Is Satan the Messiah, High Priest? His Parallel World

The first thing he said was: Shocking title, right!!! We must know our enemy! Satan fell from heaven. Like lightening, he fell from order (his high position) said Yahoshua in Luke 10:18. Yahoshua meant satan fell from order very fast.

He is also called Lucifer, Heliel, Azazel, and Ha shatan which means the adversary.  They were talking about the similarity of Washington and Ha shatan they rhyme. Washington D.C. is said to be the seat of satan’s authority.  ‘Wa’ is a Hebrew word but I didn’t hear what he said it meant.

Who is satan? Ezekiel 28:1-2 Yah talks to satan here. Satan inspired this king. This king said that he was Yah. vs. 12 You were perfection said Yah. Satan was in Eden, not the king of Tyre so we know Yah is talking to satan. v. 13 Satan had bling-bling. These stones are the same stones Israelite priests wore. So, satan was a high priest. v. 14-16 anointed  means messiah in Hebrew. He was a cherub who covered. Two angels covered the ark. Satan was one of the 2 angels that covered the throne of Yah. He was an anointed cherub that covered the throne of Yah. We don’t know what happened to the other angel. Yahoshua covers the throne now.

Drawing of a Ashanti Priest with the breastplate on. During the lesson two people said that there is a painting of the slaves arriving in Jamestown and one of the slaves has on a breastplate with the stones. I should have asked for the url because I still have not been able to find it on the web. 😦

Exodus 25:18-21 How the arc was to be made with lid, mercy-seat or lid of atonement. angels face each other. v 22 Yah spoke to Israel from the mercy-seat. No one could touch it except Levites. It is in heaven now according to Revelation 11:19. The spirit of Yah would rest on the seat of the ark that’s why people want to find it, to do evil with it!

Psalm 99:1 …Yah dwells between the cherubim angels.

Satan wants to be bowed down to like Yah because he saw those bowing to Yah. Satan saw creation and knows the power of Yah. The first angel was satan. Satan hates Gabriel (the angel) for some reason. They started talking about a movie called ‘The Prophesy’ circa 1998 in which satan battles Gabriel.

Ezekiel 28;13 sardius means ruby; Satan was created to be messiah, cherub, high priest (remember he had the stones of a high priest/bling-bling).

Exodus 28:15-25 Israelite Priests wore breastplate with the stones; 4 rows down and 3 rows across. Satan had these same stones. He was a messianic high priest. He took 1/3 of the angels with him. They caused chaos in heaven.

Hebrews 9:11 Yahoshua is our messianic high priest today( the intercessor). This once was satan’s duty. Satan saw and heard Yah yet still fell. We have not seen or heard Yah, so its easier for us to fall. We must be careful.

John 14:6 Yahoshua is the Truth, way, life; no one comes to the Father except through Him, so Yahoshua covers the throne of Yah.

Hebrews 1:1-8, 13 The son appointed heir (intercessor); right hand=power of Yah; Yahoshua is power of Yah, covering Yah’s throne. v. 6 He is to be worshipped. Yah never called angels, even satan ‘His Son’ or ‘the unique Son’. v. 13 No angel was told to sit at the right like He told Yahoshua to sit on His right. Satan hates this, so he inspires man to hate Yahoshua.

Isaiah 14:12-14 How have you fallen from heaven? How? Yah created Hiliel (satan) but he rebelled and became satan. v.13 satan said I shall lift my throne so satan has some authority if he has a throne. His kingdom is earth now. Satan wants his throne or authority to be above the Most High. sin was found in him. Lucifer means morning star or son of the morning from vs. 12.

Revelation 22:16 The messianic high priest is called the morning star. Yahoshua is the morning star now, after His resurrection.

Satan sinned from the beginning of man’s history. Satan was righteous and perfect when he was created. Satan would not bow down to man. Yahoshua washed the feet of the taught ones. He was humble. Yahoshua was made to fill this messianic position and destroy chaos and confusion. So Yahoshua did not pre-exist, they said. He filled the position of high priest after the devil fell. The devil was once the high priest.

John 8:44 Satan hated man and would not bow. Yah is mad because we let satan de-throne us. Satan was a murderer from the beginning because he killed us with a lie. He murdered Adam and Eve by lying to them

Genesis 2:16-17 do not eat of the tree of good and evil, you shall surely die, said Yah. Genesis 3:3-6 v. 4 satan said, you shall not die, you will be like Yah. He lies and tells Eve she will be like the Most High. Eve, then Adam ate. Satan lied, so we now die. Satan also lied to 1/3 of the angels. He is the first liar and murderer. Satan will not be forgiven, he has been replaced.

The life of Adam and Eve, Pseudepigrapha page 262, Yah told angels to bow to Adam. Satan would not bow to man. He blamed Adam for his fall.

Revelation 22:14 We receive the tree of life when we keep the commandments. Yahoshua kept law, we must follow Yahoshua.

Satan goes to heaven to accuse us day and night, Revelation 12:10. He is not in the center of the earth now. The lake of fire is not created yet. There is a prison for rebellious angels though. There are many heavens. Yah is in the highest heaven (the throne room). Satan will be cast out of heaven for the final time in the future Revelation 12:7-12.1/3 part of the stars (angels) fell with him; the woman=Israel; the Child=Yahoshua; war, Michael and angels will fight the dragon (satan). v.8 Satan no longer will have a place there. v. 9 Satan will not be able to ascend to heaven anymore. v. 10 The accuser is now thrown down, Yahoshua will come to correct sin. We can come back to Yah through mercy and grace, satan cannot go back to Yah. Angels of Yah are fierce, they have power. v. 12 Woe to us because the devil is going to be mad when he comes back to earth and make war against the saints (those who keep law).

Hebrews 10:26 Willful sinning after we have learned the truth is not acceptable to Yah. Psalm 119:141,152 law=truth; John 17:17 Yah’s word is truth.

Satan knew better than to sin. The lake of fire is for satan, his fallen angels and those people who follow them.

Matthew 25:41 Those on the left hand, He will say depart from me, you cursed, into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Yah didn’t prepare it for us in the beginning, just the devil.

Genesis 1:28  Yah blessed, said multiply, rule over the earth. We ruled the earth. Satan deceived us and now he rules the earth. Luke 4:1-7, v.6 Satan has authority over the earth now. They were delivered to him. He has led the world astray and gives authority to whomever he wishes. v. 7 Satan wants to bargain with Yahoshua if Yahoshua will bow down to him. So we would be doomed if Yahoshua had bowed! Satan’s motive: He didn’t want Yahoshua to become the High Priest after resurrection! v. 8 Yahoshua rebuked him! HalleluYah for Yahoshua!

John 18:36 My kingdom is not of the world said Yahoshua. Satan has  parallel religions in order to be worshipped but many people are being deceived. Satan has people busy on the Shabbat. Satan has a parallel people too. They descended from 4 women just like the Israelites descended from 4 women. Who do you serve? Some people do not see because they want to believe the lie, 2 Thessalonians 2.

Be careful about worshipping on the correct day and don’t bow down to gods! The devil wants to be worshipped! 2 Corinthians 11:12-15 satan can transform into a minister of light.  Deceitful people can transform themselves because they are like their father the devil. Be careful of Israelites claiming to love Yahoshua.  The prophets and The Messiah were persecuted by Israelites because of satan. He wanted to destroy both.  The end of notes.

*notes from Israelite Heritage


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