Mark of the Beast and the War against the Saints part 2 of 3

Let’s read 1 Maccabees again without stopping. We will read straight through verses 41 through 60. From the past, this is what the war on the saints will look like. This the system, total rebellion against Yah. Antiochus made sure they did not worship Yah. Anybody found worshiping Yah was to be killed. He mad them burn Scripture books, books of law, the books of the covenant. This is what will happen to those who keep the laws of Yah and the testament of Yahoshua. Antiochus Epiphany was a pre-cursor to the man of sin.  Antiochus Epiphany means the manifesting of god on earth. The man of sin will stand in the temple and make himself a god, all men will worship him. Why will the man of sin follow the things Antiochus did? The power behind both are the same, satan the devil. So, Antiochus and the man of sin proclaim to be a god. Antiochus put a statue of himself in the temple of Yah and the people worshipped him. Antiochus also put his image on coins

1 Maccabees 1:44-49 The Shabbat will be against the law. If caught you will be killed. The righteous who do not make it into the wilderness, these will be the ones left behind and satan will make war with them. They who are left behind, will go into hiding. They will go into underground safe houses, something similar to the underground railroad. So, the brothers will be able to teach. The righteous Israelites will have the underground to teach this word. This is why satan will be watching everywhere, to make sure those righteous Hebrews who are teaching others, are caught.

Daniel 11:33 And those of the people who understand shall instruct many, yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame by captivity and plundering. *They will be caught teaching and going against the system. They will be caught with Scriptures and teaching and observing the laws.

1 Maccabees 1:50 Whoever does not obey the king shall die. v. 57 Anyone doing the laws of Yah were put to death. v. 62-63 Many Israelites died to keep the laws and we see in Daniel 11:33, the people will be killed. Yah tells us so we will know. Yah doesn’t want us in the dark. satan’s people are in the dark. They do no know what is going on. Yah has given us understanding. We can see the light. We are of the light.

1 Maccabees 1:51 Monitoring the people is still happening today. There are cameras in every city. They say they are trying to stop crime or look for terrorists. London has the highest concentration of cameras in 2005, yet did not find the terrorists. They use this to deceive the people into accepting the cameras. The true reason is to monitor every inch of the world, land, 24/7 to see Israelites with Scriptures and teaching of the word. This is a threat to satan who does not want any righteousness in the world. He will be kicked out of heaven and be on earth. He wants no righteousness anywhere. He will be mad and want to eliminate us completely! He knows Yah has given the world to His righteous children, His righteous servants. He knows if he is to rule the world, he has to get rid of those servants. That is why he’s going to war against us. They will monitor us like Antiochus had people monitor the Israelites. There will send spies to spy on us. They will look for anyone going against the mark of the beast. The airport scans will scan your face and will go to the FBI database in minutes. Within 1 or 2 minutes they will know if you are wanted and who you are. The camera’s will match you even in disguise (sp?). If caught with The Scriptures, that will be instant death. This thing will be so subtle that people who have studied for years will not see it coming! satan is very slick! Slicker than 100 cans of oil! Christians teach that the mark will be forced upon the people and the people will be lined up and forced to get the mark, microchip. The only force there will be is that this is the only way you can participate in the system. People will be so desperate for food, they will not think this is the mark of the beast. They will think it’s harmless. It will be set up in a slick way. There will be a new financial system when this one collapses and many people will not see this coming because they don’t understand the spiritual aspect of the mark of the beast. Daniel 11:33,<—>1 Mac.1:53 They will drive the Israelites into hiding. Similar to ‘the matrix’. My sidenote: I wonder who will hide us? Righteous Gentiles like during slavery? There are righteous Gentiles who know the truth. I noticed at lest 3 Gentiles in the Israelite Heritage assembly.

1 Maccabees 1:56-58 They burned the books, violently satan will burn all Bibles. Any caught with one will be killed instantly. Those caught teaching, he or she will die instantly. First, he will not let you be apart of the system but that will not work because your love for Yah is too strong so then he will try to physically kill you. Pay attention to all these military base closings. They will be turned into concentration camps. Those who resist satan and stand with Yah to the end will be put in these concentration camps. Some will have trials and they will behead you, Revelation 20:4. They will do as Hitler did.

Amos 8:11-13 Behold the days are coming says Yah that I will send a famine on the land not a famine of bread nor thirst for water but of hearing the words of Yah. They shall wander from sea to sea and from north to east, they shall run to and fro seeking the word of Yah. But shall not find it. In that day fair virgins and strong young men shall faint from thirst.

