BinYah:There’s No Place Like Home



Sweetgrass baskets being sold downtown in the old slave market where they sold slaves but today is a flea market.

BinYah:There’s no place like home is a documentary of the Gullah people (Israelites) living on the coasts of South Carolina and  Georgia. It was directed by Justin Nathanson circa 2009. It aired on PBS in 2010 but I missed it. It is available on this site. I’m going to see if PBS is going to air it again first.

In Hebrew Bin or Ben means male, for example, this would be a males name: YliYah Ben Ysrayl or YliYah Bin Ysrayl. In Gullah bin Yah means ‘been here’. It could have orginally meant Yah been here. Women’s names are like the following in Hebrew: LeYah Bhat Ysrayl.  Israelite women had Bhat as their middle name meaning female. I have also seen it spelled Bhot.

Ben/Bin=son of Ysrayl/Israel

Bhat/Bhot=daughter of Ysrayl/Israel

Come Yah-Bin Yah means Come here and been here as in I been here a long time.


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