Daniel 11:32-35 Daniel speaks about the brothers who are left behind. They will still be teaching. v. 33 This is the war of Revelation 12:17, satan will war against them and they shall fall by sword, flame, captivity and plundering. *sword= weapon of war, high-tech things, surveillance to monitor; the mark will be able to monitor too, GPS. v. 34 They will be helped a little. *My sidenote: By who? Is this the underground railroad?

Yah already knows who will make the wilderness and who will not. It’s already a done deal. Whatever Yah chooses for you, just be satisfied with that decision. v. 35 Yah says they will be tried to be refined or purified to make them white (white garments of the kingdom)

Daniel 2:44 *When Yahoshua returns He is not coming back to preach and teach. You got your chance for all that right now! We are in the grace period!…in the days of those kings, if you read over in Revelation 17, there will be 10 kings, read about the Club of Roman, they have set up how they will carve the world into 10 regions. A king or ruler will be put over those regions. So Revelation 17 speaks on the power given these kings. Daniel is talking about this. Daniel 2:44, Revelation 17, all this is in the same 3 1/2 year time period. Yah’s kingdom will be set up when these 10 kings are ruling the earth.  Yah’s kingdom will stand forever. Yahoshua will set up the kingdom. Who can take it from Him? If Yah has called Him to set it up? We can’t go over there now! It will be set up for us. We are Yah’s weapons of war, His battle axes to be used to crush the opposition. Yah will use (Israelite men) to crush all unrighteousness.

Jeremiah 51:19-23 v. 20 You (YsraYl) are My battle-ax and weapons of war, for I will break to pieces the nation, with you. I will destroy kingdoms, the horse and its rider, chariot and its rider, man, woman, old, young, young man, maiden, shepherd and his flock, farmer and oxen, I will break to pieces governors and rulers. v. 24 And I shall repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all the evil they have done in Zion in your sight declares Yah.

You will be used as a battle-ax, when Yahoshua returns with the army. At the last trumpet (7th) as Shaul says we will receive our spiritual bodies. Then you will ride with Yahoshua!! Ride or Die! For Real! You are not going to heaven! You don’t have to convert to Judaism. We are a set apart people! You are to teach them and be an example of the ways of Yah! They are not to teach you! If they are teaching you then the curses are still upon you. You are not free. How can the child tell the parent what to do? How can the student tell the teacher what to do? How can the prisoners tell the warden what to do? One of the curses is : Yah said He will make you the tail and your enemy the head. If you’re still following after the enemy you are still cursed. No cursed Israelites will be in the kingdom. The curses or the Babylon mindset will be removed in the wilderness. We are going into the kingdom righteously, no disobedience said Yah.

ZechariYah 8:1-9 Put your trust in Yah, man will lead you astray! How the land will be in the future: After Yahoshua returns. This is the kingdom and how it will be! We will be clean!

The wilderness is yet to come, it is not rapture.

Read Jasher chapter 75, Israelites wanted to leave Egypt early. Yah caused the Philistines to kill them (40,000) of them only a small number survived. Be on Yah’s time! Don’t  make plans, just do as Yah says! So you can be in the kingdom!

Questions and Answers:

What about the righteous Gentiles? What will happen to them? Yes, they will be in the wilderness with us because Scriptures say in Revelation 12:17, He will come for those who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua. Ezekiel 47:21-22, v. 22 There will be strangers (Gentiles) among you. They will have an inheritance too. Isaiah 56, house of prayer for all people. * I remember there was a mixed multitude coming out of Egypt with the Israelites in scripture. Yah will not leave them out. They are righteous and keep the laws. Righteous Gentiles who have joined to Ysrayl will go to the wilderness. All who do Yah’s will make it. There will be a lot of Israelites who don’t make it!!!

What is the identity of the 2 witnesses? We don’t know. Yah hasn’t revealed it yet. If He did the terminator (satan) would go after them! Remember that movie, He would go after them now or maybe as babes.

How will they (the 2 witnesses) get into the land? They will not convert to Judaism, Yah will send them there to speak His words?

The 10 kings? Are they helpers? When we go to the wilderness do we go by foot? Do we take the fam members? by car? train? That will be revealed depending on where the wilderness is. We may be going by boats,  Isaiah 60. If your outside and you get the news, flee immediately do not go back into the house! You can’t go back to tell mom and them, GO! Wherever it is He will provide how to get there. He will call all those who hear His voice. If your child hears Yah’s voice then they will leave with you. Yah determines who will go.