All the Bibles will be gone. satan will burn them. The speaker said now Yah has given him understanding of Amos 8:11-13. This is speaking on those burned Bibles. Just as Antiochus burned all the books, the man of sin will burn the Bibles. Only people who resist satan’s system, the Israelites, that are underground will have copies of the Bible and those Israelites will be hard to find because they will be hiding. They will come out, teach then go back into hiding. We will not be handing out flyers anymore. There will not be libraries, internet, bookstores with the Bible. The people will yearn for Yah’s word after they have agreed to burn the Bible and believed the delusion. The delusion will be that they have believed satan is god, that he is the ruler. Since they don’t want to believe the truth of Yah, Yah is going to let satan have his way with them.

Why will they thirst for Yah in Amos 8:11-13? Because they will begin to see through ‘the man of sin’ and see what he really is. They will run to and fro looking(for the word, Bibles) but will not find it. It will not be easy to find an Israelite teacher. My sidenote: This makes me think of these 2 Scriptures because later they will look for the truth: Zechariyah 8:23 and Jeremiyah 16:19 They will look for an Israelite man because they have heard Yah is with you. They will find out the truth and In Jeremiyah 16:19 The Gentiles will search for you so they can be taught.

At this time, we have libraries, home-meetings, the internet, passing out flyers, we are all over the place now. You better get this info now!! This thing is real brothers and sisters!

164 B.C.E. is around the time Antiochus lived. People will openly pledge their allegiance to satan. They will get this physical mark from him.

1 Maccabees 1:60-61 Israelite women and children were killed. Instant death or maybe concentration camps in the future for these women and children. In the pseudepigrapha, the Apocalypse of EliYah, he goes into detail about the man of sin and the things he will do. The tortures he will do to those who resist. He will pull out their fingernails, *I read he will put irons in their eyes also. I will torture us. v. 62 Israelites chose to die. There will be some strong Israelites who will keep Yah’s word. Yahoshua talks to us about enduring to the end a lot in Scriptures. Those who do not love their lives even until death they will not give in to the world or satan’s system. Endure as He (Yahoshua) did! They tortured Him too! They beat him, they executed Him!

Matthew 24:9 You will be hated for My name’s sake, said Yahoshua. He did not destroy any laws. We will be hated because we have the testimony of Yahoshua.

This war against the saints is also called ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble’. Because Israel will have to flee into the wilderness but those who don’t make it to the wilderness will be hunted down and tortured and murdered, openly! And people will think they are doing the will of Yah by murdering His true saints. We get an even greater understanding with the next lesson called the wilderness.

How is it that so many people know about the microchip, yet so many people will get it? When a person is in a tragic situation, they tend to give in if they think their families are in danger they will give in. For example, if I see you walking, and I say give me all your money. You will resist me but If I have a shotgun the next day, and threaten you and your family, you would not resist at all. You’ll give all that I want. You’ll feel you have no choice. satan will make the people think this is their only hope. $100,000 in cash will not buy you a loaf of bread, nothing. Only those with the mark will buy and sell. They will not see the microchip as a mark. They will just see it as a way to buy and sell. Religions are already in opposition to Yah about His laws. They already have satan’s spiritual mark. They teach that the laws of Yah are no more. You have to have Yah’s mark upon you so you will not take satan’s mark. This lesson will go all around the world to Yah’s people. He will raise us up. satan can not stop Yah. We are with the Father. We have opportunity. satan will be destroyed. That is the lesson for righteous Israelites and righteous Gentiles, all the righteous people are Yahs. HalleluYah!

If you don’t know who Israel is you will not understand prophesy. Prophesy is for Israelites to understand, so it can be taught to the world. That is the truth according to Yah’s word, no arrogance. I’m just one brother in the midst. There are many brothers and sisters out there bringing this information forth. Our classes mostly take place in homes or libraries and parks. We have no big churches, arenas. We do like the apostles, here and there. We need a few dollars here and there to travel to take the word, to buy materials. We do not do this to become rich. We have no mansions and big name cars.

Revelation 20:4 Did you see all the beheadings in Iraq? They tortured Iraq citizens. This was a dry run, practice. They beat and tortured the Messiah. They are not worried about terrorists, they are worried about the saints because they are promised to be ruling the earth with Yah.

about 45 minutes ago, whilst typing I heard on the news that they want to put microchips into children so they can be located by their parents. The reporters even said that this would be good for elderly parents too. *rolls eyes* satans promoting his devises.

 *notes from Israelite Heritage

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