Rev. 17:12 These kings rule with the beast. The horns will be explained in the lesson called ‘Mystery Babylon’. These are 10 regions, one king will rule each region, set up by the beast. v. 13 They will be on one accord. They will fight against Yahoshua, Rev. 19:10-21. Daniel 2:44, These are the kings. It will be run like a corporation, with different departments with one CEO, the beast!

What about babies? Grab your children, it will be hard to travel on Shabbat. Some Israelites don’t travel on Shabbat, but Yahoshua is saying get up and GO! winter? It is difficult to travel in the winter but GO! It is especially hard on elders and the ill in the winter.

Don’t go back into your house for material things. Don’t grab bottles for your baby, you should be breast-feeding, if your healthy. Yah will provide!

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Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

13 thoughts on “Mark of the Beast:Fleeing Into the Wilderness–The Place of Safety part 3 of 3

  1. Now if we already know this could we at least prepare or but a bag in the car just in case. I know that we are to trust in Yah but if were able to prepare should we?

    1. Yoseph prepared 7 years before the famine. But if your bag is not near you when its time to flee, Yahoshua says not to go back for anything. You can also prepare to be left behind with can goods, water, toiletries, gold and silver. Shalom.

  2. Wow…. Thank you brotheren for the wonderful message. Infact we are preparing. Knowingly or unknowingly we are preparing. Yahweh is great. He sustained our understanding in harmony with yours. I just searched this website on Google and gone through it. Any way please pray for us as we prepare to the wilderness when the time comes
    In messiah Yahshua

  3. I read your post and it is really deep. I have been awaken as to who I am. I am a Hebrew Israelite. I did have a question about what YAH said. Jacob I have loved but Esau I have hated. When we flee will we have slaves in the wilderness called the edomites. I have read about this and I believe YAH sent me to you. You have a lot of wisdom. I know a lot of things but I always have room to learn and be taught the things of YAH from teachers whom know more than I.

    1. Congratulations on your spiritual awakening. I’m still learning also and have not deeply studied the Edomites, yet. The lesson you commented on was a Shabbat lesson belonging to Israylite Heritage. They also did a lesson called Esau the Hebrew. Sorry for any confusion, I probably should have separated my IH notes from my own notes in a better way (I will probably do that in the future). I have not read anywhere saying the Edomites will be in the wilderness, unless they worship Yah. The wilderness is a place of rest for the Israylites, to my understanding. I did read that there was a mixed multitude (that included the Egyptians) in the first wilderness, though. Yah repeats Himself so there will probably be Gentiles or nations in the next wilderness but I don’t think they will be slaves based on what I know now (I’m still reading the book of Ezra right now and Yah has not given me anything about the Edomites at this time). But, you can go to Israylite Heritage with this question on Thursday nights in the Pal-Talk room, under Yah and Yahoshua are real. I can’t recall the time. Yah may have given someone at IH the answer to your question.


  4. I am a single mom who has been awakened to my heritage as a Hebrew Israelite. I thank Yah for allowjng me to come across this post. I have recently been praying and studying and trying to understand what needs to be done during these end times. Some say flee to the wilderness now and live, while others say flee America to escape Yah’s coming judgement for her. I was worried as I dint have the funds to be able to just take my four children and go now! But reading this has made me less afraid and more at peace knowing that The Most High gives us precise timing and instructions on what to do. I wil be taking this knowledge (the entire post lol) with me to try and inform my friends and family whom are expecting to be taken up in a rapture, that that is not Yah’s plan. I will keep watch in the news in order to be prepared that Yah willing, my children be near my so that we may take flight and flee. Question: if I am not near my vehicle and this time comes do we flee on foot and allow the Holy Spirit to lead? I would like to be absolutely clear on this manner. Thankyou and God Bless.

    1. HalleluYah ahokee for understanding! You are one of the most blessed people on the face of the earth right now because you understand. I am glad that after you read this post from Israylite Heritage that Yah put shalom on you not to worry. The answer to your question is, yes. If you are not near a vehicle…go on foot. On foot might lead to a boat or plane and now is not the time to flee. But remember, don’t go back for anything Yahoshua said. May Yah bless and guard you and your family. You should also read the 400 year prophecy post that I transcribed from Israylite Heritage.

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